Mistico (and Dragon Rojo Jr.) back in NJPW on 05/03

Ovaciones reports today that Mistico will be back in NJPW on 05/03. SuperLuchas had that over the weekend, but this article says he’s facing Jushin Lyger in a title match. The problem is, Lyger’s not IWRG Jr. champion currently. SoloLuchas also has this story but says challenging Tiger Mask IV. It’s probably whomever is the champion on May 3rd.

Dragon Rojo Jr. is also going for that show, which should also be entertaining and hopefully also good.

2 thoughts to “Mistico (and Dragon Rojo Jr.) back in NJPW on 05/03”

  1. Wow… I was impressed with the C3 semi-main this week but boy oh boy is Dragon Rojo Jr. not ready for this. Whatever match he is in has disaster written all over it. CMLL is going to screw him up big time. I’m not even in favor of this charity deal he is doing b/c he should be focusing on being a good wrestler before he gets distracted by outside forces.

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