Mascara Dorada coming to CMLL

There was a discussion about this in the CMLL TV talk, when “Mascara Dorada” was promoted for next week, which seemed like a misspeak. As it turns out, CMLL’s Blog promotes the impending debut of Mascara Dorada and claims he could be as spectactular as the mini Mascarita Dorada. That’s aiming high.

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  1. Yeah but now I love the Sombra gimmick since it reminds me so much of Oro. Either way whoever is in that picture isn’t Sombra. Looks to have dark skin just judging by the hands.

    My initial fear is they regimmicked Astro Boy…

  2. Having that gimmick, they’ll have to go with someone pretty spectacular who at least does the mini version justice. I don’t think they could get away with putting some generic mid-grade flyer whose idea of highflying consists of nothing more spectacular than a running somersault plancha which everyone uses nowadays anyway (apart from La Mascara obviously, as he’s too much of a pussy). They’ll have to go for someone who can be really flashy and jaw-dropping.

    I see Rey Cometa ain’t doing much just now…… :)

    Realistically speaking, Astro Boy may be a possibility but i hope not. What about Metal Blanco? He was listed as part of Los Angeles a few months back but he’s never appeared. Then again, they like their Metal names so why would they change him…..

    It’s pretty intriguing.

  3. Oh god. Metal Blanco coming in might just drive Cubs off the deep end. Heck, MEnTALlo might accomplish the same thing!

    Cometa is an interesting thought but CMLL usually frowns on bringing in the AAA nobodies who only fly and giving them immediate pushes.

    Astro Boy has been known to do the satellite headscissors spots… he can do the odd big dive… he’s family with the top star… and I dunno… I just have a feeling it’ll be him. Hoping I’m wrong though.

    One thing is for sure: The next 4 days will be full of posts on the ByL forum speculating that Mascara Dorada = Abismo Negro.

  4. Yeah, but he’s reeeeaally clumsy, awkward, unco-ordinated, and is such an ugly flyer. He can’t even hit a halfway decent looking moonsault :(

    One things for sure – if it is Astro Boy, it won’t take us any longer than 10 seconds of him getting in the ring to find out.

    I actually think if Astro Boy worked clever, he could be reasonably entertaining. But he has these grand delusions that he is as agile as a cat, and he always tries stuff he clearly can’t do. It just makes him look really silly – and it happens in every match.

    He’s nowhere near good enough to take this gimmick. Although it’s new, it has quite a bit of prestige to it due to the original mini version. Whoever gets it has to live up to Mascarita to a certain extent.

  5. Looking at his upper body and his eyebrows it definetly looks like Astro Boy to me. It would be great if it was Cometa but looking at his hand he looks lighter than Cometa

  6. this is off topic, Volador Jr apparently worked the TNA Impact taping last night. he teamed with Hiroshi Tanahashi against Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. this will air on Thursday.

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