detailed thoughts about the ROH creative change

haha, NO. This post is officially a mousetrap, just to sidetrack the comments off of posts I may care about. If you otherwise don’t know but slightly care, ROH is changing bookers and Adam Pearce is apparently one of those in charge. Go listen to the Wrestling Observer shows for more. Truthfully, the fact that my TiVo marked this morning CMLL FSE show as “copy-protected; may not download to computer” is much more of a concern than this.

There are three quick lucha points worth making, which is why I bring it up at all:

– Still don’t expect Mexico based luchadors in ROH and similar indies. Those treat no-shows as huge no-no, Mexican luchadors do not appear to fret over missing US dates. (Hello Oriental.) Doesn’t really matter who’s running ship as long as that stays the same way.

– Blue Demon Jr. is going to stay the NWA champ; it’s said Pearce was one of few who knew the booking change was going down, so it’s fair to assume he knew he wouldn’t be available to be NWA champ, at least for the moment, and Demon makes as much sense as anyone. The whole “arm under the rope” is to set up a future rematch, not a drawn out reversal of the original finish.

– Even ROH doesn’t have confidence in ROH style matches drawing enough to make the company profitable; why does AAA?

This is half troll, because AAA isn’t going to make it/break it based on the ROH-style guys they’re bringing in, and AAA is bringing in the guys to be different than everyone else while ROH’s problems suffer from too much similarity, but I still think it’s a funny line and I don’t regret it all.

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  1. i heard that they hadnt decided yet who was getting the job, but they were leaning toward Luke Williams because he’s got alot of booking experience.

    regardless of who gets the job, their main job is apparently a tv deal and regaining dvd sales. they said Sapolsky got fired because dvd sales were down and the tv deal fell through and PPV buy rates were lower than they expected.

  2. I hope people realize that just because Adam Pearce is booking ROH that doesn’t mean luchadores are going to get booked on there.

    AWS (the indy fed that Pearce booked for a period of time) was getting luchadores due to Bart Kapitzke (AWS owner) bringing guys in, usually he’d pay a portion of the costs to fly-in someone like Mil Mascaras and Mil would get double-booked for FMLL and AWS on a weekend. Same way he’d get some of the other guys like Blue Panther, Dos Caras, etc.

    A lot of the local luchadores were usually getting booked through either Superboy or Los Chivos or one of the guys who’d get them to show up since most luchadores no-show at a ridiculous rate for shows that are not viewed as “lucha”. My belief is that a lot of Mexican wrestlers are more likely to show up to shows if the guy their dealing with is Mexican or at least Spanish-speaking.

    I also missed CMLL on FSE! Freakin’ ridiculous time change. I was still awake too…I guess I’ll wait and see if my friend taped it or if it gets repeated.

  3. I realize that Luchadors aren’t going to get booked. I think everyone realizes this. But with all the Chikara guys coming in, maybe just maybe the lucha style will get into ROH and that could be a good thing in a product that is much stale.

  4. When did this past weekend’s FSE show air in Mexico? I could ask my friend if he taped it and then I won’t have to worry about it.:) Unless he missed it, of course.

  5. IMO, this change really won’t change much in ROH at this point in time. Maybe there will be some different feuds and possibly some storylines but at the end of the day, fans watch it for the wrestling. The majority of the spots are put together by the wrestlers themselves. I strongly doubt anything Pierce can do at this point will change that.

    If this decision to change booking styles came from within the company due to financial issues,this will not change much in ROH and their financial situation will continue to decline.

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