10/25 NWA Mexico Results (new NWA HEAVY champ)

NWA MEXICO (SAT) 10/25 Centro Banamex [superluchas, LuchandoLibre]
1) Arkano & Hermano Muerte II TLDRAW JA & Okawa
2) Fantastico b Angus
3) Pendulo b Black Spider
4) Black Terry & Negro Navarro b Solar I & Super Astro
5) Magno b Incógnito
6) Dos Caras Sr., Máscara Sagrada, Sinestro b Cien Caras Jr., El Hijo del Solitario, Super Parka
7) Blue Demon Jr. b Adam Pearce [NWA HEAVY]

If you’re like me, your first instinct upon seeing the result is wondering how they’re going to overturn this once everyone NWA-wise is out of Mexico. I don’t think Blue Demon jr. makes any less sense as NWA Champion than Adam Pearce, but that does seem to be the way of the title. Anyway, LuchandoLibre points out Pearce was arguing that he had his arm under the ropes when Demon beat him with a half crab to win the title. The NWA officials in attendance did credit Demon with the victory, for now.

Video highlights of the match. Who ever is manning that camera focuses in on the hand under the ropes like their life depends on it. Perhaps it does. Demon cuts a promo in English during that, which is just odd.

Super Parka replaced Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.. He also tried to wear his mask, but Sagrada (back to being a tecnico) stole it from him before the match.

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