10/23: Perros, GDL, Charly Manson, ByL

Took a couple days, but there’s finally more about Perro Aguayo Jr. He spoke to both Reforma and SoloLuchas. Between both of the articles, it sounds like this is a full split to form a different organization, but Perro’s still on good terms with CMLL. (Perro says he owns the “Perros del Mal” name, which would certainly be indicative of this.) SoloLuchas says the PdM is right next to Arena Mexico and CMLL and PdM wrestlers could work against each other on shows (probably similar to how indy guys like Intocable and Demon are employed by local promoters who also bring in CMLL wrestlers.)

watch out for flying Sombras/CMLL
watch out for flying Sombras/CMLL

No one besides Perro is mentioned by name as going with his group. It’s only clear that it’s not expected to be the whole current group and will probably include those not in the group (Perro mentions bringing in tecnicos of good quality and recruiting worthwhile foreigners.) Only Perro says he won’t be working on CMLL shows anymore; it’s possible all the rest might still work CMLL TV and have the rest of the days booked out of their own office, as this idea was originally mentioned. We’re still grasping for details – no first show is mentioned, there’s obviously a press conference to officially announce this on the way but not sure when that is either.

CMLL (TUE) 10/21 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
6) Metalik & Rayman b Damián 666 & Mr. Águila
7) Héctor Garza & Marco Corelone DQ Terrible & Texano Jr.

Perros are still working their normal schedule. In the main event, Terrible faked a foul to get the win. Corelone was angry and kicked the ref after the match.

CMLL (TUE) 10/21 Arena Mexico
1) Angel de Oro & Trueno b Inquisidor & Pólvora – now it can told.

Box Y Lucha posted a lot of articles from it’s last issue
Charly Manson hopes to be back in the ring by December, but may not make the end of the season. Charly says here that he’s not planning on supporting either Cibernetico or Chessman, instead to go his own way and perhaps start his own faction.
Dorian Roldan says WWE will barely affect lucha libre, because it’s a different audience. Dorian also says the Abismo Negro gimmick was one of Antonio Pena’s creations, so it should be with someone who deserves it (Black Abyss.)
Amapola says she hurt her knee just the day before she lost her hair to Lady Apache. What tragic luck. Then she hurt her other knee compensating, which sounds about right. She wants some revenge on Lady Apache when she comes back.
Villano V says Ultimo Guerrero is a hypocrit, for feuding with Blue Panther and then suddenly deciding to defend him. Ultimo Guerrero says the Villanos just went too far.
– Talking with Rocky and X-Pac about Romero’s jump, the author asked about a rumor of Juventud Guerrera being another member; X-Pac: “Juvi stinks – if he comes back to AAA, he won’t be with us.”
La Parkita says the AAA one (him) is the only true one and the one who owns the gimmick. The other wrestler who worked as Parkita apparently claims he owns the gimmick, but this one says it’s untrue.

Villanos press tour continues in AAA, who they vow to beat any trio. They’re also as confused as to what side Atlantis is supposed to be on, since he’s from Guadalajara.

SoloLuchas has a interview with Ephesto, who recalls his Hombre sin Nombre days (“dos mesas”) as a lot shorter than I do. He’d like a main event singles match with a star so people would see him as a star. That sounds rational.

Super Fly wants to face Electroshock in a retirement match. That sounds irrational.

Fuerza Guerrera wants to face Hijo del Santo in a mask match. That sounds unlikely. Fuerza tries to make his case, though, saying no one can truly be invincible after Blue Panther lost so maybe he’d unmask Santo. If any has a shot, Fuerza says, it should be one of him, Negro Casas or Blue Panther, since they’ve been Santo’s best rivals. (I know who’s not going back to NWA Mexico!) Fuerza pictures this as the main event of another Todos x el Todos show (big stadium show = $$$, enough he might actually do it.)

SuperLuchas talks to the Siniestro on the NWA cards, who is apparently a new person under that name. He says he’s wrestled as Horus in AAA for 3 years, but I can’t find any record of that name; misspelling? He was out of the business, but they were looking for a muscular guy and he fit the bill. The character itself is based on a Mexican comic book character (and not the DC one.)

Ovaciones has an interview with Mujer Demente, who’s reached 16 years of wrestling.

Romero/Negro in NJPW: 10/22 LOSS to Togi Makabe and Toru Yano, Yano on Romero as part of the tag tournament. Will they win a torneo match?

LuchaWorld has Robert on 05/18/06 AAA and 06/10 CMLL as well as KrisZ’s news update.

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  1. There was a wrestler in Monterrey who was sometimes spelled Horus, sometimes Orus, sometimes Orius. I think this should be the one since he worked Arena Coliseo Monterrey when they regularly used AAA wrestlers in that arena last year.

  2. Romero and Casas lost to Nakanishi and Yoshie yesterday (10/22), they lost to Makabe and Yano today (10/23).

  3. “Romero/Negro in NJPW: 10/22 LOSS to Togi Makabe and Toru Yano, Yano on Romero as part of the tag tournament. Will they win a torneo match?”


  4. I kind of think Perrito’s injuries over the past couple of years (and he’s had a lot) made him realize he needed to look further into his post-wrestling career sooner rather than later and with his popularity over the past couple of years, it makes sense to make a move now. I don’t know if this is the right move though. I’d think he’d make more money just being a b-level celebrity nowadays and appearing on crappy reality tv shows (for example, “Perro Sabe Mas?”), while wrestling a few times per year.

    As long as CMLL keeps Averno, Mephisto & Los Cachorros Del Mal, I don’t really care about the other members of PdM.

    Fuerza vs. Hijo del Santo would be cool.

  5. So, I read more about this deal with Perro Jr. and it sounds more like the nWo, LLL, type of deal within CMLL. Probably run some shows under the Perros del Mal name.

    BTW, cubs did you check the Dos Caras Jr. news in sololuchas? ;)

  6. Orus the Mummy from Monterrey was a skinny dude. I don’t even think the meds Vince gives his boys could get him to look like Siniestro.

  7. It’s the same LLL story all over again with Perrillo this time. Paco ought to be worried, in 10 years they’ll have someone stilling his ashes (won’t be surprised it will end being Konnan… or someone with Konnan ashes…) as their new angle.

    I’m pretty sure the Saturday show will come and go and no mention to this will be made.

    Yeah, I know I’m late to the party but… that Villanos vs OL match was the worst thing ever.

  8. Perrito might be showing some brains in not returning to Arena Mexico while attendance is down. It might expose him as not being the draw he thinks he is.

    Then again he won’t draw anything on the indy circuit after he makes his initial appearences.

    I’m really not sure where they are going with this but I’m not happy since it now means the Villanos are the top rudos in CMLL.

  9. @ Rob:

    i think you’re forgetting Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis. i’d say they’re both above the Villanos.

  10. Romero and Casas lost again today. this time it was to Yujiro and Tetsuya Naito. Casas took the fall today.

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