01/25 AAA TV Lineup (Salamanca)

AAA TV (SUN) 01/25 Gimnasio Lazaro Cardenas de Salamanca
1) Mascarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Mini Charly Manson vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis III
2) el Ángel, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown
3) Aerostar, El Elegido, Laredo Kid vs Decnnis, El Brazo, Pirata Morgan
4) Abismo Negro, Gronda II, Súper Fly vs Black Abyss, Teddy Hart, Zorro
5) El Mesias, La Parka Jr., Silver King vs Electro Shock, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#875)
Mexico: 02/01
US: 02/21

Waiting for AAA to put up last night’s result to see if there’s any continuity.

Some odd teams. The main event kinda teases two title matches which would be different. Not good, but different. Speaking of different, we have the possibility of Teddy Hart vs Gronda II, a dream match. Actually, I think that’s supposed to set up Gronda vs Zorro, which only works of Zorro eliminates Gronda.

Pirata/Elegido looks to be still on, Clowns may be continuing their winning streak, and they may yet get to that Mini Abismo/Mini Charly title match.

Next Taping
01/31 Chalco, EdM

2008 CMLL Records

In my continuing efforts to inflict math and statistics where it clearly does not belong, I bring to you the 2008 Win % Leaderboard. This year, I’m going to break it out by current promotion, although all matches are counted regardless of where the wrestler had them.

As usual, these numbers are my best efforts at recording announced cards and results, but obviously many lineups never make the internet. Of those that do, I’d say that the majority of results are posted; newspapers weekly post lineups for buildings like Arena Olimpico Laguna in Gomez Palacio and Coliseo Fraternidad in Veracruz, but only occasionally do results turn up. Even if they do, I do miss things and make mistakes. This is my best guess based on the knowledge I have, but the margin of error number is quite up there.

Mistico was out of action just long enough to prevent him from retaining the lead in total wins this year. Blue Panther took the recorded win total with 97, and Mistico was just behind at 93. That’s 93 more than Carrona had; he went winless on the year.

As you might expect, Mistico winning a lot meant Averno & Mephisto did not. Averno nosed out both his partner and Ultimo Guerrero for the ‘victory’, getting 84 losses. UG and Mephisto each had 83, Guerrero nearly repeating as leader of this category. Of those with at least 10 decisions, mini Celestial had the least losses, 4.

Of those who with 10 decisions or more, it was Mascarita Dorada who had the best winning percentage. He won 82% of matches, a distance ahead of the two women (Dark Angel at 77% and Lady Apache at 76%) who tied Mistico for the lead last year. This is fairly predictable; both the top tecnicas and the top tecnico minis almost all go over unless they’re doing an angle, which isn’t often, and really not at all for Dark Angel this year. Mistico was right behind at 73%.

Worst winning percentage is obviously Carrona at 0%. Of people who are a little bit more regular, Pequeno Warrior clocks in at 19% and Vangelis is at 24%. Misterioso at 31%, which just goes to prove (something.)

The most matches wrestled, in Mexico and maybe all over the world, was Ultimo Guerrero. Last year, it was 313 matches. This year, it was ‘only’ 228. I’m not sure if that means he’s wrestling less, CMLL is running less events (less regular spots shows in Arena Queretaro, Aficion, and Neza, plus not working with IWRG or AULL) or if I’m just missing more. Sombra is second at 213, fooled by Atlantis at 202, Mistico at 197 and Averno at 189. Matches in Chinese bars are not included.

The full list is below. Read More

01/19: Sinaloa, Coliseo

new champs/MT
new champs/MT

CMLL Furia Blanca (SAT) 01/17 Cancha German Evers, Mazatlan, Sinaloa [Noroeste]
1) El Conquistador, Forcado Mazateleco, Serpiente Marina b Brujo Mayor, Marakamis I, Marakamis II [hair, mask]
2) Dragon Rojo Jr. b Mictlán
3) La Sombra & Volador Jr. DQ Terrible & Texano Jr.
4) Mark Corleone & Shocker b Mr. Niebla & Negro Casas

In the semifinal, rudos fouled and unmasked the tecnicos. Dragon Rojo got away with a foul in his singles match. Trios match (actually 2nd on the card with another unlisted match previously) was everyone’s hair and mask vs everyone else’s hair and mask. Brujo Mayor lost his hair, and Marakamis I and II were revealed to be Francisco Dia hernandez and Jose Hernandez.

CMLL (SUN) 01/18 Arena Coliseo [Ovaciones]
1) Molotov & Trueno b Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Arkangel de la Muerte, Pólvora, Skandalo b Angel Azteca Jr., Angel de Plata, Astro Boy
3) Mascara Dorada, Máscara Púrpura, Sagrado b Felino, Misterioso II, Virus
4) Dos Caras Jr., Mark Corleone, Toscano b Hooligan, Terrible, Texano Jr.
5) Místico DQ Black Warrior

After the main event DQ, Warrior challenged for a shot at Mistico’s National Light Heavyweight championship or the CMLL Middleweight championship. Hooligan replaced Lizmark Jr in the semifinal, which saw Dos beat Terrible. Angel de Plata looked good in his debut, still lost.

El Occidental also writes about last night’s trios title change. Not only did La Mascara get Atlantis clean with his finish (mind boggling), but Hijo de Fantasma blocked Negro’s castia and cradled him for the other pin. I had no idea this was ‘Put The Young Tecnicos Over Strong’ week but it seems that way.

El Sol de Cuatala previews tonight’s Arena Puebla title match. Forgetting the meta bits about frequency of title changes and future directions, the story here is pretty simple: when last we saw Sombra, he was having trouble using two arms, and if you want to retain a wrestling championship, the ability to use both your arms helps tremendously. (For the sake of this story, the match in Sinola didn’t occur. Or he was hurting and it wasn’t mentioned.) Can Sombra endure thru the pain to keep the NWA Welterweight Championship, or will Mephisto strike back for the rudos? That sounds like a poll.


If we go back to remembering about the meta aspects to this match, there’s a weird conclusion I reached last night: CMLL might actually have a plan. They surely did have a plan the second half of 2007 or what plan they did have was done once Perro and Mistico got hurt, but these titles changes, the new factions, even the lightning matches and last night’s Warrior/Mistico match, I think they’re all about laying the groundwork and putting the pieces in place to something greater than usual. Once the holiday season ended, they started going loud at pushing stuff like Mistico/Volador/Sombra as a trio (instead of just rotating around tecnicos) and quieter but just as strong with other stuff (the new trios champs winning matches both in GDL and Mexico in the past two weeks to lead up to this title change.) I don’t think it’s all coincidence or accident when you have guys like Negro Casas losing clean in meaningful matches. I also really have nothing but circumstantial proof (and hope!) that CMLL has figured out 2009 in advance. Or maybe it’s just every time I have a super sized Mountain Dew, my mind goes strange places, I come up with strange ideas, and I don’t get nearly enough sleep.

FWIW, and only because I like pointing this out: Mephisto is listed as 90kg on the wiki (CMLL has him at 92!), Welterweight limit is 78. That’s some rough weight cutting. (Sombra’s listed at 80kg in the wiki and doesn’t even get a profile on CMLL.com. Also, they have Felino as a tecnico.)

Black Terry Jr. has a lot of photos from Thursday’s IWRG shows, and notes that someone was taping it for broadcast somewhere. They appear to be off TV Azteca, so perhaps they’re back on TVC Deportes (though usually you could tell with them easily in the past and it’s not that clear here.)

Looks like Friday’s El Toreno Requim Show at Arena Neza filled the building, again. This concept appears to be working. No results (and sounds like the internet guys were kicked out of ringside by SuperLuchas, who sponsored the show, and the internet is raging about it), but next show here was announced as 02/13, with Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Hijo del Santo & Blue Demon. That’ll do some business.

AAA did finish their website makeover – it looks like the old website, organized and colored a little better, but maybe there are more changes on the inside. There’s still some bugs. If you go to the roster page for tecnicos, nothing’s there, and the only way to see a wrestler profile is to go page by page until it randomlly comes up, because there’s no particular order to it. (Cibernetico’s profile is still there if you’re careful. As is Charly’s.) They’ve also added a section for Dos de Tres, but have no content. Still no store, which seems dumb. The RSS feed does work this time, so thanks for that. The video section is not updated since Alas de Oro, but the top banner features Juvi, who’s been rumored to be back here soon.

Ohtani’s Jacket has his picks for the Tapatia awards, which we’ll be starting a little bit later this month.

SuperLuchas looks back at Signo vs Texano for the UWA Light Heavyweight Championship.

Blue Demon Jr. rallies against lucha libre on TV being too much of a circus and too much high flying, not the good fight on the mat. He says his NWA Mexico show will be different, so I guess he better inform, like, his entire undercard.