CMLL FSE #113 (10/05)

taped 09/28, aired 10/05

There’s nothing to the Tony/Loco feud except random Guy A and random Guy B feud for 3 weeks, have a hair match. Tony winning clean here was a clear sign of what the end result was going to be; Loco has to win unless he’s leaving.

And the main event was pretty pathetic. A six minute match, really? Why is this even on my TV?

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10/15 AAA TV Lineup (SLP)

bumped to note AAA is confirming this as an actual taping, and the Pena show is a week later. Plus, the main event has been cleared up a little bit.

AAA TV (WED) 10/15 Auditorio Miguel Barragan [El Sol de SLP, AAA]
1) Argenis, Billy Boy, el Ángel vs Rio Bravo, Tiger Cota, Tito Santana II
2) El Alebrije, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Decnnis, El Brazo, Escorpion Negro Jr.
3) Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Jack Evans & Teddy Hart
4) Chris Stone & El Elegido vs Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan Jr.
5) Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, Konnan vs Aerostar, La Parka Jr., Súper Fly
6) Chessman & Mesias vs Cibernetico & Zorro [Relevos Increíbles]

I like to take the main event is an admission that all they’ve done for the last couple of years is put the same handful of guys on top, and cycling them thru as many combinations as possible without including anyone new. (And they don’t plan on changing any time soon.)

There’s no possible way that semimain can be good for the Air Force. They may even win, but I don’t see that rudo side selling for anything they do.

Elegido lost this tag match with Alebrije as a partner, so we’ll get to see if Chris Stone is better. Very odd to see Chris booked for a show and Alan not.

Nice to see the tag team champions again in a tag match without putting their titles on the line. I would presume they lose again, but that’s as good a sport for the DXM run in as anywhere. Would it be too surprising if the titles ended up on Rocky and Alex next, with Jack and Teddy totally skipped over?

They’ve actually not run that opener, as much as it seems like it. One time, they had Babe Rap instead of Angel, one time they had Super Fly instead of Argenis. This is just 99% the same.

Original post: The article says this is a taping, and it looks like a taping, but I don’t recall about hearing about this show before now. This would mean they’d be taping in SLP, have a day off, and then do the Pena show in Veracruz, which is on the other side of Mexico City. When they’ve done Friday/Sunday tapings in the past, they’re usually a lot closer to each other.

Maybe this is for a local TV show? I need more info before I add it to the TV taping list, and AAA will confirm/deny this next time they put out lineups.

10/12 Arena Coliseo Results

Princesa Sujei, new t-shirt/CMLL

CMLL (SUN) 10/12 Arena Coliseo
1) Molotov & Trueno b Inquisidor & Semental
2) Dark Angel, Princesa Blanca, Sahori b Hiroka, Princesa Sujei, Rosa Negra
3) Euforia, Nosferatu, Satánico b Fabián el Gitano, Leono, Stuka Jr.
4) La Máscara, Máximo, Mictlan b Mr. Águila, Olímpico, Terrible
5) Dos Caras Jr., Héctor Garza, Volador Jr. b Black Warrior, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero

Volador subbed for Alex. Rey won the first fall with a low blow on Hector, and Hector pinned him in the second (moonsault) and third (small package.) Hector wants a shot at Rey’s title. Rey has the CMLL Light Heavyweight Title, I guess I need to point that out.

Perhaps Rey won’t be teaming with the Villanos after all.

Mictlan was Grey Shadow’s sub here again. Rudos could not function as a team and lost. Perros turned on Olimpico.

Even the report suggests the Infernales were more favored than the tecnico team.

This was dark Angel’s return to the ring, and she looked fine. Probably wrestled good too. If CMLL really has gone anti-foreigners and pro-long time local workers (like Marcela, Amapola, and Lady Apache), Sarah’s never ever going to win a title, is she? Sad. Maybe they’ll just keep on going on their own pocket universe and everything will be okay.

Is Semental part of Ola de Laguneros? Is Angel de Oro? Will this angle go on long enough that it’ll force me to learn how to spell tha right without running to Google for spell checking? So many questions.

NWA Lightweight Tournament details

You ever open 50 windows, go thru them, write up a post, and then realize you forgot one of the windows? Happens all the time.

Jazzo posted a Reforma interview with Black Spider, who gave more details about the NWA Lightweight Tournament. 12 wrestlers, and show on November 1st (so a quick turn around between NWA Mexico shows, or not on a NWA Mexico show.) Black Spider lists names, though it sounds like a preliminary list

* Skayde
* Skayde Jr.
* Zenky
* Angus
* Turbo
* Black Thunder
* Trauma I
* Hermano Muerte II
* Eragon

That’s 9. All are NWA Mexico school trainees.

CMLL booking change?

Here is the Cesar @ box y lucha post I think everyone was talking about over the weekend, re: Lizmark/Corelone fight and the Lagurenos taking over being as much real as angle. I tend not to believe a lot of what I’m reading on boards right now – the previous unrest plus the jumps gives a lot of space for people to float unsubstantiated rumors – but this does seem pretty solid.

The story goes, Ultimo Guerrero and others (generally from his home region) are angry about the way things have been going in CMLL lately (crowd, people unhappy with how they’re being used or not being used at all) and forced a change in the CMLL booking office. This was mirrored in the big angle on Friday night and also the reason none of that angle made sense given what had been going on previously.

There’s a lot more interesting posts in that thread (at least the first page; not as much as it goes on.) A couple posts down, Cesar mentions the Ultimo Guerrero led faction wants to the company to focus on using CMLL wrestler, rather than putting foreign wrestler and independent guys (Park? Wagner?) on top and not getting anything out of it. I’m sure the jumps were part of this happening; surely people are bitter that they or their friends could’ve had Alex or Shadow’s spot and wouldn’t have left (because they don’t have the safety net of going back to the US.)

Negro Casas is mentioned as one being on the out on the power struggle, which would imply he was one pushing for the international/independent guys. That would also seem to mean to me that he and Rocky are indeed going to be teaming on that NJPW tour, which is totally weird.

Speaking about those jumps: Alex Koslov explains his jump on his mySpace page. Rocky Romero talks about never liking the Grey Shadow gimmick. AAA says DGMex is neither tecnico or rudo. Which means they’re rudo. updated with subs for Alex Koslov. Valiente is in the semifinal on Tuesday, Volador Jr. is in his place on Friday.

10/13: GDL, Campeons de la Lucha Libre, lineup

CMLL (SUN) 10/12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
4) Blue Panther & Sagrado b Ephesto & Mephisto [Torneo Corona, quarterfinal]
5) Damián 666 & Texano Jr. b La Sombra & Metalik [Torneo Corona, quarterfinal]
6) La Sombra & Metalik b Ephesto & Mephisto [Torneo Corona, semifinal]
7) Marco Corelone b Lizmark Jr.

Marco took it in two falls. Lizmark got DQed in the first for excessive violence, Corelone won the second with his feet on the ropes.

Dragon Rojo Jr. says Los Campeones de la Lucha Libre is a tribute not just to him, but to all Mexican wrestling. Satanico, Olimpico, Maximo, Hijo de Faraon and La Mascara are mentioned as attending the premiere over the weekend. Do Lagurernos not stick together when it comes to movie watching? El Manana relates Eddie Chan and Lili Chan meeting Dragon Rojo Jr. for the first time, just the Friday before the show.

Al Filo del Ring talks to Oriental about his career. He says he’s talking to NOAH. Since she’s wrestling again, Oriental would also like the bring Esther Moreno back to AAA to help counter the Apaches. In her interview, Esther talks about coming back to win her first world championship, challenging Amapola to a match but not ruling out going to AAA.

Martha Villalobos, during her collection of items for hurricane victims, talked about her career with Notimex. She plans on retiring “esta proxima” due to issues with her knees. Martha says foreigners, ladders and tables are killing AAA and putting the end to the real sport. Villaobos talks about the wacky hardcore matches she’s seen in Japan and thinks the worst of that is coming to Mexico next.

SoloLuchas has interviews with Xochitl Hamada and La Roca. No, no that one, the indy luchador. There’s also a profile of Los Espantos.

Aerostar, signing autographs.

AAA CANTU (MON) 10/13 Arena Caminos Nuevo Laredo [RFC]
1) Black Fenix, Principe Diamante, Street Boy vs Black Mamba, Oscuridad, Violento
2) Rio Bravo, Tiger Cota, Tito Santana II vs Babe Rap, Billy Boy, Pimpinela Escarlata
3) Hombre Sin Miedo, Laredo Kid, Silver King vs Antifaz del Norte, Joe Lider, X-Fly
4) Alan Stone & Alex Koslov vs Chessman & Zorro

Alex is on the road immediately. X-Fly lives! That’s the Laredo Kid return match. Antifaz seems to be in and out AAA on a weekly basis, maybe he’s just here as a local.

indy (THU) 10/16 Arena Olimpico Laguna de Gomez Palacio [el siglo de torreon]
1) Aguila Negra & New Warriro vs Camorra & Detector Jr.
2) Calaquita & Mini Maximo vs Pentagoncito & Ricky Estrada
3) Sexy Libre & Sexy Piscis vs Dulce Paola & Sexy Francis
4) Angel de Oro, Hijo del Fantasma, Sagrado vs Epsnto V, Guerrero Inca, Último Guerrero

This is the first 54th anniversary show for the building, which opened on October 28, 1954. They plan on running more anniversary celebrations on the 23rd and the 30th. Javier Dipp is quoted here – is he the building’s promoter?

FILL (SUN) 10/19 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [RFC]
1) Red Flamer vs Red Rebeld, Corazon Adicto, Angel Negro, Black Diamond, Panterita Ring II, Justiciero, Pedro Najavas [cage, mask, hair]
2) Latin Heart & Sexy King vs Criminal & Dr. Tormenta
3) Golden Boy, Huracan Ramirez Jr., Sangre Chicana vs Pancho Tequila, Rey Demonio Jr., Simbolo [FILL TRIOS]
4) Hator vs Sangre Chicana [FILL MIDDLE]
5) Intocable, Juventud Guerrera, Toscano vs Aventurero, Ghefar, Sergio Romo Jr.

Hator’s listed as the current champ. No current champ is listed in the trios match; last time I have a record for this titles, it was Casanova, Humberto Garza Jr., and Principe Franky. Juvi’s girlfriend Lizzy Valentin is referee in his match.

Luchaworld has Robert on 04/22/06 CMLL, 04/29/08 CMLL, and04/07/06 AAA.