Happy 5th Anniversary (celebrated)

Blog kinda got started around here, five years ago. And the lucha recaps go back about 6 1/3rd years and the other recaps go back almost 11.5 years now but I don’t like to think too much about the time sink that represents. 1/1 seems better for a birthday anyway.

I like to think little has changed:

Anyway, we got rolling earlier this week, sorta as a test to see how it all worked, and I’d check back every couple days to see if we’ve got anything to say. If we don’t, I’ll just steal KrisZ’s news and comment on it, which should be fun.

and I guess my thinking is correct. (Sorry Kris.) I eventually got the comments working, and we’re now up to over 15,000 of those on over 3,000 posts. I’m fairly certain at least 3 of them were worthwhile.

My hope for 2009, as far as the site, is to try to be less of an island. A lot of people end up here searching for some variation of  “lucha blog”, but not many click links to get here; it’s the same sites it’s always been (and the same very old pages on some of them.) It’d helped a bit by those who implicitly reference the blog actually acknowledging it’s existence in some way, but the bigger problem is that I’m a horrible promoter; every instinct I have runs away from it, which kinda makes me a failure at actually attracting a crowd. (My standard plan goes more “be awesome – > everyone realizes you’re awesome because you’re just that awesome” probably stopped working around the 4rd grade. ) I have no idea how to actually fix this, too, but maybe 2009 is the year of figuring that puzzle out.

Thanks to Joe and Tan for pushing me in this direction. It’s been worth doing. Thanks for everyone for reading.

10 thoughts to “Happy 5th Anniversary (celebrated)”

  1. Tree cheers for the Chort!

    Seriously bro, your hard work is loved and appreciated. Without this site, AAA would make even less sense, and I’d know nothing about CMLL.

  2. Since the blog started on 12th January 2003, it’s already the 6th Anniversary. Which makes your hard work even more applaudable!

    And since you mentioned the links: the biggest German wrestling page (and as far as I know, it is also the biggest European wrestling newspage) often references to the name of your homepage even if they aren’t allowed to place direct links (crappy German law = no one is allowed to link to other pages if clips from television can be seen there). They even have an user on their board who is named “thecubsfanfan”. So, your blog is more popular than you perhaps think!

  3. I remember actually trading tapes with Cubs back in 2002.

    thanks for all the good work.

    go wings go

  4. Yeah my 7th anniversary of doing the news posts at DVDVR is tomorrow so I was like you at the start as well. We have made it a long way since our beginnings.

  5. Congrats on the anniversary, and feliz año nuevo from Maska Lucha.

    Also, thank you very much for the link love. Will definitely reciprocate.


  6. “the 4rd grade.”


    Thank to you for publishing this amazing blog! I can’t even explain how much help it is on long days when I come home and only have about 5 minutes before the Leafs begin and rather than pulling up 3 message boards, 25 websites and a bunch of e-mails I can just click on the link to cubsfan.com/cmll and get all caught up before the puck drops.

    Also maybe I’m the only one but I take advantage of the sidebar links every day on multiple occasions. This is a wealth of information archived on this website that many have probably yet to discover.

  7. Happy Birthday Lucha Blog!

    Cubs, thank you very much for your great site. Another site I need to see at least one time per day.

    Thanks for the addiction! :)

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