Qs for the podcast

We’re taping the next edition of the podcast tommorow and we’re going to try to answer questions this time. If you’ve got some for the show, leave them in the comments here.

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  1. I know its been beaten to DEATH, but what in the world is really going on with Dos Caras Jr.? Is he going? Is he staying? Really, WTF man? Is he going to drop the CMLL Heavyweight Title to a wookiee before he splits? Ok, so that last one was a joke, but you get the point.

  2. Duke Nukem Forever and Chinese Democracy will come out before Dos jumps to CMLL… and all 3 will suck.

  3. Podcast question: With the bad shape that Parka Jr. is in, and with Konnan bringing in a bunch of unexpected wrestlers, what are the odds of L.A. Park coming back to AAA in some fashion to reclaim the name?

  4. @Sexington: None.

    Parka Jr is not in bad shape anymore, they’re just making it part of his gimmick, still, he could go like this for 10 or 15 years, just watch Villano III, Cien Caras, etc.

  5. What was more heartbreaking, Blue Panther losing his mask or the Cubs disappointing playoff performance against the Dodgers? ;p

    Other questions…

    What the heck is going on with Guerreros del Atlantida? Are they still a faction in CMLL?

    Why isn’t Diana La Cazadora gracing the squared circle with her phenomenal cartwheels at this time? I know she’s on some news show in Monterrey, but why isn’t she wrestling. Maybe I should just ask Roberto that, but if you know answer it! Suckas Gotsta Know!

    What’s been the worst lucha match you’ve seen this year?

    What happened to the TNA/CMLL deal? Is this still going on? Should I care? Also, to expand on this, what guys in TNA would actually be worth seeing in CMLL.

  6. I just realized you were referring to the new “guns n’ roses” album, speaks volumes about guns n’ roses though.

  7. What was the attendance like at the CHIKARA show?

    How well was the show promoted in the Chicago area?

  8. What will happen first: Dos goes to WWE, Black Warrior goes to AAA or Robert becomes a CZW fan?

    Why hasn’t Nicho been fired from AAA yet or no showed?

    Should AAA cut down to 2 hours every week and should they get a second show?

  9. Since we’re always playing armchair bookers here on the blog and always pointing out what CMLL is doing right…


    Paco Alonso calls you up tomorrow and says he is taking an extended vacation to Czechoslovakia and is handing over the booking reigns to YOU.

    1) What 3 guys from the undercard or midcard would you focus on elevating right away?

    2) What 3 guys from the top of the card would you shift focus away from?

    3) What would be your main angle/story/feud to try and get attendance back up leading to your year-end show in December (presumably you also mention what match you would headline with)?

    Unrelated questions:

    – Do you feel anyone from AAA would succeed more in CMLL? Or vice versa? Rey Bucanero excluded since that’s too obvious.:)

    – Do you believe Konnan and other AAA personel are off the mark when they say their main competition in Mexico right now is the WWE?

    – CMLL women’s division: What should be the next big feud?

    – Arena Coliseo tag titles: Who would you like to see get the next… erm… first title shot?

  10. The AAAnimated movie is still one year away, Los Campeones is not really a CMLL project so… shouldn’t both CMLL and AAA had persuaded the mainstream media more? Or they were doing so good with house shows that it made not sense at the time?

    Do you think Friday ArMex shows will stop during the winter season?

  11. Adding on to Chui’s question – how long before Tuesday reverts back to Arena Coliseo? Unless they have a deal with Cadena Tres, I can’t see why they’d wanna keep Arena Mexico open to hunderds of fans in the middle of the week.

  12. God I hope it goes back to Arena Coliseo. It’s probably my favorite Arena in Mexico.

    Any news from the Pena Memorial? Please tell me Cheech and Cloudy debuted and destroyed Latin Lover? That would cause a certain someone to explode.

  13. They might keep doing Tuesday shows in ArMex, they’re kinda “martes nice”.

    They had a video in the screen with ‘tico “training for his return”, seems Paco was right for that Nov 14 date, I’m concerned about CMLL rushing him back, they’ll try to “save” the end of season run but they might end doing things worse, injury was pretty serious.

  14. I don’t want to see his tecnico nose messing around the lucha scene, but that doesn’t mean I want to see him badly hurt as everything seems to be pointing to. Even worse if it is to “help” the attendance, it probably won’t be as bad as when he returned from the Olympics (which were supposed to give him extra exposure) but the low attendances will continue. Unless they do the Mistico vs Aguayo stip match, now it looks as the right time to do it.

  15. Q

    (I doubt AAA is interested, but) if Hijo del Santo works 3 or 4 shows with AAA, would that made his return CMLL even more unlikely or Paco would be concerned for AAA putting even more distance between them and have Santito back?

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