01/17: Mexico, NWA Mexico

CMLL (FRI) 01/16 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones, ESTO]
1) Metálico & Sombra de Plata b Camorra & Zayco
2) Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei b Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori
3) Virus b Máscara Púrpura [lightning]
4) Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Villano V b Blue Panther, Shocker, Toscano
5) Héctor Garza, Mark Corleone, Místico b Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero
6) La Sombra & Volador Jr. b Averno & Mephisto [CMLL TAG]

I think it’s too soon, still, but it’s also pretty cool. Ovaciones times the match at 40 minutes (so expect no more than 25), with the first two falls going 5 minutes. Rudos stook the first, which ESTO says was very techinical and booed by the crowd. The tecnicos won the second – except Sombra hurt his arm on a tornillo and Volador had to go it alone to finish off both rudos. Sombra was taken to the back by medical personal, and Volador continued going it alone for “twenty minutes” of the final fall. Volador managed to defeat Averno, but Mephisto crushed him with two powerbombs. Mephisto wanted the belts, but the referees pointed out Sombra had just returned, so the match must go on. They battled for a few minutes longer, and Sombra reversed a cruceta into a pin for the win.

Volador and Sombra are the 29th champions, each winning this title for the first time. This is the first time Volador has won a World title. At age 19, Sombra is a triple crown champion, holding a singles title (NWA Welterweight), a tag title, and a trios title (Mexican National with Sagrado and Volador.) This is the second straight title reign for Averno & Mephisto which has ended without a successful defense.

This obviously puts even more interest in Monday’s title match in Arena Puebla between Sombra and Mephisto – will their be a title swap or will Sombra hold on to all three belts?

The big news in the semifinal is Mistico won a finishing hold that was NOT La Mistica. A new move! Everyone gets to shut up now. Atlantis and Mistico ripped each other’s masks.

Villano V got Panther to submit to win their match.

In Barranquilla, Colombia, El Hijo del Santo does the usual career talk, and also compares himself to Sammy Davis Jr.

Box Y Luchas has added new galleries, including India Sioux (original), el Sanguinaro (original), Los Bengalas and Los Dinamicos

SuperLuchas looks back at the Can-Am Express vs Texano Sr. & Silver King, mask vs hairs.

Ohtani’s Jacket watched Blue Demon Jr. vs El Hijo del Santo, with a pretty dead-on description of Blue Demon Jr. as a wrestler.

LuchaWorld has Robert on Guadalajara from 07/07 and CMLL 07/13/07

No CMLL lineups. Been waiting all morning but again they’re delayed.

NWA MEXICO (SAT) 01/31 Restaurant el Rancho, Tepotzotlan [SuperLuchas]
1) Eragon vs Trauma I
2) Extrano vs Alma Infernal
3) Angus vs Skayde Jr.
4) Pendulo vs Black Spider
5) Último Vampiro vs Mr. México
6) Blue Demon Jr. & el Hijo Del Anibal vs El Dandy & Septiembre Negro

Yes, it still exists. Been a bit quite for a while. They’re saving their money here by running a restaurant and a super cheap undercard. The main event is going to draw whatever they’re going to draw anyway. This is supposed to be the first show as part of a tour. SuperLuchas mentions Demon is headed to Japan from 03/17 to 03/23.

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  1. Man Sombra has everything! I hope he drops the belt to Mephisto on Monday though b/c right now the crowd is still on his side but that will change if they make him another Mistico who wins all the belts. They’ve been doing fine with the push so far so hopefully they don’t overdo it.

    That Mistico/Atlantis mask ripping sure came outta nowhere, huh? Are they already teasing matches that will never happen? Maybe they can bring Wagner back for a week to rip masks with Parka…

    “Rudos stook the first, which ESTO says was very techinical and booed by the crowd.”

    Just goes to show you what kind of crowd is still attending Arena Mexico. They still have the regular fans who go for the “show” and not the wrestlers. Mat wrestling is boring to them. It’s a shitty deal b/c if they go – attendance goes down. If they keep coming – you gotta keep working short/fast matches.

    “1) Eragon vs Trauma I”


    New lineups are finally up. I await Henrik marking out for the Friday tercera (I am too!) and then crying for the Lightning Match which won’t be seen on TV (I am too!). BTW, the women constantly being stuck in the segunda is a fantastic new idea.

  2. The lightning matches seem to be making it onto Fox Sports relatively consistently. Hopefully they keep it up.

  3. I agree. Chui(xuisaw) was nice enough to share the show with Angel Azteca Jr. vs Puma King but we never got to see the Angel De Oro/Skandalo match and who knows what the future holds. Stuka Jr./Euforia must have been fun though, they always work great together.

    CMLL TV should be starting in a couple of minutes.

  4. “The big news in the semifinal is Mistico won a finishing hold that was NOT La Mistica.”

    Was NOT NOT!!!

    We still have to see if Sombra is not sidelined, it seems he didn’t work at all after missing a dive and just did la casita for the win.

  5. Yeah, I wish I was set up to capture video down here, but I never got around to investing in the hardware. Stuka Jr./Euforia was fun live and good on TV. I always forget how well Euforia moves for a guy his size.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Sombra/Euforia will be the headliners in a few years. Sorta like how Shocker/Ultimo Guerrero moved up, so will those two. It’ll take a while but they have what it takes.

    In my opinion…

    Euforia > Dragon Rojo Jr.

    Yeah, I also hope Sombra isn’t hurt too badly. The picture of them celebrating the title win with him just laying dead is not a good sign.:P Wonder what spot he got hurt on…

  7. Not neccessarily. Did you ever get to see Sombra/Efesto? (If not you should!) Sombra did the tornillo to nowhere as a planned spot. Maybe he just landed badly… erm… worse… this time. I don’t think there is any good landing for a spot like that.:P

  8. I’ve not been able to download anything, I already went to ask for ISPs over here, but they’re kinda expensive (mainly because they offer lots of stuff I won’t be using -phone and cable TV-)

    Missed a Tornillo from the top turnbuckle to the floor on purpose? Shouldn’t they save that kind of spot to a match that actually means something?

  9. @xuisaw: Oh man, that match meant something! Wait till you see it, it was amazing and the fans loved it. Threw tons of money afterwards.

    Also it wasn’t a tornillo from the top to the floor, it was his move where he runs towards the turnbuckles and does a tornillo while holding the ropes. Still crazy.:P

  10. two random questions from this match. 1. what’s up with mistico’s shirt? are we going to get a double kozlov from he and garza? 2. does rey have a tna logo on the back of his hoodie?

  11. Momentos was AWESOME! Molotov used a pin combo that would make Skayde jealous! And the finish to Stuka Jr./Euforia was unbelievably creative!

    @Alan: 1. Let’s pray not! 2. I didn’t see.:/

  12. @Rob: I think I got it mixed up with a singles match with Euforia in Puebla (just saw the screen captures)

    The Official Spanish TheWrestler site, that is, Superlucas has the lighting match from last night going OVER the 10 minute limit…

  13. Before he got hurt, Sombra did the Freelance spot where he got thrown into the air – landed on the top rope – then jumped backwards into a springboard rana!

  14. @Alan: All signs would indicate it was. Sombra took a couple of moves after the injury and clearly used his “injured arm” to break his fall each time plus it worked fine for the roll-up finish.:P He did a great job selling though.

  15. @Rob: I thought it looked like he used his arm quite a few times, but he was doing a great job selling. Also would have been shocked if they let Averno/Mephisto toss him around so much after instead of just changing the ending if it was legit.

    @thecubsfan: That’s great news, but this week it is too bad that it isn’t the 52MX variety so that someone would get to see the cage match.

  16. Boo.:( I hope Wagnermania puts up the cage match on youtube since he gets 52MX. Not sure how else it would become available otherwise…

  17. God damnit Puma King’s finisher is brutal and then they follow it up with a creative double team splash. CMLL is so deep on talent they will never push.

  18. Mascara Dorada just had another epic failure on a spot and the rudos kicked him out of the ring refusing to allow him to do anything else.

  19. Hey guys, if anyone has the stream for Multimedios, that would be great. Victor put it up here a few months ago, and now I can’t find it.

    Mascara Dorada needs a new gimmick. Like “C3 Deportes” or something like that.

  20. @Tim: Thanks. For some reason, I thought it was still streaming.

    I’ve been watching some LATV and saw the spots for CMLL “Guerreros del Ring” at the times mentioned by Alfredo.

  21. “Mephisto dragged him inside and everyone figured it was over. He hit a power bomb and then his Implant DDT but decided to go up top instead of pinning Sombra. Averno screamed no but Mephisto jumped… and hit a splash. Awesome twist there. But then he went to pin Sombra and got rolled up and pinned! Crowd went bonkers as Sombra continued to lay dead in the ring but with the title draped over him. Fantastic dramatic match.”

    That sounds pretty bad, or to put in in easier terms:

    Rudos winning = good
    Tecnicos doing anything (even existing) = awful

    One of the funniest things of late is that museum thing with CMLL, the TV spot has… AAA’s show intro!! Well, it’s not the first time it happens, I remember one Anniversary show promo having Octagon vs Abismo Negro footage being used…

  22. @Lynxy: Cubs recently posted an update version of where to watch/acquire any and all Lucha Libre over on DVDVR. You can check that out. Or you can search the archives here on the site where links are always given out to catch AAA, CMLL, Monterrey, Puebla, etc.

    Excuse me for not running to check the archives myself for someone who seemingly has never contributed anything to the blog and seems to have just come to get free footage.

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