A few quick site notes

– I told the spam filter to be nicer to posts with links. Hopefully it works. If you ever put in a comment, and it just doesn’t show up right away, assume it’s in moderation and I’ll approve as quick as I see it. Unlike MovableType, I don’t get ‘lost’ comments very open with WordPress, but delayed ones happen from time to time.

– as you might have been able to tell from me messing with the links on top of the page, we’re getting close to the TAPATIA awards. Last year, the voting ran from 01/13 to 01/27, and it’ll probably be the same period this time around. Should give plenty of time for the last few matches (and AAA tapings) to trickle in as you’re working on your ballot.

I think we’re sticking with the same 10 awards as the last year: Best Wrestler, Match, Tecnico, Rudo, Female, Unit, Promotion, Rivalry, Improved, Underutilized. The only change I feel like making is allowing people to vote “NO” or “NONE” where appropriate. But that doesn’t fit well with ‘Best’, so I’m not sure.

You shouldn’t feel required to watch everything to wrote. If you feel like you’ve seen enough to have a solid opinion on who should win what, that’s good enough for me. And if you want to see more, putting together a link list of notable matches during the year has been one of those things I’ve been working on/off and I hope to have something together before voting starts.

– If I can find any news, there will be a normal update on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Thursday’s are slow enough on a normal week, so maybe we get Tuesday GDL results and no more. It’s the following week that’ll be bumpy; there may be no news updates from 12/31 to 01/03. Or you may just get even angrier, bitter screeds than usual on those days.

– As always, suggestions, ideas and criticism is welcome.

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  1. Fredo said he’s getting the new DVD’s (overing August – December) this weekend or Monday which would mean the usual people such as myself who order them will get them in 2-3 weeks time. Any chance we can hold off on the Tapatia awards a bit or is there a timing issue?

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