10/14: Mexico, Flash

CMLL (TUE) 10/14 Arena Mexico [ESTO]
1) Carrona & Cholo? ?? Molotov & Sombra de Plata
2) Angel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Hijo del Faraon b Calígula, Cholo, Méssala
3) Arkangel de la Muerte, Vangelis, Virus b Leono, Máscara Púrpura, Stuka Jr.
4) Máximo, Mictlán, Valiente b Dragon Rojo Jr., Ephesto, Olímpico
5) Héctor Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara b Misterioso II, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero

Garza won, but Rey went after his (chronically hurt) knee to make sure Hector wouldn’t be 100% for their Sunday title match.

Ovaciones has a Goddess interview (who would like to be a good wrestler and a not a WWE diva-ish) and an Arturo Rivera column (nothing that new.)

SoloLuchas has a interview with Flash, who says there should more interviews with the guys in the first couple of matches. I’m all for that. Flash has no idea when he and Stuka will be defending the Arena Coliseo Tag Titles. Flash says he got the gimmick because they (I think this means the school he started with) were going to do a Justice League group, and now he’s just keeping it. He suggested changing to CMLL when he started there, but nothing happened. Shocking!

Psycho Clown is selling his masks via his myspace. I like how his three top friends are Super Porky’s daughters and Super Porky. Way to keep the identity quiet.

LuchandoLibre previews Friday’s Arena Neza indy TV taping, with Wagner, Intocable, Mil Mascaras and LA Park.

Al filo del Ring has a video interview with El Hijo del Santo hyping up Friday’s Arena Naucalpan show. Why are these shows on the same day, the same week WWE is coming in and CMLL is running a hair match?

AAA celerbates Alebrije hitting the ten year mask, one month late.

Dr. Mascaras asks “when was the last time two of Cibernetico, Mesias, Zorro or Chessman were not in an AAA TV main event.” That’d be July 31st. As long as I’m trolling SuperLuchas, why do they always write “Marco Corelone (Mark Jindrak)“? I’m pretty sure Hijo de Lizmark’s name isn’t really Hijo de Lizmark, Tony Rivera’s name isn’t really Tony Rivera and people are well aware wrestlers may not be using their true name without it being pointed out every single time. Where it works for the Observer is to illuminate the identities of those who have recently changed names or locations; I think we all know Marco Corelone is Mark Jindrak by now.

And if this becomes moot by Friday or the Friday after that, at lesat I’ve gotten the rant out of my system.

Cesar @ Box Y Lucha, breaking down moves he thinks are not working, points out there are far too many superkicks being used as incidental moves, and I’m totally behind that idea. I disagree later where he thinks back crackers are fine, because those are being used just as much in both groups.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 4/22/06 AAA and 5/5/06 CMLL. WrestlingObserver has their CMLL on FSE recap.

SuperLuchas has instructions on how to printout out and create a Dragon Rojo paper airplane. This may be how I spend my lunch break today.

27 thoughts to “10/14: Mexico, Flash”

  1. That myspace also tells us that Psycho Clown is a swinger. Now who would have thought that in that monogamous lucha scene! ;-)
    Zombie Clown also has the Porky family in his buddy list. Wasn’t he the one who was rumored to be Brazo de Plata Jr.?

  2. I´m pretty sure you are trolling SuperLuchas
    They write Marco Corelone (Mark Jindrak) BECAUSE Superluchas has a lot of international WWE fans, they doesn´t know “Marco Corleone” but Mark Jindrak

  3. Oh man if this leads to a SuperLuchas vs Cubs feud. That would be epic. I bet SuperLuchas are brewers fans.

  4. Jindrak has not work for WWE in over 3 years, I doubt any of “a lot” (like 30) international fans even recall seeing him there. WWE fans won’t bother reading CMLL news anyways.

  5. @Cobr4: I’m pretty sure the smiling face of Marco Corelone in the poster right above the text might have clued them in that it was Mark Jindrak.

    @Tim: I only point when SuperLuchas writes something disagreeable because I actually care what they write.

  6. @Ringo: Psycho is believed to be Brazo de Plata Jr. Don’t go poking holes in my story by pointing out Zombie Clown has that too!

  7. @Cobr4: Alexa numbers are a joke. Though I’m sure SuperLuchas gets more views. I know what I get, it ain’t a high bar.

    If a WWE fan reads SuperLuchas for the first time, the first question they’re going to ask is not “is that Marco Corelone guy Mark Jindrak?” That’s about 500 on the list.

  8. Corleone is known as Mark Jindrak from his time in WCW, not his time in WWE. i also believe its his real name.

  9. The Alexa numbers are only reliable for homepages with millions of visitors. For homepages with only thousands of visitors/day they are pure randomness because there are not enough users with the Alexa spyware. To climb up the ladder, the Superluchas webmasters only have to install the Alexa Toolbar, open their homepage, press F5 a few times while playing with the Dragon Rojo paper airplane, and in the twinkling of an eye they have doubled their Alexa rating.

  10. heh first comments

    The myspaces are legit, at least for the Porky’ girls. Whats interesting is if you follow the top friends, it links to another daughter of Porky & his wife. The non-wrestling daughter has pics of the family, including another son of Porky’s who is apparently wrestling known as “Black Mamba”

    So if we go on that both clowns are related:
    Psycho=Brazo Jr.
    Zombie=Black Mamba?
    Also I wonder if Black Mamba=Mamba that was in AAA years ago. For whatever it’s worth, Zombie’s myspace profile stats (age) match Mamba.

  11. In fact Superluchas.net also writes: Salinas (Shelly Martinez), Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal), Jake Hager (Jack Swagger), etc etc. Not only Corleone (Jindrak)

    But allright, go ahed your trolling

    BTW: Mark Jindrak WAS Mark Jindrak in WWE, he was like 4 years in WWE and only one in WCW

  12. “To climb up the ladder, the Superluchas webmasters only have to install the Alexa Toolbar, open their homepage, press F5 a few times”

    Ja ja ja, yeah, of course
    So why dont you do that here in the cubs to show your point?
    ´cause i see a negative 36% in your graphic

  13. There were at least two shows with appearances of both Black Mamba and Psycho Circus (in different matches): March 16th in Monterrey and August 4th in Nuevo Laredo (the same show Brazo de Plata Jr. worked as Brazo de Plata Jr. and as a clown). At first view, I can’t find a day with matches of Black Mamba and Psycho Circus at different places. So, it could be possible.

  14. Cubs vs SuperLuchas, Fredo vs Corleone (Jindrak), Daniel vs Tim… everyone is paired off! I’m without a feud for once! Someone pursuade Barnett to start posting here!

    ESTO botched the CMLL results. Hooligan worked the segunda as you can clearly see from cmll.com pictures. I got excited at first thinking maybe they took Hooligan off the card to prepare him for a big angle on Friday but no dice. The fourth match sounds like it was a disaster.

    Black Mamba is a regular wrestler in Nuevo Laredo. He may be a son of Porky or one of the Brazos but I doubt he’s Zombie Clown unless they just made a switch recently. I’m sticking with Aliens. Heck, if you go back and watch the 4/5 Torreon show – Black Mamba worked the TV opener and you can clearly see he isn’t the size of a clown.

    In closing, I love the SuperLuchas website. I just think they need to moderate those comments better and automatically ban anyone who posts “first comment”. ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? That pisses me off so much.

  15. I’ve not checked the myspace thing, but I guess Black Mamba might be in a relationship to one of Porky’s daughters, that would make more sense.

    Add Keith vs Obama.

  16. Oh yeah – Flash originally started out in Cuernavaca and was working a lot with Robin, Spiderman and Batman… all local gimmicks in Arena Isabel. I guess they are members of the Justice League too?

    I like the Flash gimmick, for once I’m glad the idiots in charge of CMLL care so little about their product and didn’t bother giving him a new gimmick. We don’t need another Safari becoming Hombre Sin Nombre deal.

  17. @Rob: No one was interested!

    Actually, my connection is going off every few minutes, dunno when it will get fixed (who knows where it comes from).

  18. Doh. Well in that case I won’t send you the Negro Casas vs Villano III GDL match you’ve been begging me for.

  19. @ Cobr4:

    i’m aware that Corleone was in WWE longer than WCW, but he never got pushed in WWE and was basically buried his entire time with the promotion. he got known from WCW. he got a great push before the company was bought out. WCW was looking for the next Goldberg, a homegrown guy that they could push through the roof and become a star. Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, and Sean O’Haire were the 3 guys that they saw potential in and those 3 guys got huge pushes in their first years in the business. they were Power Plant trained. so Marco’s US fame comes from WCW, not WWE.

  20. Jindrak or Corleone, whatever you want to call him is doing well in Mexico. apart from the wrestling he is becoming famous outside of the ring. I saw a part of a show in Mexico called “Lo Oreja”, which can be compared to “Entertainment tonight” in the states. He right now is in a love scandal or triangle with 2 famous girls. My cousin in Mexico also sent me various articles in the “star mags”. She claims he is becoming a sex symbol with the women here. So love him or hate him, you have to respect the progress he has made after his release from wwe.

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