02/01: AULL, lineups

AULL (SUN) 01/25 Arena Lopez Mateos [SuperLuchas #300]
1) Aquarius & Principe Torbellino b Mr. Flama & Tormento
2) Robin Maravilla, Rocky Santana, Yakuza b Jose el Caporal, Kilvan, Yoruba [Copa Dorada AULL, torneo, qf]
3) Cerebro Maligno, Epitafio, Herejia b Juan el Ranchero, Super Panda, Tortuguillo Ninja [Copa Dorada AULL, torneo, qf]
4) Angel O Demonio, Epidemia, Heavy Boy b Iron Master, Mr. Potro, Psicopata [Copa Dorada AULL, torneo, qf]
5) Rey Krimen, Sadico, Sepulturero I b Dralion , Quidam, Solstron [Copa Dorada AULL, torneo, qf]
6) Cerebro Maligno, Epitafio, Herejia b Robin Maravilla, Rocky Santana, Yakuza [Copa Dorada AULL, torneo, sf]
7) Rey Krimen, Sadico, Sepulturero I b Angel O Demonio, Epidemia, Heavy Boy [Copa Dorada AULL, torneo, sf]
8) Cerebro Maligno, Epitafio, Herejia b Rey Krimen, Sadico, Sepulturero I [Copa Dorada AULL, torneo, final]

Sadico and friends are the current AULL Trios champs, so this set up a title rematch tonight.

Ohtani’s Jacket hates Blue Panther vs Mr. Niebla but most of all, Mr. Niebla.

Al Filo del Ring talks to Solar, who says he might work as a rudo against Demon and Santo and as a tecnico elsewise and Scorpio Jr. about how Mexican wrestlers are the best in the world.

Weekly Pro (via Osaka Pro) says Gran Hamada is involved in forming a new promotion called “Mexican Wrestling Federation”. What this will have to do with Mexicans who wrestle, I am not sure yet!

Time of the year for people to write El Santo articles.
SuperLuchas #300 has a long interview with El Hijo del Santo about finding about his father’s death.
Ex Online.
Perro Aguayo Jr. talks about the start of his career. His father hoped he’d wrestle once and get it out his system.

At the Guerrera panel discussion, Fuerza says he plans on wrestling two more years. He and Juvi made time to insult Mistico (inflated by CMLL) and Hijo del Santo (doesn’t know how to fight, getting fat.)

ESPN Deportes talks about the UWE cage match.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update


CMLL (TUE) 02/03 Arena Mexico
1) Angel de Plata & Súper Camaleón vs Apocalipsis & Ministro
2) Astro Boy, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skandalo
3) Mascara Dorada, Máscara Púrpura, Valiente vs Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis, Virus
4) Blue Panther, Héctor Garza, Marco Corleone vs Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr., Texano Jr.
5) La Sombra, Sagrado, Volador Jr. vs Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca [MEX TRIOS]

IWRG (THU) 02/05 Arena Naucalpan
1) Halcon 2000 vs Keshin Black
2) Galactik & Imperio Azteca vs Avisman & Shuriken
3) Eragon, Trauma I, Trauma II vs Carta Brava, Fantasma de la Ópera, Nemesis IWRG
4) Multifacético, Pendulo, Zatura vs Oficial 911, Oficial 911, Oficial AK47
5) El Hijo del Solitario, Monarca Jr., Scorpio Jr. vs Emilio Charles Jr., Hijo del Cien Caras, Veneno

Perros del Mal (FRI) 02/06 Coliseo Olimpico Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco
1) Olímpico vs X-Fly, Súper Nova, Payasho Luchin, Asesino Negro Jr., Flash I [hair, mask]
2) Damián 666 & Mr. Águila vs Juventud Guerrera & Super Crazy
3) Cibernetico, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, LA Park vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Intocable, Rayman

X-Fly lost his hair 3 weeks ago and he’s already putting it up again. Probably not losing.

CMLL (FRI) 02/06 Arena Mexico
1) Molotov & Sensei vs Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata, Metálico vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Loco Max
3) Astro Boy vs Calígula [lightning]
4) Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada, Shockercito vs Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito
5) Misterioso II, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero vs Terrible, Villano III, Villano V
6) La Sombra, Místico, Volador Jr. vs Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Atlantis is busy in the main event and we’ve lost all the other Guerreros, so Misterioso gets to be in a semimian.

Something’s obvious up for the minis to be getting a semimain. We’ve got both champions in the division (Bam Bam holds the CMLL minis, Pierrothito has the Mexican lightweight), the most obvious tecnico challenger (Dorada), the recently unmasked guy (Shockercito) and Pierrothito’s regular partners. This should be pretty good given the opportunities.

First time the new Angels have teamed up in Arena Mexico.

IWRG (SAT) 02/07 Arena Naucalpan
1) Eragon & Galactik vs Avisman & King Drako
2) La Parkita, Mascarita de Oro, Octagoncito vs Espectrito I, Espectrito II, Pequeno Boricua
3) Freelance, Multifacético, Zatura vs Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
4) Zumbido vs Fuerza Guerrera
5) el Hijo Del Anibal, El Hijo del Solitario, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Head Hunter I, Head Hunter II, Tetsuya

Saturday, I dunno why. SuperLuchas lists that as airing on Sky. Which I don’t actually know what it means – do they have a channel on their own satellite service? Meanwhile – MINIS IN IWRG. They’re already aiming to beat the number of guys used last year. Meanwhile, AAA’s Octagoncito is threatening to sue this indy Octagoncito.

CMLL (SUN) 02/08 Arena Coliseo
1) Ángel Azteca Jr. & Sombra de Plata vs Puma King & Tiger Kid
2) Starman, Tony Rivera, Trueno vs Inquisidor, Méssala, Pólvora
3) Fabián el Gitano, Leono, Tigre Blanco vs Bronco III, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis
4) Blue Panther, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara vs Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca
5) Dos Caras Jr., Marco Corleone, Místico vs Atlantis, Lizmark Jr., Último Guerrero

Third straight week of Dos and UG in the main event. This doesn’t appear to be a fan appreciation show, but that title rematch will be, and probably next week.

Tigre Blanco hasn’t been 3rd from the top in the building since October 2007. He’s been a first/second match guy for quite a while now, so there might be something up here.

Semimain has 2/3rds of the CMLL Trios champs versus the possible new Mexican Trios champs.

CMLL (SUN) 02/08 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Astaroth & Hierro vs Acertijo & Katana
2) Idolo & Nube Roja vs Drago & Valentin Mayo
3) Thunder Boy & Virgo vs Palacio Negro & Plata
4) Mascara Dorada & Valiente vs Euforia & Nosferatu
5) Héctor Garza, Mictlán, Shocker vs Ephesto, Terrible, Texano

This is not going to draw people away from Friday’s show, which I guess is the idea.

IWRG (SUN) 02/08 Arena Naucalpan
1) Imperio Azteca vs Avisman.
2) Eragon & Galactik vs Judas el Traidor & Shuriken
3) La Parkita, Mascarita de Oro, Octagoncito vs Espectrito I, Espectrito II, Pequeno Boricua
4) Fuerza Guerrera vs Zumbido [IWRG IC WELTER]

Yes, three shows! Half the same matches a day later, why would you do that? If you go to both shows, you should get a sticker or a button or something.