Note about a note in last week’s F4W

Steve Sims asked that I post this:

At the end of the “Here and There” section of last week’s issue of Figure 4 Weekly (over date October 14, 2008, issue 695), a quote that I submitted for publication to Bryan was published.

I improperly and incorrectly claimed that the quote was from an e-mail sent to me. It was not. It was a comment in a thread in the Luchablog web site owned and maintained by The CubsFan.

As soon as I read the item in the Figure 4 Weekly newsletter, I wrote both Bryan and Cubs to apologize and to explain how it happened.

An explanation is not excuse however. There is no excuse for my action.

I apologize to them both, and to the readers of both the Figure 4 “empire” and the Luchablog web site, and I ask for your forgiveness.

Steve Sims

Friday, October 17, 2008