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  • Perro Jr. and CMLL are NOT on good terms. Perro Jr. and Perro Sr. wanted to take over booking and Perro Jr. was going to run his own shows to build him up as an outsider, but the booking arrangement fell apart in the Lagunero upheavel (seems like Perro was the indepndent guy who too much booking is focused on that they were complaining about), and now Perro, Damian and Aguila are true free agents. AAA’s top guys don’t want Perro taking their spots, and Perro’s only willing to go to WWE if they take his partners too. Aguayo is talking about running his own promotion with TV Azteca, but IWRG reupping their deal today with them and WWE having SD! on the network may preclude it.
  • There IS one more spot open in WWE – Super Crazy has quit, unhappy with how (little) he was being used