01/04: Mistico (and Averno) in Japan

Still no Arena Mexico lineup. That’s strange.

Mistico & Averno in NJPW: Mistico, Ryusuke Taguchi & Prince Devitt b Averno, Jado & Gedo (9:50, Mistica on Averno)

It’s what you’d expect for the finish. SuperLuchas points to cell phone (?) video of the entrances for the tecnicos. You can’t really hear it there, but the fans were aware and into Mistico, who looked good in the match. Looks like he was wearing a title to the ring but not sure which one.

In post match interviews, Mistico said he plans to return to Japan in Feburary. NJPW runs a tour from 01/30-02/15, but it’d be a surprise if CMLL let him go for 2+ weeks. Maybe just part of that? Mistico also said he would be interesting in challenging for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title or perhaps defending one of his own. Averno got to point out that he and Mephisto took the tag titles from Mistico, so Averno beating Mistico is actually possible at times. Just not this one. Mistico is 2-0 over Averno in Asia!

Mascara Sagrada (original) talks about wrestling in Saltillo for the first time in 12 years. Sagrada says he’s getting close to retiring and will hand the gimmick over to a son.

If it’s January, it’s time for the articles with Torreon Box Y Lucha commission demanding everyone renew their license. This year, the focus seems more on unlicensed promoters than wrestlers (80% of those were licensed last year.)

SuperLuchas # is their 2008 Year End Summary & Awards. Some highlights
Luchador of the Year: Dr. Wagner Jr.
Best Tecnico: Mistico
Best Rudo: Konnan
Best Trio: Oficiales

On the website, SuperLuchas looks back at Gran Davis’ stint as a tecnico.

Accion had extended highlights once again this week.
CMLL: Arena Mexico main event. I screwed up the finish description, apparently. There was a ref bump, but the only cheating was Shocker using the confusion to cradle Terrible, and pull the trunks on the pin.
AAA: Dark Family vs Porky/Laredo/Super Fly from Xalapa. That means they’re doing two weeks from each post-GdT taping; no Best of, maybe less editing. If they do that with the Chilpancingo taping, that means one show with two (new) matches or a dark match making air.
WWE: women’s battle royal. Of course. Rey Misterio Jr. won his match and can’t get on this show when there’s a women’s match. Announcer pointed out Melina was latina at least five times during this segment.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update. WrestlingObserver has their AAA Recap

indy (SUN) 01/04 Arena Olimpico Laguna de Gomez Palacio [El Siglo de Torreon]
1) El Gato vs Guerrero Azteca
2) Camorra Jr. & Judicial vs Aguila Salvaje & Fuerza Infernal
3) Detecetor Junior & New Warrior vs Aguila de Espacio I & Aguila de Espacio II
4) Coco Amarillo vs Rey Fobia [FILL LH]

The title is listed as “Semicompleto de Monterrey”, so you’d think it’d be FILL, but maybe not? I can’t think of how Coco Amarillo would have it.

8 thoughts to “01/04: Mistico (and Averno) in Japan”

  1. Damn – Fridays card was worth the wait – check out that main! :D

    Sundays card looking f*cking awesome too. Such a shame that we’ll never see the opener :(

  2. The Mistico match was a fun spotfest considering the time they had. 3 dives in 10 minutes was a bit OTT but i guess it was all about showcasing Mistico, who looked good in everything he done – Pretty much just typical Mistic v Averno. Great entrance too – The music with the huge arena and an all white Mistico in the spotlight made for quite a cool and iconic scene.

    That dive from the other tecnico was certifiably insane.

  3. Prince Devitt sucks.:P

    Mistico looked awesome but give tons of credit to Averno who basically flew to Japan to be his personal base.:P It wasn’t like Rey/Psic’s Japan debut where Psic got some offense in. Averno got NOTHING. But the crowd really took to Mistico even though I thought they’d turn on both guys when they kept circling the ring for no reason instead of selling.

    Mistico should tear it up again in February and the NJ fans will be dying to bring him back.

  4. @Rob: He should, but then I’m not sure where this is leading. Mistico in the Super J Cup? Would they let him go for a long tour, would he wrestle mostly guys he hasn’t wrestled before, and would NJPW protect him as much as CMLL would like? Lots of questions.

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