AAA #854 (10/11)

taped 09/14, aired 10/11

Verano de Escandalo part 1 was an awesome show.

– The Mixed Tag was a MOTYC until it went all interference crazy at the end. It was still pretty great and worth watching.


Nice to see the Apaches acting like normal human beings and not freaking out because of a chair shot gone wrong.

– Minis match wasn’t quite as great; there were moments of iffyness and even more AAA run-in wackiness, but it was far superior than anything else taking place in the tournament. If they plan on giving title matches this sort of time, it’s going to be really nice to get this title back i play.

– Even the ladder match and the Chessman/Cibernetico match were as good as they could possibly be expected to be. I mean, the ladder match had plenty of people doing stupid things to themselves, all of which will be forgotten tomorrow. (If this stuff was getting them over, why are they still wrestling the same people at the same spot on the card?) And the finish to the main event was pretty dumb. But, given how bad both things have been recently, this was perfectly finely.

Kinda interesting Jack and Teddy vanished from the ladder match with 8 minutes left.

I didn’t even mind the talking to open it up. Not that I want 20 minutes skits, but at least Konnan got pwned in hilarious fashion and it improves next week’s show by bumping a match there. Three matches in three hours is still going to stretching it, but it’s a better plan than they’ve had in the last two years doing this.

I don’t have high hopes for next week’s show – the Guapos match is going to be comedy, the Mesias/Vampiro match is going to be comedy of another kind, and I keep forgetting the Legion match was even on the card. But at least this was a good one.

full show (835 MB)

10/14: Monterrey, SLP

AAA (SUN) 10/12 Arena Solidaridad [RFC]
1) Aguila Azteca b Thunder Brother
2) Baby Fox & Guerrero Blanco b Invasor & Sicario
3) Picudo & Silver Cat b Ejecutor & Mr. Secuestro
4) Diluvio Negro II, La Momia, Monje Negro Jr. b Aguila Extrema, Billy Boy, TDN
5) Nicho el Millionario & X-Fly b Pimpinela Escarlata & Silver King

X-FLY. Link includes a picture of Picudo and Silver Cat, who are not longer doing the KISS bit (by request of KISS, I think) and look like two random people. AAA has them listed here again next week, vs Super AAA and El Chiva which is interesting because it lets you know all those people (or gear) are still being used by AAA, but also interesting because RFC has TDN in Chiva’s spot.

Latin Lover returns to AAA, at least for the Antonio Pena memorial show, to be held at the Beto Avila baseball stadium. No card yet.

Tuesday’s Mexico preview: Notimex and ESTO. Nothing going on.

Wednesday Preview: Konnan and Roldan will have a contract signing on tomorrow’s TV taping. Good thing they let us know this will air on TV, I was worried Konnan might not make TV. Tickets still available. AAA also talks about the Dark Family, throwing out the possibility Charly Manson might end up back with them.

Not the only thing going on in SLP on Wednesday…

CMLL JUNIORS (WED) 10/15 Arena Coliseo San Luis Potosi [El Sol de SLP]
1) Crazy Star, Mensajero, Tiger del Ring vs Dare Devil, el Principe, Jurista
2) Bam Bam & Mascarita Dorada vs Mini Damián 666 & Pierrothito
3) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Valiente vs Misterioso II & Último Guerrero

Mistico showed up, unpromoted, at the press conference for this show yesterday to apologize for missing the September show here due to injury. Valiente is on Koslov replacement duty. That first match (which is actually the tercera), that’s SLP young wrestlers versus guys billed as from CMLL’s school. This Arena Coliseo is where the local promotion runs it’s local shows, so it’s got to be the smaller building. CMLL also usually runs shows at Auditorio Miguel Barragan, so either there was a random conflict between the two promotions, someone was set on running a counter show, or they just don’t expect a huge turnout.

LuchandoLibre has a big preview of Corelone/Lizmark, including the prospects of Corelone jumping. The idea of X-Pac being sent into CMLL as a trojan horse is amusing. Maybe y’all can badmouth Alex Koslov enough to troll Marco into another post and he’ll let us know if he’s jumping.

Box Y Lucha posted a bunch of articles from last week’s edition
Paco Alonso, from the lucha libre exhibit opening; he mentions it’s clear to anyone who watched the television broadcast that Villano V was not replaced in the mask match – that match still hasn’t aired, right?
Marco Corelone & Lizmark Jr. talk about their hair match. Corelone wants Panther as his second, Lizmark wants Lizmark Sr.
Antifaz says he’s an independent.
Ayako Hamada compares women’s wrestling in Mexico and Japan. She sees women’s wrestling doing better in Japan despite the business being worse, because there are more women’s wrestling companies. I think the top women are better off in Mexico, since they’re treated like big stars in the top promotions instead of just being in niche groups.
Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. is not happy with “refugees” from other companies taking spots in IWRG, but is happy that he’s defeating them all.
Rocco Valiente is apparently a barber now, and says Los Destructores are just waiting for their chance to get out.

This week’s Box Y Lucha (#2892) headlines with Alex Koslov’s jump, Tony losing his hair, and Goddess losing his mask. There’s an article saying Rey Bucanero is firmly in CMLL.

Luchas 2000 Special #34 is a Blue Panther special.

SuperLuchas thinks Adam Pearce vs Blue Demon Jr. for the NWA Heavyweight Championship could be the lucha libre match of the year. SuperLuchas is very silly.

The Gladiatores has promotion for the Scorpio Jr. show. Did I point out they hit 100 editions? They did and it’s pretty great.

Luchworld has KrisZ’s news update. Ohtani’s Jacket wrote about Bestia Salvaje vs Kato Kung Lee and Hijo del Santo vs Negro Casas