CMLL FSE #120 (11/23)

taped 11/14-16

This was better than average but not a special episodes. Minis were good, but the bar is pretty high there and they didn’t quite reach it. Coliseo Trios was fine but a bit paint by numbers.

Mascara Dorada = Grey Shadow II. There’s some effort to position him as something on occasion, but it’s pretty clear they don’t have confidence in his work in the ring right now to sustain it. On the net, he’s going to move up from being second/third match guy to third/fourth match guy when everything settles down, but probably still not mean a whole much other than getting someone out there using the Mascara Dorada name (which they surely own, which may not have been as clear the case with ‘Metalik’.)

I can’t believe I’m not higher on a show with 27 minutes of wrestling.

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One thought to “CMLL FSE #120 (11/23)”

  1. For the most part, you get a pretty decent amount of wrestling action on FSE. Show is 48:00 which is 4:00 more per hour than AAA or WWE give. If only FSE would give CMLL a regular slot like UFC and boxing.

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