here we go again

AAA’s teasing a surprise for tonight’s SLP taping. Hey, at least they’ve been delivering.  No picture of Mickie James this time, just the ring set up.

You know, if Marco jumps today, that’d give CMLL two days to figure out a replacement main event. I think they could manage that.

In between teasing thing and promising to have the first pictures, you think AAA could maybe set up some sort of store on their site so Psycho Clown doesn’t have to sell via mySpace?

7 thoughts to “here we go again”

  1. If it is Corleone, then CMLL will be really fucked for main event tecnicos.

    Look at all the tecnicos they’ve lost recently – Mistico, Shocker, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas, Felino (ok, midcard), Koslov, Niebla (technically i suppose), Bucanero, Romero – and almost Dos Caras last week. Barely anyone has filled the spots. It’s unbelievable how many rudos compared to tecnicos there are at the moment.

    Then again, i suppose we could look at it the other way and be grateful that at least they never brought in Rayo.

    For the record, i really can’t see Corleone jumping, there’s no way he’ll do better in AAA than he’s doing in CMLL. And they’ve no ramp either :)

  2. The new person will probably be Shelly Martinez. And you know if it was Corleone, They would build a ramp in a heartbeat.

    I wonder how much CMLL would pay to have Panther drop his hair to Lizmark?

  3. @KrisZ: Yup. Atlantis/Mistico vs. Villano double mask stip. Mistico is feuding with Villanos now over accusing them of the switch in the Panther/Villano mask. Atlantis is a natural Villano opponent.

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