the simpliest ‘AAA needs to focus more on their own guys’ arguement

If Konnan really wants to focus on a wrestling style not found on Monday Night RAW so AAA can differentiate themselves from WWE, wouldn’t it be easier/simpler to try LUCHA LIBRE?

Thank you, and good night.

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  1. Ah come on Cubs, don’t let AAA get to you. It could be worse, It could be TNA. When we start seeing Mascrita Sagrada masturbating in a trash can, it might be time to worry.

  2. ALSO, someone explain this to me:

    It’s BAD to push all the Air Force guys at the same time, because people will get confused on who’s who

    It’s GOOD to bring in a bunch of random foreigners and push them all at the same time, because ?

  3. Rellik is about the only name I’d complain about. But I understand why Konnan brought him in. To feud with ParkAAA. Evans and Hart seem to be a success. Koslov and Romero were CMLL, so they would not count as foreigners brought in by Konnan, since CMLL actually brought them to the country. And it was a good move on their part.

    The other day, I counted 30 names on an upcoming AAA taping, not including valets, mascots, refs, etc.. and said to myself, “things are back to normal”.

  4. Your definition of lucha libre doesn’t sell in 2008 which is why CMLL is struggling and showing no signs of growth.

    Stop crying already,you guys is sounding like ROH smarks when they found out Gabe was fired.

  5. @USAUSA1: Konnan’s not looking to sell the midcard. That’s the top of the card. The midcard is just supposed to be different than RAW, by his own definition. ROH style would too be different, but why ROH and not lucha?

    If you really thing CMLL not doing well in 2008 is because lucha libre is passe, then I wonder what you’re actually getting out of this site. You’re clearly not reading the many posts where it’s noted CMLL isn’t running angles, has no plans on making the product interesting, and is preferring to maintain the status quo. The strengths and weaknesses of CMLL’s lucha libre style are much overshadowed by CMLL’s presentation (or lack there of.)

    Everyone seems to forget, myself included, that CMLL was pretty hot the first half of this year doing the same style of wrestling. They just also had storylines that connected with the fans much better.

    If you needed to make a counter argument, maybe something like “lucha libre needs to be long form to work, and you can do 8 minute ROH scrambles that’ll get over and make it on TV without being clipped to heck”. But if your answer to the first question up there is “well, ROH style is great and lucha sucks”, you’re entitled to have it but it’s probably not the most interesting comment on a site about lucha libre.

  6. I think any one style from top-to-bottom is boring. ROH has that problem, regardless of how hard the guys work. CMLL has it too. Endless six-mans with the same style. CMLL needs more singles and tag matches to give more focus on individuals. All six-mans makes it all cluttered.

    CMLL does not know how to lead from one episode to the next. Sure, they’re forced to show Momentos and Tony the Sketch Artist each week on Televisa, Debajo del Ring on 52/Fox, or just post-match promos on C3.

  7. It’s great when people have such strong opinions that they really believe in so much they insist on hiding behind silly nicknames. I vote Cubs publically outs whoever that is although it really shouldn’t be a surprise if my guess is correct…

    @USAUSA1: “Your definition of lucha libre doesn’t sell in 2008 which is why CMLL is struggling and showing no signs of growth.”

    So Konnan is copying what the WWE is doing b/c the WWE is tearing it up right now? Aren’t their ratings plummeting? Is he copying ROH b/c one day he hopes to draw the insane crowd of hundreds they’ve been drawing lately?

    I really wish one day you’d reply with a comment of yours instead of looking up and regurgitating Konnan quotes.

    Anyways… comparing AAA to CMLL is retarded. Two different fan bases. Nobody wants AAA to be like CMLL. Wrestling in Mexico would be boring if they were the same. We want AAA to be like AAA was from 1992 – 2007. Certainly not what most people would call “traditional Lucha Libre”. In fact I don’t even know what you’d call it but whatever it was it worked and never stopped working but yet the Cuban and his buddies felt like changing it.

    Keith – You need to go find those random people you always run to and ask them if they know the difference between Elix Skipper, Ron Killings and Bobby Lashley. Same for Nate Webb, Mark Briscoe and El Generico.

  8. @USAUSA1: Oh yeah – and when did AAA’s old format stop working and crowds went down which neccessitated this change in booking? I must have fallen asleep for the few months where everything went to shit and the Cuban was forced to do a major overhaul.

    The only time I can really recall AAA attendance suffering was when Vamp was headlining against Ciber in late 1997.

  9. Ratings are bad across the board in America. I agree that AAA needs to go back to what they were doing last year when it was the best booked company in the world.

    And come on Robert, name names. Who you think it is?

  10. AAA is still doing well on Galavision in the US. It’s good counterprogramming against movies and soccer, now that they lost a bunch of teams to Telemundo.

    To me, the AAA format is about the same. One fall. Lots of cliques. Even when Pena was alive, people were falling all over the place and getting hurt, like Charly Manson, doing shit they saw on WWE. Sometimes they spend too much time doing promos though. Do we really need NotiAAA now that they have all these promo around the matches?

  11. @Tim: AAA wasn’t at it’s best last year. It started going downhill in late 2005 when Konnan showed up with his ideas. Pena obviously trusted him which was a laps in judgement on his part. Now that Pena is gone we are seeing just how destructive Konnan can be.

    @LLL: Notti AAA does not and should not go. It’s not all about promos it’s actual news. It’s also unique to AAA.

    By the was, a lot of what I wanted to say has already been said by cubsfan and Rob, so I’ll leave my comments at this.

  12. It was at it’s best in years last year. It started in 2006. I mean you had the great Apache feud, The good part of the Mesias/Ciber feud, AeroStar and Rey Cometa tearing it up in the undercard and Alfa. Alfa> 1993.

  13. @Daniel: Well, I think NotiAAA is a Televisa concept like the sketch artist shit on CMLL, so it stays. I’m only saying it was more useful before AAA became a promo-vignette heavy show like it is now. It’s just weird seeing NotiAAA explain what was explained twice by Konnan in the ring, and Roldan in a backstage promo.

    Was it Konnan’s idea when Charly Manson fell off the ladder and nearly died? The Abismo Negro burning people with hairspray over the years? Electric steel cages?

  14. NotiAAA can recap angles too. Like they did a few weeks ago with the Pena ashes angle after seeing 15 minutes of in-ring with Konnan, Roldan, etc.

  15. @Tim: That has nothing to do with the point we were talking about.

    And to answer your question, I am one of the people who wants to see Santo vs Blue Demon again.

  16. @Rob: I for one can not wait to find out what exciting things were going on elsewhere that day which unfairly drew people away from this fantastic AAA taping.

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