02/15 AAA TV Lineup (Ecatepec)

AAA TV (SUN) 02/15 Centro Civico Ecatepec [Box Y Lucha]
1) Aerostar, el Ángel, Gato Eveready, Laredo Kid vs Billy Boy, Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II
2) Crazy Boy, Súper Fly, Ultimo Gladiador vs Electro Shock, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart
3) Zorro vs X-Pac
4) Mesias vs Chessman
5) Abismo Negro, Alan Stone, Latin Lover vs Black Abyss, Kenzo Suzuki, Konnan

2009 AAA Chart
Projected Air Date (#876)
Mexico: 02/22
US: 03/14

Hello to VictorNitro!

Latin Lover & Alan Stone teaming! Intrigue. Luckily, the third member of the team has no similar gimmick in his past.

Oh no, poor Chessman. LET THE MAN LIVE. Or at least get the stretcher ready.

The video package on US TV this past Sunday has me very interested in seeing Zorro vs X-Pac. I don’t know if that’s going to last six weeks, but it’s as good an idea as any.

The great thing about AAA being 3 hours is the opener should air complete and the second match should air complete. Which means we might have a great match out of AAA. This show kinda loses me after the first three, but it’s better than 2008 stuff.


Next taping is 02/18 in Celaya, so we shouldn’t be so far off from getting that lineup.

25 thoughts to “02/15 AAA TV Lineup (Ecatepec)”

  1. I could learn to like this show. In fact it’s another solid taping. I just don’t know if I can get back into AAA knowing any time around the corner Konnan may bring in more useless Americans and restart his feud with Vampiro inside the ring to torture us all.

    Opener will surely be great and we could be on the verge of another great undercard feud much like the Fuerza Aerea vs Apache/Calo/Barrios /Alfa feud from 2007 but at the same time you have to wonder why Aero Star (Alas De Oro) and Laredo Kid (young stars tourament circa 2006) are in the same position along with Billy Boy (potential star). Will positioning ever change in AAA?

  2. I agree with u AAA seems to care more about the show now like the wwe or tna, and yes is to odd to get back to the feud vampiro vs konnan both are too old and slow to get back into that, im not surprised if AAA would change someday but by now i dont waste my time watchin it

  3. Thanks to YouTube i wont have to wait a month to see this. Im glad focus is coming back to the show. hopefully Zorro/X-Pac can go for quite a while. It seems to be it can. Definitely not interested in Konnan/Vampiro, but whatever.

  4. @christi: Why the hell do you want X-Pac and Zorro to go on for a while. X-Pac is so annoying he’s no longed in the US, and Zorro has become a Mexican version of X-Pac. Fuck I would rather watch Konnan vs Vampiro, or even Messias vs Vampiro than endure X-Pac and Zorro.

  5. The “mistakes” between Electro Shock and Zorro in the main on Gala had to be some kind of record. You were almost expecting someone to turn as a result.

    Great seeing Piratas and an Espectro again. Nice seeing the clowns too. I believe there was some kind of run-in or outside involvement in every match but the Piratas.

  6. Well if u hate the show so much why watch it, konnan probably has the most heat of any wrestler obviously he is hurt and aged and vamp is probably the most babyface, ditto for him on injuries. Internet jaybrone haterz

  7. I told you guys 3 hours is the best for AAA and they should never do anything less.

    Anyways, am loving Chessman right now as a character. Chessman vs. Mesias never disappoint.

  8. I don’t think three is the best, but it’s better than ninety minutes I guess. The main difference is that we see complete ring intros, the undercard, and all the many botched spots as well. After three or four weeks of three hour shows, it will only highlight the negatives of the promotion.

  9. @rey k: “konnan probably has the most heat of any wrestler”

    Gee, I wonder why. It’s not like he’s built the entire promotion around himself and included himself in every angle or anything.

  10. Hey cubs you forgot something, possibly another Electro Shock asswhipping for Super Fly (will Electro finally let Super Fly kick his ass?)

    I notice Silver King is not on the card.

  11. @ Daniel: Because I do. Besides, I’m kinda hoping Zorro loses a few times so he can go crazy even more.

  12. I would hope Konnan has better things to do than post about himself in the third person on a blog. Like you know…

    – buying actual gear
    – making AAA an actual good promotion
    – inserting himself into every facet of AAA which I guess ruins my previous point
    – brainstorming the next failed Konnan vs Vampiro feud
    – scouting WSX DVD’s for the next Foreign Legion members
    – trying to convince himself AAA fans know the difference between Bobby Lashley and Sabu
    – figuring out how he can insert himself into the Billy Boy/Apache feud (can anyone say step-dad?)
    – trying to book an arena that holds less than 1,000 people so AAA can finally have the true ROH atmosphere
    – continually trying to assure himself that he is doing exactly what Pena would have done (i.e. de-pushing Gronda & the Billy/Apache saga in favor of a Joe Lider push and D-Mex)
    – calling Nancy Grace every hour on the hour

  13. Well rob, i think we all know how outspoken he is and has been, this is his cousin who basically reads stuff and lets him know what fans think of the product. I think u give him way to much credit as far as how much power he has like to build the promotion around himself. He is not a babyface, he is the leader of the concept foreigner v mexicans, it works because at one time he was a big fan favorite and now he talks bad about the company he helped build and helped carry and the country that opened the doors to him. Pena let him back in after 7yrs of punishing him. Pena started it, dorian continued it. That he gives ideas and recommends people, yes. He is not the booker. And guess what him as lead heel is working. Also genius (like most of the haterz who have never wrestled or promoted or booked but seem to know it all) he met jack and teddy in TNA way before WSX and knew teddy when he wrestled in Calgary in 89. Just let me clarify a couple more things, he hates the apache storyline, so why would he want to get involved, so u are wrong there, he thinks u can only do so much with the same people and it needs a new twist. He doesnt book arenas, dorians dad does, so u are wrong again. Once again he is not the booker, it is dorian and hector melendez. so your claims of him depushing gronda and apache in favor of dmex holds no water. For the record i would rather watch koslov, reyes and pac than gronda, he is pretty sorry, but what do i know next to u. Trivial but worth mentioning u dont call nancy grace she calls u. Seems u have a lot of pent up anger with my cuz, hey he can piss me off too, but he has helped alot of people and had to overcome alot of injuries and politics to get where he is and he loves the business. I would suggest maybe talking to him or interviewing him so u can A. get your facts straight and B. maybe get over your hate for him, if not he will still make money in the biz, at the end thats what its all about. To tell u the truth i would love to hear u two go at it, a hater v a smart ass, could be good. Just so u know he uses the name konnan, i am rey K. Let me know when u want to discuss anything with him, i will hook it up. Dont take this so seriously.

  14. @rey k: OK there “cuz” that was so enlightening of you. I’m with Rob, I’d love to hear your ‘cuz’ on the luch listen in. I’m sure you can arrange that since you’re obviously on the inside and know everything.

  15. I never said it was Konnan. Whoever posted, if it was him or his Cousin or just someone pretending to be him. I don’t know. I never believed that was really Marco who posted about Fredo’s list either to be honest. But I guess it was? I figured Konnan already at least knew about the blog, but that person said they had just heard about it from a friend and seemed to imply that they were Konnan.

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