10/18-19 Lucha Times

box. I really hate to bump that last post off the top of the page.

AAA-US: Second half of VdE, which means tecnicos/Guapos atomicos, tecnicos/Legion trios, Vamp/Mesias in the main event, and probably a replay of the Chessman/Cibernetico match.

FOX: Infernales, and a main event with rudos who don’t get along as well.

The show isn’t listed next week (World Series and lots of soccer), but I figure it’s just bumped to Monday.

52MX: Segunda from last week looks pretty good, and the main event builds Hector/Rey.


CMLL: Presumably this apuesta match won’t be pulled off TV at the last second.

AAA-MEX: Octagon’s first TV match in three months (and no one seemed to notice). Cibernetico vs Zorro in a singles match for the fifth time in a year. Also, dizzying angles with Chessman, the Dark Family, Mesias, Cibernetico and the Psycho Circus.

TV Guide has this as a 2 hour show. I dunno. But they did finally label WWE Raw with it’s own name, so yay for that.

CTres: Hector & Company vs Guerreros.

Next AAA suprise is Rellik

AAA braintrust at work!
AAA braintrust at work!

Word on the street is Rellik is Killer spelled backwards. Shhh. [1] Rellik is ex-TNA, but ex-everywhere else as Johnny “the Bull” Stamboli.

The three points work making

* SuperLuchas beat AAA to it once again. That’ll put a bee in their bonnet.

* This gives even more to work with on the Corelone jump rumor; these two were friends back to the day, and of course Corelone got his start in Mexico teaming with Stamboli when Ultimo Dragon was bringing in all his friends from the Velocity days. [2]

* hopefully the picture illustrates point #3.

1 – bad TNA joke. All TNA jokes are bad.
2 – which reminds me, there’s a Dragon show this Sunday and I have no idea what the card is.

CMLL FSE 10/12 (#114)

taped 10/05, aired 10/12

I want to say the Loco Max/Tony Rivera match was fine, but it really wasn’t. They tried to do as many dives as possible to make it exciting, but it was a 8 minute match and it wasn’t really crisp. I thought maybe they needed to do four more minutes to get over the near falls, but then I was also trying to recall what Loco Max or Tony Rivera’s big moves are. I watched these two for the last three weeks, winning falls and such, and I couldn’t name either guys finisher. Maybe that’s on me, maybe they’ve just not left an impression with their in-ring. It was a MVS hair match.

That said, they all tried hard to sell it like this was a huge moment in the lives of Tony Rivera and Loco Max; if you were willing to buy it, they were trying their best to sell it. And Fabian el Gitano, who was pretty hysterical after the finish; I could’ve cut out the post match and snuck in the opener, but I really wanted everyone to see Fabian after the match, particularly right after the finish (around 9:50.)

Fabian is now 1-2 at cornering on this since late July (Bam Bam’s title match, Lady Apache’s title match, and this), but I hope he doesn’t give up on this exciting new career path.

this match
full show 306 MB

They’re having a contest to see who can most mail in a match in Arena Coliseo, right? Any chance I can get in on that action?

here we go again

AAA’s teasing a surprise for tonight’s SLP taping. Hey, at least they’ve been delivering.  No picture of Mickie James this time, just the ring set up.

You know, if Marco jumps today, that’d give CMLL two days to figure out a replacement main event. I think they could manage that.

In between teasing thing and promising to have the first pictures, you think AAA could maybe set up some sort of store on their site so Psycho Clown doesn’t have to sell via mySpace?

10/14: Mexico, Flash

CMLL (TUE) 10/14 Arena Mexico [ESTO]
1) Carrona & Cholo? ?? Molotov & Sombra de Plata
2) Angel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Hijo del Faraon b Calígula, Cholo, Méssala
3) Arkangel de la Muerte, Vangelis, Virus b Leono, Máscara Púrpura, Stuka Jr.
4) Máximo, Mictlán, Valiente b Dragon Rojo Jr., Ephesto, Olímpico
5) Héctor Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara b Misterioso II, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero

Garza won, but Rey went after his (chronically hurt) knee to make sure Hector wouldn’t be 100% for their Sunday title match.

Ovaciones has a Goddess interview (who would like to be a good wrestler and a not a WWE diva-ish) and an Arturo Rivera column (nothing that new.)

SoloLuchas has a interview with Flash, who says there should more interviews with the guys in the first couple of matches. I’m all for that. Flash has no idea when he and Stuka will be defending the Arena Coliseo Tag Titles. Flash says he got the gimmick because they (I think this means the school he started with) were going to do a Justice League group, and now he’s just keeping it. He suggested changing to CMLL when he started there, but nothing happened. Shocking!

Psycho Clown is selling his masks via his myspace. I like how his three top friends are Super Porky’s daughters and Super Porky. Way to keep the identity quiet.

LuchandoLibre previews Friday’s Arena Neza indy TV taping, with Wagner, Intocable, Mil Mascaras and LA Park.

Al filo del Ring has a video interview with El Hijo del Santo hyping up Friday’s Arena Naucalpan show. Why are these shows on the same day, the same week WWE is coming in and CMLL is running a hair match?

AAA celerbates Alebrije hitting the ten year mask, one month late.

Dr. Mascaras asks “when was the last time two of Cibernetico, Mesias, Zorro or Chessman were not in an AAA TV main event.” That’d be July 31st. As long as I’m trolling SuperLuchas, why do they always write “Marco Corelone (Mark Jindrak)“? I’m pretty sure Hijo de Lizmark’s name isn’t really Hijo de Lizmark, Tony Rivera’s name isn’t really Tony Rivera and people are well aware wrestlers may not be using their true name without it being pointed out every single time. Where it works for the Observer is to illuminate the identities of those who have recently changed names or locations; I think we all know Marco Corelone is Mark Jindrak by now.

And if this becomes moot by Friday or the Friday after that, at lesat I’ve gotten the rant out of my system.

Cesar @ Box Y Lucha, breaking down moves he thinks are not working, points out there are far too many superkicks being used as incidental moves, and I’m totally behind that idea. I disagree later where he thinks back crackers are fine, because those are being used just as much in both groups.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 4/22/06 AAA and 5/5/06 CMLL. WrestlingObserver has their CMLL on FSE recap.

SuperLuchas has instructions on how to printout out and create a Dragon Rojo paper airplane. This may be how I spend my lunch break today.