Perro Aguayo Jr., rest of Los Perros leaving CMLL

Okay, calm down, that may be an overstatement. Here’s the story from La Oreja (where this surely aired tonight), google translated

El Hijo del Perro Aguayo announced that it ceased to belong to the World Wrestling (CMLL), along with his group of fighters known as Los Perros del Mal because they founded their own company luchística.

Los Perros del Mal in this way become a new proposal for the fans and surely in coming days will give its cast of gladiators

El Hijo del Perro Aguayo is not the only fighter who has taken such decisions, another example is the Son of Santo who founded his own company functions he has done so in England.

There’s been talk about Perro and company going independent and setting up their own booking office, but I understood it as they’d still work CMLL TV shows but book their own spot show dates. This article makes it sound like they’re going 100% on their own. Perhaps the article is incorrect and just over states the separation? We’ll surely find out soon. Santo being referenced here is a good comparison – unless there’s a TV deal attached to this, it’s a really questionable long term move for the Perros to go their own way. Perro Jr is a regular on this gossip, which is enough to get them attention but I don’t know if you can build a regular circuit around gossip shows.

Perros leaving would open up a lot of spots on the rudo side. They haven’t been big time players since Perro Jr. went out four months ago, but the Villanos probably are going to get milked harder, guys like Misterioso would expect to be a little higher up, and guys like Tuareg might get more regular bookings. Of course, moving up the card doesn’t mean as much if business is down, and Perro Jr. not coming back to boost it is going to hurt (and hurt or not, Mistico’s going to have even more pressure on him.)

OTOH, CMLL, if you have an extra Mistico hiding around somewhere, it might be time to use him. Personally, I’m just hoping the Mini Perros are not part of this deal.

All kidding aside, it’ll be intersting to see who goes where; you’d figure Garza would end up with the group leaving, but what of guys like Averno & Mephisto who were bolted on to the group? Which freelance guys – Halloween? – try to join in? And, if this is a full split, how fast does IWRG try to book them for a Friday night show? I’m sure the phone is ringing.

10/21: Mistico & Perro return dates?, Dos continues to be Dos

AAA (SUN) 10/19 Salon Sagitario [SoloLuchas]
2) Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown b Aerostar, el Ángel, Súper Fly
3) Cibernetico b Zorro, Kenzo Suzuki [AAA HEAVY]

Kenzo replaced Vampiro, who sure appears to be done here (as everyone figured after VdE.)

IWRG (SUN) 10/19 Arena Naucalpan [SoloLuchas]
1) Super Halcon Jr. b Diablo Jr.
2) Eragon & Jack b Furia Guerrera & King Drako
3) Gemelo Fantastico I b Dr. Cerebro
4) Freelance, Multifacético, Pendulo b Black Terry, Ciclon Negro, Terror Negro
5) Latino & Shocker DQ Head Hunter I & Veneno

Veneno fouled Shocker in the main event. Pendulo and Multifacetico fought over who got to pin Black Terry in the semimain; they both want a title shot. Cerebro Negro interfered in the tercera to help Dr. Cerebro, got caught in the first fall for a DQ, got caught in the second fall and was thrown out. While the ref was seeing to Cerebro Negro, Gemelo Fantastico II snuck in and piledrove Dr. Cerebro. That’ll work.

Today’s Ovaciones says CMLL plans to have Mistico & Perro Aguayo Jr. return on November 14. This is coming straight from Paco Alonso, so I don’t know how it connects with reality. This may have been the planned date, but Mistico’s recent re-injury was supposed to push him back a month or more. Alonso notes the wrestlers still have to be cleared (Alonso says they want to be back now, but he’s insisting until they’re 100% healthy. Well, it’s the thing to say anyway.)

CMLL (SUN) 10/19 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT]
5) Atlantis & Mr. Niebla b Dos Caras Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr.

Atlantis blinded Dr. Wagner, who struck out to foul Atlantis in return. Except, he got Dos instead. Rudos picked up the win, and Dos was livid with Wagner after the match. Looks like Dos vs Wagner vs Atlantis here next week. (Put all the titles on the line!) After the match, Dos Jr. says he doesn’t think it was an accident, and a built up torrent of Wagner complains were unleashed. I’m normally all for this, but then the article takes a turn for the very annoying:

The next Sunday could be the last fight of Dos Caras Jr. in Guadalajara before leaving with the World Wrestling Entertainment to pursue his career

“Before ending my campaign in Mexico, I go out with this victory the next week, is now virtually tied my exit, missing only a few details, and better than whatever comes, this would be as close to gold brooch my presentations in Guadalajara because this would be virtually my last fight here”

LA LA LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. The last few months of this year sure flew by. Do not believe this until WWE announces it, Dos Caras Jr. has entered The Boy Who Cried Wolf territory.

Of course, Dos and Wagner team today in Arena Mexico. Will they remember this angle? Naaaaah.

Don’t have Puebla matches, but I do spot Ultimo Dragoncito and Fire in a singles match there next week.

This Saturday at Arena Coliseo, there will be a mass for Oro, who died 15 years ago.

According to this post, Freelance is changing his name to Mini Zumbido. If this is a plan to backdoor into CMLL thru the minis division, I’m all for it.

LuchandoLibre does the dirty work of post pictures (and information) on Dark Angel’s competition in that fitness competition coming up. It’s actually (ex-)WWE vs CMLL, since former ECW wrestler Brooke Adams is involved.

SCORPIO (FRI) 11/07 Arena Azteca Budokan [Al Filo Del Ring]
1) Super Calo, Veneno, Zumbido vs Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Pantera, Toxico AAA
2) Juventud Guerrera, LA Park, Tinieblas Jr. vs Hijo del Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000 Sr., Universo 2000

Another Scorpio Tribute show. The man is well liked by his peers. They’re trying to get all four Moreno sisters (Rossy, Esther, Alda and Cinthia) for an undercard match, but Cinthia’s probably at the mercy of AAA’s whims.

Luchaworld has Robert on 05/27/06 Lucha, IWRG 03/02/06, 05/15 AAA, and KrisZ‘s news update. WrestlingObserver has their FSE recap.

CMLL 52MX GdR #132 (06/01)

(up early. news will be later today.)

taped 05/23 & 25, aired 06/01

After watching Dark Angel get the (cheating) win over Amapola here, it occurs to me what amusing timing it is for Sarah Stock to be back right as Amapola goes out for a month. They’ve been setting up this singles match for most of the year, but just haven’t gotten to it because of injuries. There’s still a little time left.

(I forget they actually had a title match in March until I checked now. But they’re still building it up in May, so I feel like we need another.)

A true rarity: a fun Shocker match in 2008. Meanwhile, in this batch of TV at least, Negro seems to be heading more towards Octagonland (getting in your stuff, being invisible when it comes time to sell.)