02/14: Mexico

CMLL (FRI) 02/13 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones, SuperLuchas]
1) StarmanTigre BlancoPuma KingTiger Kid
2) Ángel Azteca Jr.PegassoRey Cometa b Bronco IIIPólvoraSkandalo
3) Pequeño Damian 666Bam Bam [lightning]
4) La MáscaraShockerToscanoBlack WarriorDragon Rojo Jr.Sangre Azteca
5) Blue PantherMaximoÚltimo Guerrero DQ EphestoTexano Jr.Villano III
6) La SombraVolador Jr.Heavy MetalNegro Casas [CMLL TAG]

Champs retain. Casas took the first fall with Casitas, but then the champs tok the second with the guillotine legdrop and a german suplex, then Volador got Negro with a casita while Sombra took out Metal with a dive for the win. Rudos would like another try.

Pretty much everyone who was subbed out during the week ended up showing up. For the semifinal, that meant the rudo side started with Ephesto, Villano and Texano Jr., but ended up with Averno & Terrible joining in for the third fall DQ.

Shocker did show up for the tercera, and his team won. That ends Poder Mexica’s undefeated streak in the building, so unless they’re setting up a title match from a random trio, that probably means only whomever is charge of Tuesday’s programming is really interesting in pushing Sangre, Dragon and Warrior.

Perhaps Heavy Metal will get over the loss at today’s music concert for his 21st anniversary of wrestling.

SANTO (FRI) 02/13 Arena Neza [Black Terry Jr.]
3) Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Veneno b Freelance, Mike Segura, Veneno
4) Coco Verde & Cocolores b Hermano Muerte I & Hermano Muerte II
5) Damián 666 & Villano IV b Scorpio Jr. & Villano III
6) Blue Demon Jr. & El Hijo Del Santo b Dr. Wagner Jr. & el Hijo del Perro Aguayo

According to Ovaciones, V3 and Scorpio Jr. agreed to a hair match here in two weeks. Either V3 is winning, or that throws a monkey wrench into the proposed V3/V5 vs Panther/UG match for Dos Leyendas.

Alfredo has started his countdown of the top 100 wrestlers of 2008 over at Luchaworld. Where will Marco rank this year?

Box Y Lucha has interviews with Laredo Kid (happy for Pegasso & Rey Cometa’s success, just doesn’t want them to call themselves the Air Force since that’s a Pena idea) and Mini Abismo Negro (always training to get better, not causing problems like others who’ve come and gone.)

SuperLuchas links to a Santo interview in Colombia.

LAist has an article and lots of pictures from last week’s Lucha Va Voom; sure looks like Hector Garza some how made it to the US from that. I hope that means his legal issues with entering the US are over.

Al Filo del Ring talks to Juvi about how to react (and not react) when you lose your mask.

SuperLuchas looks back at Irma Gonzalez vs Vicky Williams

No lineups up yet.