AAA Notes: TripleMania Date, Location Announced, Cibernetico returning?

AAA posted a bunch of news last night.

– not only is Rey de Reyes confirmed to be March 15 in Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso in Guadalajara, TripleMania is announced to be June 13th in Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City.

Seems very early to announce that, especially considering they don’t even list the TV taping dates for this month (02/07’s lineup just went up.) I don’t know what it means. Maybe nothing.

– Rey De Reyes will have a 16 wrestler field, as usual. Unlike last year, it doesn’t appear everyone will have to qualify to be in the match. A news update declares Silver King is the first entrant. Probably not going to win, though he looks better than a month ago.

– the latest WON says Cibernetico is talking to AAA about his eventual return. Working as an indy is not working out. He could be back as early as March (it’s not definite). Later there’s a oblique mention of the main event picture changing after Rey de Reyes, which would probably make sense for Cibernetico’s return and a change of ‘Konnan running AAA’ status quo.

– the WON also mentions AAA plans on taping for TV during it’s US tour, probably in Los Angeles (04/04) and Las Vegas (which they actually haven’ t announced as running?)

– AAA’s site is running a poll, asking people if they want to see Vampiro return to the ring. As if you thought he really might not.

Update: AAA just announced Charly Manson will return on 02/18 in Parque de Beisbol de Celaya, Guanajuato. (Which also says that taping is that day.) Match is Charly/Latin Lover/X-Pac vs Konnan/Zorro/Electroshock.

13 thoughts to “AAA Notes: TripleMania Date, Location Announced, Cibernetico returning?”

  1. Exciting the wwe egion 4 Announced the places of two of their major events wohooo (sarcasm) nothing to do with this just lame what they do

  2. They probably announced the Triplemania date so far in advance b/c a real venue like Palacio would need to know months in advance, not 4-6 weeks out.

  3. @LLL: I’m sure this isn’t the first time they’ve locked up a venue (or tried to) months in advance. It’s just unusual for them to tell US.

  4. The exact day of the show in Köln (Cologne) isn’t confirmed yet, but June 13th is the most likely day. Since we are 7 hours ahead of Mexican time/CST, I don’t think this one will air as a live PPV in the American countries but rather as a free broadcast. Besides that, UFC isn’t popular here yet, so they probably won’t send big names to the show. Therefore UFC 99 shouldn’t affect any wrestling show.

  5. @Ringo: They have aired some of the England shows live, and then tape delayed in the usual spot. You’re right, and they SHOULD air it free, but who knows. Not AAA; this is probably coincidental.

  6. I agree that it’s probably a coincidence. But I believe AAA will try a live PPV, and Triplemania would be a good show to start with. Their US promoter seems to be making progress for them in live dates and PPV.

    Speaking of UFC, they’re here in Tampa on Saturday. I was going to go, but I’m thinking it’s safer to stay home. Bloodthirsty crowd with biker gangs from Pasco Co., is not safe.

  7. Konnan plan might actually work out in the end. He probably knew those guys won’t last on the indy scene that long. Now Cibernetico can come back and destroy the Legion for good. Cibernetico vs. Konnan is my first Triplemania prediction. The match would suck but the heat would be crazy.

  8. I was thinking that the plan all along was to hope PdM would last as long as it could before doing the money angle with Ciber returning. Maybe this is what WON meant when he said the main eventers will change dramatically in the next few months. PdM in AAA?

  9. Funny how we went from denying Konnan had anything to do with running AAA to flatly admitting Konnan had the main AAA angle planned all along.

  10. June 13 is the exact date of Pena’s birthday, so they’re choosing it for that reason, nothing to do with ppvs elsewhere. Same thing happened last year

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