AAA in Las Vegas date official (maybe)

Edit: AAA’s changed the date for the Las Vegas show to Thursday 04/02.

Also, (which still lists the San Diego show and not the Vegas one) has the lineup for both weekends:

Crazy Boy, Super Fly vs Joe Lider, Jack Evans
Pimpinela, Mascarita Sagrada 2007 vs Decnnis, Mini Abismo Negro
Vampiro vs Mesias Chessman
La Parka Jr., Abismo Negro, Laredo Kid vs Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown, Killer Clown
Cibernetico, Mesias, Charly Manson vs Ozz, Cuervo, Scoria

Vampiro, La Parka, Abismo Negro vs Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown, Killer Clown
Cibernético, Charly Manson vs Electroshock, Joe Lider
El Mesías vs Chessman
Super Fly, Crazy Boy vs vs Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans
Faby Apache, Octagoncito, Pimpinela vs Mary Apache, Mini Abismo Negro, Deccnis

Running the same lineup in Las Vegas and Los Angeles doesn’t really lend itself to TV tapings. But the card is subject to change, as are the taping dates (and no one explicitly says either card is for Vegas.)

Original post follows

AAA officially announced the Las Vegas stop on their US tour. The Observer had mentioned it back when the tour was first mentioned by AAA, but the building was not set.

AAA lists the tour as

03/27: Fresno, CA (Save Mart Center)
03/28: Sacramento, CA (ARCO Arena)
03/29: San Jose, CA (HP Pavilion)

04/03: 04/02: Las Vegas (Orleands Arena) – CONFIRMED TV taping
04/05: Los Angeles Sports Arena – possible TV taping

There are definite issues here:

– No San Diego show on the 4th, even though tickets are on a sale and a lineup was announced.

– Can’t find an Orleands Arena. Can find a Orleans Arena, which is hosting a hockey game that night. Huh.

I guess it does make more sense to do the TV tapings on the same weekend, so you can just go location to location, and AAA never does tapings on back to back days, but that doesn’t preclude them from running in San Diego without the cameras. I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but I think it’s bad info.

02/20: Mexico preview

CMLL (FRI) 02/20 Arena Mexico
1) MetalicoStarmanTrueno vs ApocalipsisInquisidorRamstein
2) Angel de OroAngel de PlataFlash vs Arkangel de la MuerteEuforiaNosferatu
3) Mascara Dorada vs Virus [lightning]
4) Blue PantherMaximoUltimo Guerrero vs AvernoTexano Jr.Villano V
5) Hector GarzaMarco CorleoneMistico vs AtlantisMr. NieblaRey Bucanero


Previews: ESTO & Ovaciones. Quiet show, with as much attention being paid to the announcement of Cavernaro Galindo as the second legend of Dos Leyendas as the show. Ovaciones tries to hype up the possibilities of Flash vs Arkangel in a mask match.

Pierroth II is among those organizing a benefit show for the original Pierroth, still at home recovering. The plan is to run the show on April 3rd, in Arena Azteca Budokan, with indy wrestlers (Wagner, Mascara Sagrada, Huracan Ramirez, Pierko el Boricua and the Junior capos are the bigger names.)

SuperLuchas says the press confrence for the Lucha Libre Expo is on 03/24. CMLL matches are expected to be on May 2, AAA on May 3rd.

Canasanta has quotes from a Blue Demon Jr./el Hijo del Santo panel discussion in Colombia.

Kcidis draws angry Veneno.

There’s call for the Pacucha lucha comissioner to be removed from office, because he’s just handing out wrestling licenses to whomever.

The Llaves y Piquetes Box Y Lucha rumor column has all sorts of fun gossip, suggesting Wagner and Koslov would like to return to CMLL most prominently. They also say Bam Bam spent the night in the hospital after taking the martinete last Friday and Polvora & Pegasso were also hurt. They also hype a possible Black Warrior vs La Mascara in a hair vs mask match, so take this with grains of salt. The Rasgunos del Gato Manoso aritcle talks about La Hercihcera recovering from a tibia injury

SuperLuchas looks back at AAA pre-TripleMania I.

LuchaWorld has IWRG 10/11/07 IWRG and IWRG 10/11/07 IWRG and GDL from September 07, and KrisZ’s news update.

CMLL Puebla #19ish (01/18)

taped 01/13. No videos this time.

I wasn’t as sold on this show as I was the first one, but this was a lot more CMLL regular heavy, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

* I know the locals only exist to be filler, but I don’t see the point of putting the regular novatos over them, especially rudo ones. No one in Puebla is going to care if they CMLL guys lose by the time they’re supposed to care about them (a long time from now, if ever, and possibly a new gimmick by then), but the Puebla guys are back there next week.

* Shockercito looked good for this first match with out the mask, and the rudos minis were pretty effective. Not sold at all on Nino de Acero and Bam Bam was far in the background here.

* Poder Mexica is so fun for many reasons, but I like to pretend it’s a battle for Dragon Rojo Jr’s soul. He’s got Mr. Reliable (but a little too predictable) Sangre Azteca on one side, and the other has a guy prone to stretches of being super awesome and stretches of disappearing off the planet in Black Warrior. One can learn a lot from these two men (and these two men can do some covering while you’re learning) and they’re not polar opposites, but it’s a mixture of different personalities they rarely get in a trio.

* never ever roll out of the ring on Ephesto. You will pay.

CMLL LATV #128 (01/17)

The lightning match on this show was the first one to make this bit work. Of course, it’s because it’s Euforia and Stuka, who wrestled each other plenty before even coming to CMLL (and have wrestled plenty since.) They probably should’ve started with this sort of familiar rivals match, to get this concept a rolling start.

Main event was pretty fun. Interesting that someone finally figured out you might want to use the fan appreciation show to build to the regular shows, instead of the other way around.