01/24-25 Lucha Times

The Wednesday night LATV airing of GdR turns out to be the same show on Saturday. Didn’t see the Sunday one, but since everyone says it was a Grey Shadow show, I have no idea what that means for week to week. Might as well tape it all and figure it out later.

LATV’s listings, at least the one they send out to cable companies, is still not updated. If you use a DVR that normally works by program name, you’ll have to set up a manual recording to catch these shows for the time being.

Saturday 7pm EST
Sunday 7pm EST
Wednesday 11pm EST

The Wednesday’s taping is listed as Ras de Lona on guide. That won’t air this week until tommorow afternoon, even then it may be a rerun or an episode 4 days late from Mexico. What would be neat is if I could let you watch the episode of that, right now, even if you didn’t have access to LATV.

Oh, wait, I can:

I didn’t know what blip.tv was until about an hour ago, when I was idly googling stuff to see what might turn up. What did turn up is someone uploading a lot of MVS shows on the site, complete and great quality. Looks like a legal upload, even! In usual form, no one’s gotten around to mention this (and they’ve been doing it for a couple months, by the looks of it.)

Checked for Guerreros del Ring. Sorry, no luck there.


AAA-US: part 2 of best of.

52MX: Dos/Marco/Toscano vs Terrible/Texano/HOOLIGAN.

LATV/FOX: Blanca on the ruda side, Virus/Purpura and Mistico/Warrior?

CMLL: 1:45, so maybe top 3

AAA-MEX: first taping from ’09, with the Psycho Circus/Chessman vs Sect, Abismo/Parka/Mesias vs Abyss/Electro/Konnan

C3: Poder Mexica and not so much powerful Hijo del Avernos

01/31 AAA TV Lineup (Chalco)

AAA TV (SAT) 01/31 Plaza de Toros Joan Sebastian, Chalco, EdM [box y lucha]
1) Aerostar, Argenis, Gato Eveready vs Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II
2) El Alebrije, El Elegido, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Decnnis, El Brazo, Escorpion Negro Jr.
3) el Ángel, Laredo Kid, Súper Fly vs Electro Shock, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart
4) Abismo Negro, Alan Stone, Gronda II vs Black Abyss, Konnan, Zorro
5) Chessman vs Ozz
6) La Parka Jr., Mesias, Silver King vs Joe Lider, Kenzo Suzuki, Nicho el Millionario

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#876)
Mexico: 02/08
US: 02/28

This is listed as the road to Rey de Reyes. A long road, I guess.

A lot of this should look familiar. Main event is the same as the 01/25 show, but with Electro in for Kenzo (which would seem to say either there’s a tag title match coming, or Nicho and Lider are getting killed by Mesias for an extended bit.) The 2/3/4 tecnico sides are essentially the same guys as the 01/25 taping (Gato and Aero drops to the opener and Alebrije & Alan are added.) The rudos are almost the same too, with the Clowns being dropped for Konnan, Jack and Escorpion Negro.

Based on the matchups, it looks like the Elegido/Pirata feud may be moved over to Elegido/Guapos (perhaps Guapito DID end up with Elegido?) There seems to be another try at the Teddy/Jack vs Air Force matches, which hopefully will be better than last year. And of course Black Abyss/Abismo Negro continues. I wonder if they have plans for Gronda II at the moment or if he’s just back to be back.

If you recall, when they did Ozz vs Chessman back in June, Ozz won. With lots of help from Mesias, which probably will not happen again.

2008 CMLL GDL/Puebla Records

Why not? I figured out the regulars and separated them out from the normal CMLL wrestlers.

First up is GDL.  There’s not the same separation between tecnicos and rudos you get in Mexico City. I did not realize what a ridicolous amount of shows Thunder Boy is on here.  He led with 65 appearance in 2008, with Malefico and Gallo also cracking the “once a week, every week” barrier.  Being a regular here means working 3 times a month.

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