CMLL’s Ras de Lona is on LATV

If you have the Latino Alternativo Television Network, you can watch CMLL’s half hour news/recap show. It’s currently airing a half dozen times a week, including 2 AM eastern tonight (and also as I’m typing this.) The new episode seems to be the Wednesday airing.

LATV is actually an over the air channel, so you don’t need cable to get it, but you do need something that picks up digital channels (and cable is helpful there.)

LATV seems to be airing some other 52 MX/MVS television, but not the Guerreros del Ring show. Couldn’t hurt to ask politely on that. The downside is it appears to be on a little bit of a delay; they’re airing matches and talking with angles from the week of 11/09 (and only highlights from the top 3.) Anything’s better than nothing, and it’s nice to get the show where they actually try to get over the angles.

If you don’t get this channel, I will be uploading these.

6 thoughts to “CMLL’s Ras de Lona is on LATV”

  1. My favorite is the girl in the pajamas going to college ad. You’ll see that about 20 times a day. The channel is pretty good though. It’s got some Bilingual shows or it use to.

  2. Actually LATV is a mix of OTA and digital cable.

    In the LA market, home of Alfredo, he can get it OTA or on cable or satellite due to “must carry” rules. Tim, who has OTA with a converter, should be able to get it too.

    I think a new episode debuts on Saturday when it debuts in Mexico. We’ll see.

  3. Another plus to LATV as a digital substation, is that you don’t have to buy through the “Spanish Tier” to get it, like you do with 52MX. As long as you have basic digital, you’ll get the station.

  4. It was a repeat this week. Hopefully, they haven’t given up on the show.

    My favorite A Ras de Lona episode was a few weeks ago where Mima Shimoda planned on doing a nude pictorial book (like the ones they do in Japan) in Mexico and the guy interviewing her didn’t quite know how to respond.

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