Next AAA suprise is Rellik

AAA braintrust at work!
AAA braintrust at work!

Word on the street is Rellik is Killer spelled backwards. Shhh. [1] Rellik is ex-TNA, but ex-everywhere else as Johnny “the Bull” Stamboli.

The three points work making

* SuperLuchas beat AAA to it once again. That’ll put a bee in their bonnet.

* This gives even more to work with on the Corelone jump rumor; these two were friends back to the day, and of course Corelone got his start in Mexico teaming with Stamboli when Ultimo Dragon was bringing in all his friends from the Velocity days. [2]

* hopefully the picture illustrates point #3.

1 – bad TNA joke. All TNA jokes are bad.
2 – which reminds me, there’s a Dragon show this Sunday and I have no idea what the card is.

18 thoughts to “Next AAA suprise is Rellik”

  1. I’d guess he’s actually using the Redrum name, which is MURDER spelled backwards~! MURDER spelled backwards!!!!!!!!

  2. LMAO Awesome. Not only is he Corleone’s buddy but he goes back with Konnan to their WCW days. He was part of Russo’s kliq along with Konnan. So those who say Konnan isn’t running things in AAA are quickly losing legs to stand on.

    All I know for the Dragon show is Mascarita Dorada/Pequeno Ninja vs Peq. Damian/Peq. Halloween. That’s all you really need to know.:) I can give you the result of the main event already though. Ultimo wins.

  3. Not really a big surprise since Dave reported in the WON a few weeks back that he wanted to come in and he even said he’d move to Mexico and pay for his own place.

  4. So how long till AAA brings in Lance Cade? Apparently he was married into the Caras family. And since they are going after WCW reject, I demand Coach Buzz Stern or Dustin Rhodes. NO better yet, Shawn O’haire or Shawn Stasiak.

  5. Konnan is not running AAA. Legs are going as strong as ever. OTOH, the Konnan Supertecnico Ultimate Star run never had any legs.

  6. Konnan supertecnico ultimate star can’t take place till Konnan superrudo ultimate star finishes up.

    But all joking aside, you’re okay with the recent additions of X-Pac, Koslov, Romero, Relik and that chick whose name really doesn’t matter?

  7. Stamboli isnt half bad in the ring, but still. another mid-card, nothing special, foreigner. it would be one thing if they brought in an american superstar, or someone who is going to main event and be a top guy, but Stamboli isnt that guy.

    basically AAA has decided to bring someone in that 99.99999% of the fans in Mexico have never seen or heard of. what is the point of this? this also means less time for Air Force, less time for Guapos, the little time that the Pirata kids get is now gone completely. stupid decisions like this is why Zumbido and Fuerza Guerrera would rather work for IWRG.

  8. All Joking aside Rob, what good is complaining about it? Konnan isn’t going anywhere and as long as the Mexicans keep going to shows, it won’t end anytime soon.

  9. Guess AAA wants to team Low-Ki up with The Hart Foundation 2.0 to do a program with… PAC & Generico & Ruckus. Are they fucking serious? Does anyone in Mexico even know who these guys are outside of the people on Boy y Lucha and Superluchas, who all hate AAA anyway?

  10. I don’t think AAA is paying these guys alot of money except Xpac. Stamboli is basically getting next to nothing.I always like Stamboli and he is a better wrestler than most give him credit for. He suck in TNA because everybody sucks TNA,DUH!

    I also think Konnan trust foreigners more than Mexicans. You seen how these guys operate. Abismo Negro is a prime example. Hijo Del Santo,Dr. Wagner,Shocker,etc. the list goes on.

    I also think Konnan is still trying to expand AAA to the US and Canada and continue to go the McMahon land route.

  11. Marco Corleone (aka: Mark Jindrak) worked with Stamboli as a member of the Natural Born Thrillers stable. So if Corleone is going to jump, then yeah i see Rellik as a major reason he would.

    But, to a point, why would Corleone jump he is very popular in CMLL and I don’t think, at least to my knowledge, he has not complained about anything, has he?

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