02/15: Dark Angel, Guadalajara, two story rings


As noted in the the comments, PWI (don’t actually click that link unless you’ve got adblock going) says TNA has signed Dark Angel. The details, which we don’t have, are essential here – if it’s TNA signing someone away from CMLL, then the real story is “TNA and CMLL deal is DONE” (and CMLL’s never going to push a foreigner again.) If it’s CMLL agreeing to let TNA use her for some dates, the story is “CMLL and TNA agreement proceeding surprisingly well”, which bodes well for a rumor passed along in today’s Figure Four Weekly – CMLL’s talking to TNA about bringing back the Machine Guns to face Volador Jr. and (if healthy) Sombra for the CMLL Tag Titles (or maybe the IWGP Junior Heavy Tag ones no one remember at the moment.)

At this point, all we’ve got is half a story and hopes Dark Angel gets the additional notiriety she totally deserves. In the few coplete matches I’ve seen of her this year, it seems like she’s stepped up her game since coming Christmas break.

(I’m fully expecting someone to post details the second I post this. That’s the way it goes.)

CMLL (SUN) 02/15 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Principe Dylan b Nocturno
2) Valentin Mayo b Nube Roja
3) Palacio Negro & Samuari b Katana & Malefico [Torneo Alfonso Dantes]
4) Acertijo & Rey Trueno b Leon Blanco & Thunder Boy [Torneo Tanque Dantes]
5) Boomerang & Gallo b Angel del Mal & Infierno [torneo tanque dantes]
6) Averno, Ephesto, Satanico DQ Marco Corleone, Mascara Dorada, Mictlan
7) Shocker b Terrible

Averno was stuck in the ring with Mictlan and did the only reasonable thing – took of his own mask and tossed it to Mictlan for the DQ.

All the winning teams got two points. What that means, I guess we find out. Let’s keep track of it over on the wiki, so someone else can take over when I lose my mind. Thus far, it’s pretty easy – the winners have 2 points, the losers do not.

EAW, better known as THAT Group That Wants To Run Matches In A Two Floor Ring, held a press confrence yesterday. I don’t know if their concept will work or if it’ll draw, but they are pretty succesful at gettng press attention because they were covered in Ovaciones and Notimex, and UWE-type shows have trouble getting Notimex. 

The deal with the two rings is a bit clearer, if the pictures can be believed. It’s not two rings stacked on top of each other, it’s one normal sized ring and an adjacent ring that’s much higher (100cm) from the ground than usual. I’ve seen this bit before – I believe Windy City did it for one of the yearly major shows years back – and while it’s still a bit crazy, it’s not staggering insane. At the same time, all you’re adding to the matches is people going from ring to ring during matches and falling farther (and harder) on dives. Even if that works, it probably doesn’t work in every match. The usual indy names are scheduled to work the first show (Wagner, Crazy, Park, Zumbido, Tinieblas) on Thursday, and the promoter says they’ll also focus on making new stars. (He’s also quoted as saying TV ratings are dropping, which sounds nice but doesn’t appear to be true.)

Ovaciones hypes up Friday (and today’s) card, mentioning Mistico scheduled to be back in action this Friday but not mentioning any injury. Mistico is scheduled to defend the same Welterweight Title against Averno in SLP tommorow, which also doesn’t seem to note any injury. Safe to assume they’re unaware, even if nothing’s up. Knee injury or not, Mistico is scheduled to visit Fray Tormenta on March 3rd, with a $5,000 donation on behalf of the WBO.

Box Y Lucha has the first edition of Box Y Lucha Television. I don’t know much about anything, but I do know that if you’re just sitting at a desk, talking and not moving, you’d probably just be better doing a podcast. If you have a video camera, you need to show, not just tell.

WagnerMania posted video of Mephisto vs Sombra in Puebla and Hijo del Santo & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Rey Misterio & Super Parka

Ohtani’s Jacket watches the Negro/Metal vs Sombra/Volador tag match. You know, the shaved head/open back masks have got to go. Those things just always look bad, and I don’t wnat to know there’s a bald guy under the mask. I’m not supposed to know what’s under the mask, that’s why it’s a mask. Darn Misterio.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 09/15/07 CMLL and 09/22/07 CMLL, KrisZ’s news update and 80-71 on the best of 2008 list.

WrestlerObserver has their AAA Recap.

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  1. Stock seemed stale in CMLL lately. It was time to move on. I don’t think there will be hard feelings, but I’ve been wrong before.

  2. I think CMLL & TNA never works how they wanted cos people got never interested on wrestlers from TNA cos the WWE on mexican tv so if the CMLL let dark angel to work in TNA it will be for some dats nto full time i dont think they will let go Dark angel to work in usa that easy, and yes it would be good to see MMG to put agains volador and Sombra that would be excellent but sadly to far to become real i guess

  3. At first, I thought WWE on Azteca and Televisa would help WWE in Mexico. Truth is, it could actually hurt b/c it exposes what WWE really is, to a mass audience. I also figured WWE appealed to a more upscale audience, which is the cable/satellite subscriber, so a deal on free tv was not needed.

    WWE RAW is all mic work now. The edition that aired in Mexico for years was just one hour, so it was more wrestling heavy, with less mic work.

    I don’t see how WWE on tv would hurt TNA’s dealings with CMLL.

  4. Must defend my hero…

    Rey Jr. actually did shave his head in real life so when he first wore that cool mask variation (Car vs Car vs Juventud! – July ’96!) it was awesome and didn’t reveal his identity at all. Sombra, Volador and Mephisto most obviously don’t shave their head except when they want to do this cool look. We know this b/c we’ve seen them with their masks ripped plenty and they’ve had hair. So it comes off as a blatant ripoff and doesn’t look good at all.

    CMLL Hi5 mentions Ultimo retained and Dos Leyendas will be for Salvador Lutteroth (didn’t he already get a show?) and Cavernario Galindo. 3/20! Scary that there are only 4 Arena Mexico Friday shows to go…

  5. @Rob: This is one of those things you miss out from not watching WWE, but Rey did the shaved head/open back thing for about the last six months – since he came back from the most recent injury. I think he’s stopped now, but clearly the inspiration for Volador & Sombra. (Or maybe they just thought Skandalo looked cool – impossible!)

    Lutteroth’s always the first legend, that’s teh gimmick.

  6. @thecubsfan: Sad.:( I wish CMLL could come up with the cash to pay Rey Jr. what the WWE does and allow him to only work certain dates so he could still be with his family. A man can dream…

    A while ago (maybe pre-recent injury?) someone sent me Rey vs Matt Sydal who wasn’t wrestling under that name and it actually wasn’t too bad but wasn’t anything special either. It sucks nobody puts out custom DVD’s of only Rey matches so I could check out what he’s doing once in a while.

    Last question – did he end up re-signing?

  7. @Rob: They’re bringing in Loki for him to work with next, but WWE has a fetish for having him work with larger men as a bigger version of the mini tecnico/rudo dynamic (except the big men are not as good as Mini Abismo or Mini Damian.)

    I think he signed, but no was ever clear (or sure) on that point.

  8. LLL: WWE on tv in a way is affectin CMLL in the way now the audience want to see more show and more scrips like a soap opera, fireworks and stuff like that then real lucha, and it affects the deal with TNA cos CMLL never push to get better wrestlers on their shows the only interesting was at the grand prix what everyone expect AJ styles would win but he didnt, also TNA never give the chance to CMLL wrestlers to appear in their shows also so i dont think Dark angel will go to TNA and about the MMG vs Volador & Sombra i already think that will never happen

  9. just one last thing WWE is gettin more into mexican kids about their things on marketing then real lucha and tv helps a lot for that

  10. @infermas:

    Yet, none of the TNA talent sent to Mexico at any given point were former WWE stars. The last grand prix had the highest concentration of TNA stars and none of them were former WWE workers except for Corleon.

    Do i believe that the CMLL/TNA work is done? No. I also do not think that Alonso really sees TNA as a viable threat to him at any given point even though they do air in Mexico. On the other hand, he really hasn’t shown much interest in bringing in TNA guys under the terms of their current deal. Then again, he hasn’t brought over a single New Japan star either.

    I don’t think Dark Angel does enough work strictly for CMLL to justify losing out with the company. TNA’s normal television taping are every other week for two days. The TNA house show schedule is also still so lite that most of their workers subsidize their income by doing indy shows.

    I do see her, however, having to choose one or the other eventually.

  11. @Rob: about u asking if WWE lets Rey face anyone capable and cub saying no. actually yes they do. especially more so in the last several months. he has had great matches with Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal), John Morrison, The Miz, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, & William Regal. And he put on one hell of a show inside the Elimination Chamber this past sunday on the PPV. He stole the show. They do still love putting him in feuds with big guys like Kane and Mark Henry for whatever reason, but like cub said Low-Ki is supposed to be coming in soon as a sort of Evil Rey Mysterio.

  12. @Infermas: Fans in Mexico have always wanted “script” or “storyline” to be part of the show. Why not have good storylines and great wrestling? CMLL has done this at times, and it worked. Remember IWRG vs. CMLL? Shocker vs. Charles? Shocker vs. Niebla? These were good feuds with enjoyable storylines.

    CMLL chooses not to have good storylines anymore, and it has nothing to do with Vince McMahon. If CMLL wants to waste time on Tony the sketch-artist, stupid giveaway contests, and promos with fans, then it is their own doing, and I don’t blame fans for tuning out. And they will tune out, regardless of what WWE is doing.

  13. @Josh: I wonder what they really have planned for Low-ki. I’ve seen him at the FCW Arena in Tampa a few times, and he’s working as a babyface. On FCW tv, they explained that he was Low-ki, but has adopted the name Kowal(W pronounced like a V) in honor of his Philipino heritage, and that the name means “Warrior”. I think the plan was to make him a heel, but I now get the impression he’s getting a shot as a babyface, based on his FCW work.

  14. Are Chavo Guerrero JR And Melina Perez over in Mexico?Because i’ve read some houseshow reports from WWE IN Mexico and to me they were over but Konnan said ”They don’t get much of a reaction here” so what do you guys think?

  15. I think Rey is seen differently to most Mexican fans, just like Konnan said. Even though Rey is Mexican-American, he is more rooted in Mexico than Chavo or Melina. I also feel that sometimes the race/country thing is over-thought. It’s almost racist.

  16. It is kind of racist. People think that b/c Rey is close to his Mexican roots, in the sense that he speaks Spanish, and has Mexican parents, he’s more Mexican than American. But he was born and raised in the US, so he’s as American as anyone.

  17. So is that a yes or no?And what is the accion crew?I speak spanish but im not that familiar with some words

  18. LLl: as a fan of lucha libre i would never want to see a soap opera in the cmll like is happenin now in AAA maybe the new kids want that cos they want to put the wrestlers sometimes like hero what their not and if i wanted to see a drama thing like it happens in wwe i would prefer to watch a soap opera then a creepy scrip line in what is supposed to be a sport, and like vince macmahon have said now about wwe they want to turn to be an entertainin show for the fam, something like a cartoon all fantasy so no thanks i prefer lucha what is spectacular and sometimes fun not just for the drama and scrips to see, not shows like who is gonna be the new aaa president i dont care that, and about rey misterio jr yes is racism cos people in mexico dont like the mexican americans who born up in the us

  19. @Andrew: Neither Chavo or Melina have any real history in Mexico, so they’re not any more particular over than people at similar levels.

  20. @Infermas: I would say that few know that Rey Jr. was born and raised in America. Most think he’s a Mexican national.

    I guess “Soap Opera” implies female-oriented angles. Wrestling needs storylines, even CMLL.

  21. agree with cubsfan, women are more often in wwe like stephanie vs randy orton melina vs beth phoenix and more from there so is a soap opera people in creepy story lines and cmll dont need that, and rey misterio for the fact that he born in the us is the deal why people dont like him

  22. ahh i forgot cm punk against the british guy and his second well more drama i guess boring stuff and i dont think mexican lucha needs that kind of things like aaa has been doin with the apache and his daughters he fightin against them, then the ex sons in law blah blah to much silly stories and drama

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