02/21-22 Lucha Times

box. Also, check out the tvshow listings; I’ve caught up with the listings for all the CMLL and AAA shows to last week (and beyond in some cases.)

One of these days, I need to do a “most TV appearances on 52MX since I stopped getting 52MX” list. Right now, for those (and for the odd show I couldn’t find elsewhere), I’m just guessing based on what I know aired and what’s like to air, so it’s not totally accurate but it’s pretty close.

AAA-US: Listed as 2h30m except for Saturday overnight (which probably means typo there.) Main event is Mesias/Parka/Silver King vs Electro/Lider/Nicho, the start of a run of many of those. Black Abyss vs Abismo Negro in the semifinal, Metrosexuals return to face Elegidio and the Air force, Clowns versus randoms, and Minis if they didn’t just cut it to make time.

52MX: Fantasma/Mascara/Toscano vs Warrior/Negro/Vangelis, Guerreros vs Panther/tag champs in the end of Sombra

LATV/FOX: Poder Mexica vs randoms, Damian 666 vs Bam Bam, and Dos vs Ultimo.


CMLL-MEX: Normal time and only five matches, so the Angels probably make this show again. Panther/Maximo/UG vs Averno/Texano/V5, Garza/Marco/Msitico vs Atlantis/Niebla/Bucanero

AAA-MEX: Chessman/Mesias, Zorro/X-Pac and Abismo/Alan/Latin vs Abyss/Kenzo/Konnan

C3: Mascara/Shocker/Volador vs Metal/Negro/UG

02/28 AAA TV Lineup (Cuernavaca)

AAA TV (SAT) 02/28 Auditoio Teopanzolco [dark atlantis @ el martiente]
1) Darko & Kaliman Jr vs Euforico & Hombre de Negro
2) Fabi ApacheGran ApacheMari Apache vs Billy BoyOrientalTiffany
3) Rio BravoTigre CotaTito Santana II vs AerostarLaredo KidSuper Fly
4) Abismo Negro & El Elegido vs Jack Evans & Teddy Hart
5) Crazy BoyLa Parka Jr.Super Crazy vs Joe LiderNicho el MillionarioSilver King
6) ?, Charly MansonMesias vs CuervoOzzZorro

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#878)
Mexico: 03/08
US: 03/28

I would presume X-Pac is in the mystery spot, to work off the feud with Zorro.

Semifinal is subject to change if Super Crazy truly is not coming in, perhaps just as simply as Ultimo Gladiador getting both spots. Again, if they’re going to setup a(nother) Mexican Powers vs Hermandad tag title feud, why have Joe Lider in Rey de Reyes? (And shouldn’t there have been some explaination of why they stopped at 9?)

Elegido/Abismo vs Teddy/Jack looks…weird. Maybe a trainwreck?

Poder del Norte is going to feud with Air Force forever, just like the Apaches and the Morenos. Nice to see wasn’t just around for one show, but shouldn’t Cinthia Moreno be in Oriental’s spot? I thought I made a typo, perhaps someone else did?

Opener is a dark match, of course.

There’s at least one more taping between this at Rey de Reyes, but this might would the last taping those going to the show actually would see, and AAA doesn’t appear to have any definite matches for the show. There’s the Rey de Reyes, but that hasn’t been a focus this year. Like noted above, there’s a stage set for a tag title feud, except it can’t happen. Same thing with the teased Black Abyss/Abismo Negro mask match, and with La Parka Jr. vs Silver King. They almost always make the title match definite by now, but I couldn’t tell you if Mesias is facing Chessman or Zorro or both or neither. Wait – is Zorro defending The Sword or is he fighting X-Pac? I have no idea.

It’s a little bit concerning, but maybe tonight’s taping and this one will clear it up – there’s still time to work with here, and angles to go. (And they do always to run a few last things on the TV that’s airing the day of the show.) No sign of the hinted Legion jump, and they’re probably due for someone going the other way by the end of Rey de Reyes.

02/18: Mexico, Perros del Mal jumps, Dos Leyenda

CMLL (TUE) 02/17 Arena Mexico [ESTO]
1) ArtilleroSuper ComandoRayo Tapatio IRayo Tapatio II
2) Angel Azteca Jr.Angel de OroAngel de PlataArkangel de la MuerteHooliganSkandalo
3) La SeductoraPrincesa BlancaPrincesa SujeiLluviaMarcelaSahori
4) Dragon Rojo Jr.FelinoSangre AztecaHijo del FantasmaMascara DoradaValiente 5) La MascaraShockerVolador Jr. DQ Heavy MetalNegro CasasUltimo Guerrero

Heavy Metal replaced Mr. Niebla. Main event came down to Shocker and UG. Ultimo fouled Shocker and faked his own foul, and the refs actually DQed the right person for once. Ultimo did retain the heavyweight title over Garza in Puebla on Monday, but Shocker made a challenge for it after this match (and Dos is still waiting for his match.) Ultimo made the same “beat me in a singles match and you’ll get a title match” bit.

Nothing much for the rest of this show.

Pequeno Halloween, Mr. Aguilita, and (Pequeno) Cosmico have jumped to Perros del Mal, according to an interview with ESTO. The other Halloween was also formerly introduced as a members of the promotion. Perro and Damian made a point of saying they were no calling guys up to recruit, but these guys had come to them looking for work.

Mini Halloween and Mr. Aguilita (who just worked Sunday) leaving while Pequeno Damian stays breaks up the Mini Familia de Tijuana/Mini Perros del Mal, one of the funnest groups of the last 18 months. The division had moved on to the Pierrothito/Warrior/Violencia group of rudos, and with as few minis matches that make the shows per week, it makes a lot of sense to move on if you’ve got a chance to get move bookings. It’ll be sad to see them go to the land of limited TV exposure.

Cosmico was barely used by CMLL. He hasn’t been on a show since the cage match. Before the lead up to that, he hadn’t been used since the lightweight tournament in September. So it’s hard to say he’ll be missed when no one realized he wasn’t around.

Meanwhile, in Reforma, Perro Aguayo Jr. sets up some simple ground rules for a mask vs hair match with El Hijo del Santo. Just two small requests:

1) it must happen on a Perros del Mal show
2) Santo must take the mask of Blue Demon Jr. or Dr. Wagner Jr. or LA Park to prove he’s on Perro Jr.’s level

Just say “no”, Perro, it’ll be a lot quicker.

CMLL.com announced the Dos Leyenda show (03/20) will honor Salvador Lutteroth (as it does every year) and Cavernario Galindo.

Televisa is doing it’s annual sports awards, including luchador of the year. WWE airing on Televisa has solved the problem of “how do you chose 3 guys from 2 promotions.” This year’s candidates are John Cena, Mesias, and Blue Panther. Right now, Cena and Mesias are about even on web voting, but Cena is blowing everyone away on cell phone voting. Also, did you know Villano V actually beat Blue Panther? Little trivia there for you.

Speaking of, Milenio has a column which briefly mentions Villano V is upset with CMLL. V5’s said to feel he was ignored after his mask win, pushed off to the side, and so he’s not responding to the idea of a rematch with Panther (or the double stip with UG and V3.) After the mask match, V5 only appeared 4 more times in Arena Mexico the rest of the year (though he’s been on a lot early this year as they’ve started the program back up.)

On el Martinete, rabano enmascarado posted photos and results from a AAA show in Poza Rica. I don’t know how many people they can fit in that building (3000? 4000?) but it looks packed.

Ovaciones’ big story is about CMLL mounting a campaign against tuberculois, with a press confrence tommorow. Atlantis is the guy in charge, and will go to schools to speak about it.

The other story that seems to be posted everywhere today is Arkangel and others going over to Nitro’s house to visit him. I don’t know why this is news; persumbably they didn’t wait a month to check in on him after hurting his knee. If there’s some angle coming out of this, then that’s news and I guess it is nice to remind people that Nitro still exists.

Mr. Reyes posted photos of last weekend’s Neza show over on his mySpace. Nice bit of Scorpio Jr. and Villano III signing a clipboard to make their (teased) hair match more offical than the usual empty challenges.

Etecetra has a genreal article on Titans en el Ring.

ESPNDeportes writes about the UWE cage match. Even though Mano Negra lost, he does not concede deficiet, which kinda renders the whole thing a bit pointless.

Guerreros del Ring #178 has the Hijos del Averno on the cover.

Box Y Lucha #2910 has Charly Manson on the cover and also has a “Super Crazy says he’s not going to AAA!” article. We’ll see tonight.

Ohtani’s Jacket looks thru some Lizmark in AAA and Peste Negra vs Sagrado/Mascara/Volador from Puebla.

But what a sorry bunch of technicos. They all look the same, they wrestle the same and I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell them apart. If it were up to me, I’d shoot the lot.