12/22 (2): Santo, Sombra, Box Y Lucha, Mistico, Cibernetico, Laredo Kid, Lady Rabbit, lineup

El Hijo del Santo did an autograph signing at his cafe/souvenir shop, and there was a big turnout.

Kid Azteca was the winner of the fifth annual Gomez Palacio Luchador 5K race. Kid Azteca was the fastest and took the 80 kg and under division, with Nieto del Hungaro & Cabllero Halcon Jr in 2nd and 3rd. Super Leopardo took the 80-100 kg division, ahead of his brother Super Star. In the over 100 kg class, Psycho I and Psycho II finished that order. La Sombra won the first three years of this race, but is a bit busy now. Also yesterday, Blue Panther recieved his plaque for being a Distguised Citzen from this same city.

Going back to Sombra for a second – I noted a while back Sombra’s mask reminded me of Oro’s. They have similar styles, and they both won an NWA title at a very young age. El Universal talks to Sombra about the comparisons, and reveals the reason for his name. When Brillante came to Mexico City to train, noting his gear and style was similar, like Brillante was Oro’s spirit or Oro’s shadow. Brillante liked the idea of being called “Sombra”, so it stuck.

And now the Box Y Lucha massive link dump! I really like the new design, though I wish they still had all the old covers up. And I need to mess with Yahoo Pipes to get a master RSS feed at some point.

Mistico blames his tag team title loss on Hector Garza’s knee; Mistico says Garza came from knee surgery and wasn’t 100% percent. (Which would also explain where Garza’s been lately, though you’d think he’d have the knee surgery after the last big match rather than right before it.) Don’t look for a rematch, as Mistico says he doesn’t trust Garza because he’s still an ex-Perro. Mistico notes he successfully defended his CMLL World Welterweight Title over Negro Casas next week which proves that, in lucha libre, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Mistico also says whomever said he was complaining about working too much was lying, he’s fine with CMLL’s schedule for him. (Who DID say that? I can not recall.)

Terrible has no recollection of any foul that won him the Leyenda de Azul. “To the all the fans who booed me because they believe there was a foul, I only tell you that you need to learn to lose!” Fair enough!

– This interview with Dragon Rojo Jr. from after he won the #1 contenders Cibernetico two Tuesdays ago is a little outdated in newsworthyness, but it gives you a really good look at Rojo’s altered mask design. It works it a Diamante Negro logo in the forehead and the side flames are now smaller and angled more towards the back.

– In an interview from Guerra de Titanes, Charly Manson said he planned to debut on the first TV taping of January, but Chessman jumping him has made that impossible. There are other AAA interviews from this period with not enough new info worth linking to, but a common theme is everyone being asked about Cibernetico, and everyone being positive about him. It’s very professional.

– Contrast: From back on the Perros del Mal debut press conference, Cibernetico calls Konnan and Vampiro cancers, and I can’t recall if I’ve seen that quote before. From Cibernetico, I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s been in the comments. Cibernetico also says, since there’s now 20-30 foreign wrestlers around, someone should start a company of foreign wrestlers, and hopefully have them leave AAA.

Laredo Kid explains his second leg injury was really his first leg injury. A doctor screwed up, fissures were not sealed right, and it fell back apart in the cage match. Laredo Kid has learned bad doctors are bad, you’ve got to have a backup career because thing can fall apart at any time. He’s planning to go back to school next year. Not a bad idea.

Sahori talks about her name, her career in AAA. She’s been trained by Gran Apache, Abismo Negro and Ultimo Guerrero. Henrik can finish this paragraph.

Lady Rabbit says she’s the only women wrestler employed by IWRG. Going to be tough for her to have matches. When Martha and Rossy said they were bringing their group of women to IWRG, Lady Rabbit joined IWRG on her own and now Martha and Rossy’s group is MIA so Lady Rabbit has no opponents. But she’s still trying and waiting for opponents. It appears her husband is an IWRG wrestler, but they don’t directly say it, and that would explain why she’s hanging around to wait. Lady Rabbit says she was Lady Discovery – I thought that was someone else? Anyway, the point is, I can now sleep at night knowing what happened to Lady Rabbit.

– Two articles about DTU wrestlers but serious now, this is long enough.

Box Y Lucha #2902, the actual magazine, has Cibernetico and Wagner on the cover. Some of the teased stories include Sangre Azteca thinking about teaming with Dragon Rojo and Pegasso and Rey Cometa noting how much tougher the fans and opponents are in CMLL.

RFC says a Monterrey promoter is planning on bringing TNA to Arena Monterrey in April 2009. (This is what they call ‘burying the lede’.) I think we’ve been here before (but at least they have some TV now.) RFC also posted his 2008 awards, with Caifan 69 as the wrestler of the year. Mesias as the best foreginer of the year surprises me a little.


AAA (TUE) 12/23 Auditorio Municipal de San Juan, Los Lagos
1) Fabi Apache, Gato Eveready, Mari Apache vs El Padrino, La Diabólica, Sexy Star
2) Crazy Boy & Ultimo Gladiador vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan
3) Alan Stone & Gronda II vs Chessman & Zorro

El Padrino is working with Gato Eveready? Seems odd.

AAA (THU) 12/25 Arena San Juan Pantitlan [luchalibreaaa]
1) Aerostar, Dizzy, Fabi Apache, Mascarita Divina vs ?, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Mari Apache, Mini Charly Manson
2) Charly Manson, Crazy Boy, Super Porky vs ?, El Brazo, Electro Shock

Charly can’t possibly be wrestling here.

indy (THU) 12/25 Unidad Deportiva Luis Donaldo Colosio
1) Caballero X vs Payaso Loco
2) Dancy Boy & Kenji vs Aero Mouse & Kintaro
3) Halconcito Galactico & Lunathor vs Kid Star & Zafarrancho
4) Camaleon de Oro, Protector, Shrek vs Felino, Puma King, Tiger Kid
5) Angeluz, Fray Tormenta, Sagrado vs Infierno, Rostro Infernal, Satánico

I guess we know one of Fray Tormenta’s disciples is still on good terms with him! That’s a very literal good vs evil main event; we just needed some dogs to face all those semimain cats. Don’t like the devil’s chances on Christmas Day.

indy (THU) 12/25 Arena Olimpico Laguna de Gomez Palacio [El Siglo de Torreon]
1) Pentagoncito vs Mini Maximo
2) Guerrero Inca vs Semental
3) Angel de Oro, Hooligan, Scriba Jr. vs Euforia, Misterioso II, Mr. Guerrero
4) Blue Panther, Stuka Jr., Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis, Dragon Rojo Jr., Ephesto

So, UG is working as a hometown tecnico, but Dragon Rojo and Ephesto are not? Don’t try and make sense of it, kdb!

AAA (THU) 12/25 Auditorio de Tijuana [aereo_suicida @ SML]
1) Human Tornado vs Puma
2) Black Abyss, Histeria, Psicosis II vs Arandu, Extreme Tiger, TJ Boy
3) Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Jack Evans & Teddy Hart [AAA TAG]
4) Alex Koslov, Rocky Romero, X-Pac vs Chuck Palumbo, Konnan, Rellik

This is in fact a real card, not some apparition from a nightmare. My guess is this is a tryout for Palumbo and not a sign he’s coming in full time, but time will tell. I would presume Puma is the TJ Perkins (there’s plenty of lucha guys running around with that name too, but not all of the face other PWG guys.) Psicosis II is usually the promoter for these shows, but obviously I didn’t realize his connections to SoCal talent.

Deep thought of the day: are Jack & Teddy actually Mexican? are Nicho & Lider actually foreigners? I need to expand on this, but I needed to eat lunch and I didn’t do that either.

If that looks like a lot of Christmas shows, that’s the tip. I’m counting 10 listed shows so far, including five with AAA main events.

CMLL (SUN) 12/28 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Poseidon vs Milenio
2) Palacio Negro & Plata vs Thunder Boy & Virgo
3) Idolo & Nube Roja vs Depreadador (GDL) & Exterminador (GDL)
4) Infierno, Malefico, Máscara Mágica vs Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno, Satánico
5) Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, Shocker vs Atlantis, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero

Hmm, trios champs vs the last

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  1. I can’t even be mad at you for mentioning me in a article cubs. I wasn’t going to try, but….

    Hell UG is home, why not have him work technico

  2. Human Tornado? That is random but of course Konnan booked him because he books every AAA show. Even spot shows.

  3. Well, at least these guys don’t suck. Human Tornado and Puma(TJ Perkins) is actually pretty good. So am not complaining. Puma can be a huge star.

    Chuck Palumbo sucks though but maybe he can shock the world like Kenzo. I think Konnan is just bringing in these guys to compete with WWE, he thinks Mexicans would rather watch Americans more these days. Judging by the ratings, it’s hard to argue with him. They just recently beat WWE in the ratings. Santo is not even that big of a draw anymore in Mexico which is sad.

  4. I get what you’re saying but you also fail to even acknowledge the fact that AAA has always drawn this same amount of viewers. You’re giving credit to Konnan for figuring out how to draw huge ratings but he’s done nothing except inherit what Pena started and retain the built-in audience. He hasn’t grown the audience at all.

  5. TJ Perkins is one of the most popular young(not really) wrestlers in SoCal. He plays the babyface role real well due to his look.

    Palumbo never been good to be honest. I’m surprise Konnan brought him in but I guess if Jindrak can become a star, Palumbo can. They both WCW Powerplant guys(???) and came up around the same time. The thing is that Konnan wants to put him in the Legion and be a heel which is the wrong way to go.

    It’s hard to retain an audience these days. Everybody is declining these days.If the ratings were down to CMLL numbers, I don’t think Konnan would be going this route.Konnan might have an ego but he’s not stupid. Business is Business

  6. They should just fire all the Mexican talent already and change the name from AAA to LLE, Lucha Libre Extranjera.

  7. Cibernetico did call Konnan the “cancer de lucha libre” about a year ago in a pre-taped intervew segment on AAA TV so I’m not surprised that he’s saying it now. I also can’t argue with him on that.

    I can’t beleive they’re running shows on Christmas. Even McMahon stopped doing that. I sure as heck wouldn’t be wrestling on Christmas.

  8. Palumbo and Jindrak are hardly comparable. Jindrak became a star since the ladies like his look. Palumbo has no look, no charisma, no notable wrestling abilities, no mic skills, nothing. Hiring him is as stupid as bringing in a random Italo-American no-name guy as the mystery partner of Kenzo Suzuki and Rellik at the big event in December.

  9. Is it me or someone needs to give Lady Rabbit a wrestling gear makeover.

    If she looked like a playboy bunny it would work.

  10. @C: Perkins can work. His stints in TNA and New Japan as Puma can attest to that, he’s been in mexico before with Reyes and Romero in CMLL (Havana Pitbulls anyone?)

  11. Christmas cards in the US did not stop “because it’s not right”, but rather because it was a staple of the territories. Thanksgiving and Christmas were two big days for wrestling in the South, with huge cards held every year in cities such as Tampa, Greensboro, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, etc.
    When Vince/WWF(E) put the territories out of business, he simply wasnt able to keep the annual traditions going, and thus the “tradition” died.
    After the tradition died, and Vince was left without competition, it kinda became the envogue thing to pre-tape or do a “best of” show at the end of December, and actually give the boys the end of December off.
    The religious aspect of Christmas being a solemn day had nothing to do with it. Hell, the NBA has started doing a big television matchup on that day in recent years, and the NFL has added another game to it’s Thanksgiving schedule. Those holidays are still big days for sports – just not for the WWE.

  12. @C: Yep. For those with a birth year or start year but no start day or month, I just use 1/1. But it really shouldn’t be doing all those ones who have no birth/start year either. I’ll have to look at it.

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