CMLL FSE 10/12 (#114)

taped 10/05, aired 10/12

I want to say the Loco Max/Tony Rivera match was fine, but it really wasn’t. They tried to do as many dives as possible to make it exciting, but it was a 8 minute match and it wasn’t really crisp. I thought maybe they needed to do four more minutes to get over the near falls, but then I was also trying to recall what Loco Max or Tony Rivera’s big moves are. I watched these two for the last three weeks, winning falls and such, and I couldn’t name either guys finisher. Maybe that’s on me, maybe they’ve just not left an impression with their in-ring. It was a MVS hair match.

That said, they all tried hard to sell it like this was a huge moment in the lives of Tony Rivera and Loco Max; if you were willing to buy it, they were trying their best to sell it. And Fabian el Gitano, who was pretty hysterical after the finish; I could’ve cut out the post match and snuck in the opener, but I really wanted everyone to see Fabian after the match, particularly right after the finish (around 9:50.)

Fabian is now 1-2 at cornering on this since late July (Bam Bam’s title match, Lady Apache’s title match, and this), but I hope he doesn’t give up on this exciting new career path.

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They’re having a contest to see who can most mail in a match in Arena Coliseo, right? Any chance I can get in on that action?