Lucha Listen-In Podcast #5: Marco Corleone!

My sit-down interview with luchador Mark Jindrak/Marco Corleone of CMLL Fame, we discuss a series of topics, among them: The prospects of two Koslov(s) in WWE, his awesome ramp and the genesis behind it, Rellik~!, if Perro will ever come back to CMLL, Blue Panther being the older lady’s man choice and QUE MONITO (the midget blue monkey of guerrero kicking fame) all thanks to thecubsfan @

You can find the show here, and it should be added to the podcast feed. We thank Marco for coming on. We live for comments, so please let us know what you think of the show!

21 thoughts to “Lucha Listen-In Podcast #5: Marco Corleone!”

  1. Corleone is right about the three-way concept. I think someone here even suggested it. It would make sense that Corleone argues he’s next in line for title shot, while Dos feels he deserves a rematch, leading to a three-way.

    He’s really high on Koslov. I like him too. But I’m high on Corleone going to WWE. He has to make a move to go to WWE this year.

  2. I really enjoyed this interview. Good job Tony! By the way, what is that intro song you use for the show?

    I agree with some of what Marco Corleone said about the heavyweight title situation and its funny how he voiced a similar opinion to what most of us, lucha fans, have said for years. It has been something that’s bugged me over the years with the fact that the title rarely gets defended and this has been a problem going back 10-11 years what with Rayo and Universo at certain points of their title reigns holding the belts for years and defending them only a handful of times. Hopefully, CMLL would make a better effort of making that title seem important, but I really doubt it. I do like the idea of a 3-way program (not so much for a 3-way match since I’m not a fan of those types of matches) for the belt.

    Rest of the interview was pretty enjoyable with all the insight into what went down with AAA and the guys who departed CMLL, Rellik’s situation, Corleone and the ramp, and everything else. He’s right about Alex Koslov. I was at a tiny show in Torrance, CA, where I first saw him wrestle and you could tell he had the “it” factor to make it big in wrestling.

    Hope you guys can line up Corleone for another interview later in the year because I thought he could go on for a few more hours.:)

  3. Thank you SO much for the Marco interview! I’ve been a fan of his since WCW and have been very happy to see him have success in Mexico. He seems like a really smart and cool guy and I have always enjoyed his work. His insights we awesome and there were some great questions there. Very, very good job as have been all the “Lucha Listen In” shows. Thanks so much! :)

  4. I hope this one is easier to listen to. I gave up on the last show because I just couldn’t understand anyone.

  5. It’s much clearer to understand Odessa.

    I really liked the interview. Probably the best one of these you guys have done.

  6. @Tim: As time goes on, the workers will trust the show, and not mind coming on.

    Konnan would be a great guest. So would Vamp, Sarah Stock, and Paco Alonso.

  7. I’m going to try to get a guest on at least once every month in addition to cubs and I talking about lucha, that’s two lucha listen-ins a month. I’ve already got a guest for February.

  8. Well you know who the holy grail of guests would be for this show: Que Monito!!! I picture he sounds like the midget from Fantasy Island.

  9. I’m halfway through so far and it’s been quite a good interview. Couple of thoughts since I always end up listening to the full show and forgetting everything I wanted to say…

    – He really seems like he has a lot of respect for Mexico and the Mexican people. Lots of times you hear from wrestlers who have gone over and they don’t seem to appreciate the country at all (*cough* Rellik *cough*) but Marco seems really into the atmosphere and the people. The fact that he can remember various arenas like the one in San Luis Potosi is impressive to me.

    – I wonder if there is heat with Vamp stemming from WCW’s dying days?

    – I thought it was funny how when discussing his favorite opponents he mentioned Mr. Niebla/Ultimo Guerrero and said even though they are rudos he still respects them. Obviously he must have known he was doing a show for us smarks but it’s funny to me that he still tried to keep kayfabe like all Mexican wrestlers tend to do (and are probably told to do).

    – He’s so dead on when he talks about Grey Shadow’s debut. Does anyone even remember that? It was like… hey, here’s a new guy who is debuting with Mistico in the semi-main. Nobody had a clue who he was and to make it even more stupid – La Sombra = the shadow. And what color does La Sombra wear? GREY! The gimmick was doomed to fail and Romero didn’t help himself out by having a bad debut (according to SuperLuchas as if you recall the TV show edited out everything he did).

  10. Im wondering if u rob ur the one who moderate this blog and did the interview with marco u seem to know a lot about the themes here ha

  11. Damn, this was most excellent. Great job on it. Since LATV finally broadcast CMLL this weekend and I got to see him in action since the Mark Jindrak days, and listening to him here, I’ve got a whole new level of respect for Marco. Love the concept of the guests. Keep up the good work.

  12. Congrats Marco, you may be the only American that works in Mexico that doesn’t get shit on regularly here. Ok, well Jack Evans seems be generally liked.

  13. Thank you for all the nice comments. I found a home in Mexico and have adjusted very well and I owe it to the pure lucha fans in this world like you guys. This site is very well done and am happy I could be a part of it with the podcast. Thank you

  14. I’m really enjoying this interview. I’ve always been a bit hostile to Marco in the past, but he came off totally humble and respectful of Lucha in this. I’ve a new-found respect for the man.


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