02/21-22 Lucha Times

box. Also, check out the tvshow listings; I’ve caught up with the listings for all the CMLL and AAA shows to last week (and beyond in some cases.)

One of these days, I need to do a “most TV appearances on 52MX since I stopped getting 52MX” list. Right now, for those (and for the odd show I couldn’t find elsewhere), I’m just guessing based on what I know aired and what’s like to air, so it’s not totally accurate but it’s pretty close.

AAA-US: Listed as 2h30m except for Saturday overnight (which probably means typo there.) Main event is Mesias/Parka/Silver King vs Electro/Lider/Nicho, the start of a run of many of those. Black Abyss vs Abismo Negro in the semifinal, Metrosexuals return to face Elegidio and the Air force, Clowns versus randoms, and Minis if they didn’t just cut it to make time.

52MX: Fantasma/Mascara/Toscano vs Warrior/Negro/Vangelis, Guerreros vs Panther/tag champs in the end of Sombra

LATV/FOX: Poder Mexica vs randoms, Damian 666 vs Bam Bam, and Dos vs Ultimo.


CMLL-MEX: Normal time and only five matches, so the Angels probably make this show again. Panther/Maximo/UG vs Averno/Texano/V5, Garza/Marco/Msitico vs Atlantis/Niebla/Bucanero

AAA-MEX: Chessman/Mesias, Zorro/X-Pac and Abismo/Alan/Latin vs Abyss/Kenzo/Konnan

C3: Mascara/Shocker/Volador vs Metal/Negro/UG

4 thoughts to “02/21-22 Lucha Times”

  1. If there are only 5 matches, does that mean this week’s Arena Mex opener makes LATV/FSE next weekend?

    Way too much Angeles Celestiales for my taste. We saw their match from 2/6, 2/9 and 2/10. All the same. Don’t need another.

  2. FWIW – me complaining about seeing undercard flyers shows how spoiled we are with CMLL TV these days. Take note down the road when we go back to only one show covering top 3 @ Arena Mex and I start whining about it.

  3. @Rob: they could air whatever the second match is from Sunday

    2) Mascarita Dorada, Niño de Acero, Shockercito b Mr. Aguilita, Pequeño Halloween, Pequeño Violencia

    That’ll work.

  4. the problem with programin with cmll is they have to much talent but they dont use it they should give a shot to the young ones like volador and sombra now it sould be time for others like texano jr or others apart of guerreros

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