12/19 AAA TV Lineup (Chilpancingo)

AAA TV (FRI) 12/19 Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero [luchalibreaaa.com]
1) Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs ?, Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria
2) el Ángel, Laredo Kid, Pimpinela Escarlata vs ?, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan
3) Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs ? & Extreme Tiger
4) Cuervo, Escoria, Espíritu, Ozz vs Chessman, Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown
5) La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, Mesias vs Electro Shock, Konnan, Zorro

2008 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#869)
Mexico: 01/04
US: 01/21

Latin isn’t done here after all. Too bad, for him, but good news for commenter.

Hmm, two four man teams facing off. If only there was some sort of championship of four man teams, which one of these teams could defend against the other. Such a thing would be great, but sadly impossible in 2008.

Unscrambling the mystery men!
– Minis: “we have no idea which mini rudos we still have on”
– Piratas: “we forgot we got rid of al the other Pirates”
– Tiger’s partner is clearly whomever teams with him on Wednesday. Someone clearly decided Xtreme Tiger was a talent that was wasting away off of TV and had to be jumpstarted. Wish they felt that way about other guys.

Wherever the Billy Boy/Fabi Apache/Gran Apache angle was supposed to be doing, it’s not going to be followed up for some time. All the feuds from the cage match are completely MIA too, as is anything Guapito/Guapos related. And DGM – my worry after Alex’s jump was AAA was going to forget them, and I think I still have that worry. They sure can find plenty of room for La Hermandad.

AAA didn’t start taping again until 01/19 this year, so we might still have those Best Of episodes. I’m just think they won’t happen because AAA’s so caught up in the week to week rating now (which, as I understand their business plan, sure does not seem to be how they actually make their money, but whatever) and will be afraid to lose ground with a repeat show. If they do air a best of, either someone will watch the feed and notice or I’ll be able to tell based on the Accion highlight, and I’ll update from there. If they don’t, the next taping is somewhere between 01/03 and 01/06.

Edit: In the comments, amapola points out NOAH’s KENTA has been announced to work this taping by his promotion. Mostly likely, he’s Tiger’s partner.

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  1. @Daniel: usual dislike of current AAA. Plus, unless they’re giving him the title (which they’re probably not) or he’s winning the company back (which he’s probably not), there’s no way to go out on a higher note than beating Konnan at the last show.

  2. I hate to say this, but … AAA is not ROH and if KENTA is coming in, he will not be losing in a Tag Team Match and I don’t see him winning the AAA Tag Team Titles. Pro Wrestling NOAH is very protective of their wrestlers, and I can not see NOAH wanting KENTA to work a crapfest match with the spotty and botch-fest team of Psychosis and Joe Lider, where KENTA a top NOAH prospect is going to lose and possibly end up getting injured.

  3. @CJK: That’s why this match is non-title. Tiger & KENTA win this match, and don’t have to take a pinfall in the ladder match (which may be an actual reason to have a ladder match.)

  4. i still see KENTA not wrestling this match or the ladder match. once they tell him the kinds of matches they are he’ll just sit them out and watch and apologize by saying that he cant perform his best in those types as matches as he had no time to prepare and he doesnt wrestle if he’s not at his best. its the same thing that Liger did to TNA when they booked him for the cage match.

    @ CJK:

    KENTA isnt Misawa. he does job and he does sell. especially outside of Japan. and like i said KENTA has no clue what type of match he is supposed to work and when he finds out he wont work it.

  5. You don’t think AAA ran these matches by NOAH before they sent KENTA? If he’s booked, He’ll do the matches. I’m sure NOAH doesn’t want to sour the relationship with AAA by doing that.

  6. @thecubsfan: You’re under the assumption that Latin Lover is back for the short term. It looks like he’s in AAA for the long term, even if it’s on a reduced schedule.

  7. @CJK: “I can not see NOAH wanting KENTA to work a crapfest match with the spotty and botch-fest team of Psychosis and Joe Lider, where KENTA a top NOAH prospect is going to lose and possibly end up getting injured.”

    KENTA has worked in Mexico before opposite equally shitty wrestlers. You’re right that he won’t take a pinfall though.

  8. ESTO messed up today and called Rey Cometa – “Super Cometa”.

    I much prefer him coming as Mascara Cometa.

    Imagine a CMLL midcard full of guys with ‘Mascara’ before their names!

  9. @ Tim:
    “You don’t think AAA ran these matches by NOAH before they sent KENTA? If he’s booked, He’ll do the matches. I’m sure NOAH doesn’t want to sour the relationship with AAA by doing that.”

    this is probaly what they said. we’d like to bring someone in. who can you send us thats worked here before? KENTA. okay great, he’ll work in a team with Extreme Tiger. first date is a tag title match. second is a non-title match against the champs. NOAH says okay.

    when you book a wrestler, you discuss match specifics with that wrestler, not with their booking agent. they booked KENTA and when he gets to Mexico they’ll tell him about the matches and go over all the details of the matches, at which time he’ll say he wont work the ladder match and they’ll probaly just make the regular tag match a regular match and not have Nicho and Lider bring in chairs and tin bins.

  10. You really think KENTA is scared of Chairs and bins? Come on man. I seriously doubt KENTA will say no to the ladder match. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would say no to a match in a foreign country. This is not 1997 HBK we are talking about or WCW contrary to what some people might think.

  11. @ Tim:

    KENTA hasnt wrestled a hardcore match before. he hasnt wrestled a ladder match before. i’m not saying he’s scared. its just not his type of match. why wouldnt he say no to a match in a foreign country? Liger wouldnt wrestle in a cage, why would KENTA wrestle in a ladder match?

    @ C:

    ??? perhaps you meant to post somewhere else or to someone else. i dont recall you being a part of this discussion prior to your childish and insulting comment towards me. please elaborate on your question as it doesnt seem to make any sense. thank you.

  12. Why are you comparing KENTA to Liger? I don’t remember KETNA having a Brain Aneurysm like Liger did. Liger is also almost 20 years older than KENTA and probably has more injuries. I’m not saying it’s a good idea for him to do it but it’s not like he’s going to be taking piledrivers from the top of the ladder. That’s what Extreme Tiger is for, to take the stupid bumps.

  13. i’m comparing them because they both wrestle a similiar style and this is a similiar situation. most pure wrestlers dont like to wrestle botch-filled gimmick matches. i understand that he may not take the bumps, but those 2 matches can in no way help his career. if anything those matches can end up hurting his career. there’d be more of a chance of him working the matches if they were main events, but they are standard mid-card matches with a fairly high chance of injury for him. he’s not used to taking bumps in those types of matches. he’s not used to having 3 ladders and 4 chairs in the ring with him at the same time. he’s only wrestled in a 6 sided ring when he wrestled in AAA. its alot of adjustment for a small paying match thats not crucial to his career progression.

  14. Jesus christ, you’re retarded.

    KENTA is a dude who has been trained by AJPW and wrestled in NOAH for 8 years, he’s been dumped on his head who knows how many times, and he and Marufuji have done plenty of stupid-ish bumps with each other. I seriously doubt KENTA doesn’t know AAA’s plans for him.

    The only real similarity between KENTA and Liger is that they’re both Japanese juniors. How are their styles similar at all? KENTA was briefly a junior flyer before the broken leg, so I guess you could say he compared to a younger Liger in style then. But that’s about as close as you can get.

  15. @ C:

    lets see. both started as jr. flyers and then after injuries became more mat-based. and that happened around the same time in each’s career. they wrestle a very similiar style. obviously you dont follow NJPW, cause if you did you’d know that Liger hasnt been a flyer for well over a decade now.

    also the fact that you needed to start your post off with an insult shows how little weight your opinions on this subject hold. most people stop reading after that as they assume its an ignorant child posting. please grow up and then you can have normal discussions with adults. thanks.

  16. Then why the hell is he going to AAA then? What’s the point of ever leaving NOAH if it’s “not going to help his career”? Like Rob said, he’s wrestled with some of those guys before and even worse. What matches these days in AAA don’t involve chairs of some kind? Are you saying he’s so one dimensional that he can’t adapt to different styles?

  17. @ Tim:

    he’s to AAA because he’s worked there before. i really doubt he’s talked to them yet. AAA booked him and will discuss the matches when he gets there. i’m not saying he cant adapt, but he’s yet to work those kinds of matches. did you ever think that maybe he just doesnt like those types of matches? he’s at a point in his career where if he doesnt want to work a hardcore match in Mexico, he doesnt have to. he could also go down to get some more exposure. maybe he’s under the mistaken impression that Konnan has influence in the US still. maybe KENTA wants to work in other places.

    and think about it logically, why would KENTA go all the way to Mexico to work a hardcore match? if he wanted to wrestle that type of match he could stay in Japan do it. what i’m saying is that KENTA doesnt have a clue what type of match he got booked for. its smart of AAA, if KENTA knew off the bat he wouldnt have come at all. this way he’ll at least work the second show.

  18. You really think NOAH is stupid enough to send him down there without knowing what type of match he’s getting? If KENTA wanted to work the states, He could work with Harley Race or ROH again. How do you or any of use know what KENTA wants? Do you know KENTA personally or something? It’s not like he’s going to be in Cage of Death or anything. If Ricky Marvin can work this type of match with guys like Lider and Tiger, KENTA can.

  19. why are you comparing Marvin and KENTA? much different styles, different points in their career.

    and FYI, Harley Race’s promotion is based in Japan, not the US. and to work in the US you need a work visa. KENTA’s new one doesnt go into effect until 2009.

    and once again, match details are discussed with the wrestler, not their booking agent. i dont know why you think that NOAH has complete control over him. NOAH is not WWE. KENTA is under contract to NOAH, but he can compete for other promotions as long as it doesnt conflict with his NOAH bookings.

  20. No, Harley Race’s promotion is in St. Louis.

    Forget it, there’s no getting it through to you. Just watch KENTA appear in the ladder match tonight.

  21. @ Tim:

    i could be wrong, but i was under the impression that Race’s promotion was based out of japan and he has a school in Kansas City. where did you hear that his promotion was based in St. Louis?

  22. @Bruce: I hate to say it b/c it breaks my new rule by acknowledging his existence but the guy you are arguing with is right. WLW (Harley’s fed) runs in St. Louis and NOAH respects him so they take all the shitty guys he sends them. Once a year he runs a special camp where the best worker gets sent to Japan.

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