Q’s for next Lucha Listen In?

No guest this time around, but if you’ve got general questions about lucha for Tony and me, leave them below. The plan is to tape this weekend.

If I count fast enough, we’ll go over the tapatia winners on the podcast, along with the usual latest news.  (And thanks again to everyone who voted.)

14 thoughts to “Q’s for next Lucha Listen In?”

  1. With the recent jumps from CMLL to Perros/independent, Do you think this will continue and if so, will it be mostly undercard guys or could we see so Mid to main stars jump?

    Now that we are heading towards Rey De Reyes, How do you feel about AAA from what you felt at the end of last year?

  2. Why did CMLL restart the failed Villanos-Lagunero feud?

    What do you think of the Super Crazy situation with AAA?(NOTE: This could be a done deal by the time the podcast is up)

    Why does AAA do not use weight division titles? I think that a Laredo Kid, Super Fly, Aero Star, Jack Evans, Billy Boy or El Gato Eveready could gain a lot from a lightweight title in AAA.

  3. If you don’t count fast enough (which could lead to a miscount thus denying Konnan wrestler of the year!) I would like to hear both of your ballots if you’re willing to be open about them.

  4. I’d like to hear discussion about the obvious changed booking philosophy in CMLL, what Mistico’s + Sombra’s injuries might mean, and previews for Reyes + Leyendas.

  5. @Nikita: Didn’t Cubs already give a preview for Rey De Reyes?

    “Okay, now we appear to have everything up to Rey de Reyes, and I still have no idea what the card is supposed to be.”


  6. @ Mike: I think Konnan has kinda gone with the US idea that weight divisions are stupid and weaken the heavyweight title.
    Plus, with the limited number of “canon” shows – they don’t really have room for it.

  7. @Nikita: Perhaps that is true but you look at CMLL with Mistico, he is vastly over despite being a Welterweight. Also look at Rey Misterio Jr., he was quite possibly one of the most over luchadores during the 1990’s.

  8. Please critique Phil Schneider’s taste in Lucha, as far as ongoing lists go. Don’t get me wrong, I love checking out his thoughts, but what he loves about wrestling isn’t always what I love — and I’m sure lucha fans such as yourself have some thoughts on the matches he’s singled out in 2008 and 2009.


  9. “February 20th: ROH officials are currently in negotiations to bring a number of International competitors to Ring of Honor. There have been ongoing talks with up-and-coming Mexican talents, and we hope to have an announcement in the next couple of weeks. In addition, several phone calls have been exchanged with the representatives of a very high profile talent looking to make his return to ROH. More on these developments as they occur.”

    Thoughts on this?


  10. I’d imagine ROH would be getting talent via who Peace is connected to…

    Mike – don’t argue with me about weight divisions – argue with the guy eliminating them in AAA.

  11. Even though it’s been discussed already in a lot of places, thoughts on Dark Angel in TNA?

    How will Russo mess this up?

    Put a mask on her?
    Pretend she’s Mexican?
    Make her a heel?

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