two quick notes from today’s Wrestling Observer

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  • Perro Jr. and CMLL are NOT on good terms. Perro Jr. and Perro Sr. wanted to take over booking and Perro Jr. was going to run his own shows to build him up as an outsider, but the booking arrangement fell apart in the Lagunero upheavel (seems like Perro was the indepndent guy who too much booking is focused on that they were complaining about), and now Perro, Damian and Aguila are true free agents. AAA’s top guys don’t want Perro taking their spots, and Perro’s only willing to go to WWE if they take his partners too. Aguayo is talking about running his own promotion with TV Azteca, but IWRG reupping their deal today with them and WWE having SD! on the network may preclude it.
  • There IS one more spot open in WWE – Super Crazy has quit, unhappy with how (little) he was being used

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  1. Is Supercrazy’s permit worked by WWE or is it his own? I think he might try to stay as an indy.

    It seems Halloween will join Aguayo, but the big Q is… what about Garza?

  2. @k.D.b: Shelley Martinez apparently requested to AAA that she come in as part of a group with Aaron Stevens and Beth Phoenix.

    Supposedly, Halloween was let go for no-showing dates and drug problems. He went to rehab I guess.

  3. @ Kyle:

    how can Shelley come to AAA with 2 people under contract to WWE and who have no plans on leaving. that doesnt make any sense.

    on another note, if Perro isnt on good terms with CMLL then maybe we’ll actually get those Perro/Santo matches that Santo wants.

  4. This should be an interesting test since I’ve never even heard of those two other fools she wanted to bring with her but here’s a wild guess and tell me if I’m right…

    The chick is blonde with huge boobs and the dude is a super-steroided up guy with a crew cut and tiny tights.

  5. Yes and No rob. Stevens is a short dude with long tights. He’s not with WWE anymore and is somewhere in the midwest. Beth is blonde and has huge boobs but is kinda built like Chyna without the male features.

  6. @ Rob:

    actually Beth Phoenix is one of the better female wrestlers out there today. she came from SHIMMER and i’d love to see her in AAA wrstling other great female wrestlers but it’ll never happen. she is blonde and well proportioned, but she has alot of muscle too. she’s not a typical WWE female wrestler.

    you are correct about Stevens though. and i forgot he got fired from his developmental deal so he could come to AAA. i cant see why they would want him though. he is a complete no name, even in the US, and he’s not that great in the ring either. though why they want Shelley Martinez is a mystery to me as well, so why not bring in both of them.

  7. Eh I hardly remember him. I just remember he teamed with some guy named James Curtis.

    I think Shelly will be back in WWE eventually so AAA shouldn’t have to worry.

  8. Why even bother signing Shelly Martinez if she’s going to be a diva demanding stuff? How hard could it be to find a goth-chick at a lucha show in Mexico, to just stand around ringside?

    That story about Perro Jr. is sounding like he’s losing his mind. Bad timing to start a new promotion and then there’s the little blurb about him taking stripper dance lessons. It’s understandable for Corleone to do it because he’s a guy who’s fan base is mostly women, but Perro’s fan base is that male demographic that hates guys like Corleone, Mistico, etc., and wouldn’t be too keen on seeing Perrito stripping in the ring.

  9. Since this is the general talk about WON stuff thread:

    “With Aguayo Jr. and El Hijo del Santo now on the enemies list, ***and Dr. Wagner Jr. failing as a draw when the two top stars went down***, it makes Mistico appear to be more valuable than ever.”

  10. Speaking of Super Crazy, Jason Powell of is reporting this:

    Dot Net has verified reports Super Crazy quit WWE earlier this week because he was frustrated with the way he was being used. In news that has not been reported elsewhere, Crazy met with AAA officials on Wednesday in Mexico.

    Powell’s POV: Crazy was frustrated with not working on a regular basis and is looking for a full-time schedule in AAA. It remains to be seen whether WWE will enforce the 90-day noncompete clause.

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