01/18: GDL (new Trios champs), IWRG, Coliseo

CMLL (SUN) 01/18 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT: main (w/picture of new champs), semifinal]
4) Angel de Oro & Volador Jr. b Rey Bucanero & Satánico
5) Héctor Garza, Hijo de Fantasma, La Máscara b Atlantis, Rey Bucanero Negro Casas, Último Guerrero [CMLL TRIOS]

Hector Garza, Hijo de Fantamsa and La Mascara are the 20th CMLL Champions, winning back the belts they lost in August. Hector is now a five time champ, but this is the first time he’s won it back with the same team. Rudos go from controlling 6 of 8 of the major CMLL championships to half and half in the course of two days. Didn’t see this one coming at all. Negro teaming with UG and Atlantis was a forced situation and didn’t really help anything, just got Negro more into the mix when it came to the TNA stuff. I don’t mind this change, especially if we’re eventually heading to a Hijos del Averno or Poder Mexica contesting these belts.

Champs took the first fall with double Atlantidas. Tecnicos won the second fall, and then the match clean in the third fall, La Mascara getting Atlantis with la campana. Yea, read that again, it’s hard to believe. Champions did not argue, but just walked out after the loss.

Volador and Angel de Oro got a bit of an upset win themselves in the semifinal. After the match, Volador challenged Satanico to a mask vs hair match. This offended Bucanero – how dare Volador challenge his old mentor! – and Rey is giving Volador a shot at the CMLL Light Heavyweight title instead. I would not bet against any challenger right now.

IWRG (THU) 01/15 Arena Naucalpan [Al Filo del Ring]
1) Halcon 2000 b Epidemia
2) Eragon & Galactik b Anticristo Jr. & Avisman
3) Fenix, Freelance, Goleador b Demony, Fantasma de la Ópera, Nemesis IWRG
4) Trauma I, Trauma II, Zatura b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
5) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro b Barba Roja, Capitán Muerte, Pirata Morgan Jr. [EdM TRIOS]

Champs took the second and third to retain. Zatura bled a lot, but his team got the win and they’ll get a title shot next week.

CMLL (SUN) 01/18 Arena Coliseo [Universal]
5) Místico DQ Black Warrior

Warrior fouled Mistico and then pulled his mask. Gotta cover all the bases.

El Siglo de Torreon talks to Ultimo Guerrero about the beginnings of his career. His father brought him to lucha libre shows from the time he was very little – he says he’s been told he first started talking and walking when at them – and Mano Negra inspired him to become a wrestler. He wrestled locally for five years as Flanagan before going to Mexico City on his own dime and not much more than that. He was a complete unknown and slept on the floor of the Fuerza/Panther Gym at nights and worked for Fuerza Guerrera during the days.

The same newspaper also talks to the Torreon box y lucha comission, who wants to create offical belts. There’d be heavyweight (98 kg and up), light heavy (80-97), middle (71-79), welter (65-69), light (60-64) and feather (59 and down), as well as tag team and trios. Nothing good can come of this! The commission’s ideas is that they’re hold tournaments involving qualtity (and licensed!) wrestlers and hold a hard line about how the titles are defended so the titles retain more credibility than the random belts that float thru here. The ideas is the titles would start here in May. The article also notes less than 10 of the estimated 160 local wrestlers have bothered to renew their licenses.

Rotavio de Queretaro has an interview with Arkangel de la Muerte, who explains the origin of his name. His career as Mr. Cid was not going anywhere and he was thinking off retiring, but suffered an accident that put him in a coma for a week. While in the coma, he saw an angel, and decided that was a gimmick work trying. Arkangel feels he’s getting close to the end of the career – the young people are pushing him – but he’s still like to go back to Japan again, as well as go up to Canada to teach (which was planned at one point apparently. The Dragon Gym affiliate that’s no longer in existence?)

WagnerMania posted video of the tag team title match from Friday and the latest WagnerMania show.

LuchaWorld has Robert looking back at AAA 07/1/07 and GDR 8/4 and FSE 8/5/7. There’s also KrisZ’s news update.


IWRG (THU) 01/22 Arena Naucalpan
1) Halcon 2000 vs Comando Gama
2) Eragon & Miss Gaviota vs Anticristo Jr. & Avisman
3) Chico Che & Goleador vs Demony & Xibalva
4) Freelance, Pendulo, Zatura vs Tetsuya, Toxico AAA, Veneno
5) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro vs Trauma I, Trauma II, Zatura [IWRG IC TRIOS]

I refuse to predict title matches. No good can come of it!

CMLL (SUN) 01/25 Arena Coliseo
1) Rayo Tapatío I & Rayo Tapatío II vs Apocalipsis & Ramstein
2) Fabián el Gitano, Hijo del Faraon, Leono vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Pólvora, Skandalo
3) Máscara Púrpura, Máximo, Mictlán vs Felino, Vangelis, Virus
4) Blue Panther, Hijo del Fantasma, Toscano vs Black Warrior, Lizmark Jr., Negro Casas
5) Dos Caras Jr., Mark Corleone, Shocker vs Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero

This is…not particularly interesting.

CMLL (SUN) 01/25 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Boomerang & Virgo vs Angel del Mal & Milenio
2) Casanova (GDL) & Leon Blanco vs Ephesto & Toxico (GDL)
3) Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori vs Amapola, Medussa, Princesa Blanca
4) Mascara Dorada, Místico, Volador Jr. vs Averno, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero

Obviously going to be changed to a Bucanero/Volador main event. A women’s trios is rare here, especially with no local woman involved. Wonder if they’re getting a title match next week – that’s be three in three weeks, but also give them something noteworthy for the monthly free show (assuming it’s on 02/01.)

IWRG (SUN) 01/25 Arena Naucalpan
1) Eragon & Miss Gaviota vs Avisman & Nemesis IWRG
2) Chico Che, Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II vs Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro
3) Freelance, Multifacético, Zumbido vs Demony, Tetsuya, Veneno

Actual main event TBA.

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