Alex Koslov is the next jump to AAA

It’s been mentioned in the comments and other websites, but I figure AAA putting a picture pretty much confirms he’s the new member of D-Generation-Mex. This doesn’t seem as good a move as Romero; when/if these guys get lost in the mix, I think Alex ends up with a lower position than he had in CMLL. But I hope I’m wrong and it works out great; Alex is a friend of the site enough to do a podcast a while back, so I’m still rooting for him.

Don’t think he’s finally winning that title any time soon, though. AAA’s gotta create another one, or put one of the other ones they have back in play.

I think this is a better deal for AAA then Romero, because Alex has been built up enough to mean something over a long enough under they name they’re going to use.

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CMLL FSE #111 (09/21)

taped 09/14, aired 09/21

If I was a conscious type who was focused on timely recaps, I’m fairly certain this teaser would’ve gone differently. Then again, it would’ve been largely irrelevant even at the time it was written, and I can still make the same points.

I really enjoyed the Grey Shadow/Alex Koslov team so much, for the two weeks it lasted. They were doing so much ‘wrong’ that it really made it right. Even though both guys have been around here for quite a while, ti felt like two modern US indy guys were plopped down in the middle of Mexico City with some idea of the lucha style and the intention to keep doing what they knew how to do. Instead of the usual recitation of today’s opponents in their promo, we got a very indy-ish tecnico one with two guys so excited to be wrestling that they’re talking over each other. Instead of one tecnico in the ring going taking a moment of rudo offense then going thru his weekly showcase of offense, they showed off rapid fire double teams and moments of actual inspiration. Alex and Shadow appeared as though they were actually happy to be there, happy to be teaming, and not running a countdown timer in their head, tracking how long they had until they had to get some place.

There was actual LIFE in the ring, and it was a beautiful thing to see.

Now, I know Everyone Hates Rocky Romero and I’m not here to stop you from doing that, if that’s what you do. I gather a lot of it isn’t anything against the man himself, but to some extent he seems a lesser version of other wrestlers in the indy scene. But those wrestlers aren’t the ones he’s being seen against in Mexico – it’s more tolerable to be a 2nd tier Bryan Danielson when there are no other Danielsons around, and when everyone is trying to be another person.

That’s the other big problem here. Everyone tecnico in CMLL tries to be Mistico, and everyone rudo in CMLL tries to be Averno*. Some people are better at it the other people, but almost no one tries to do anything else. Mistico vs Averno is even starting to get a bit old when they do it, and seeing it twice a week every week by 3 guys a side gets tremendously boring. I don’t know if it’s because that’s what the people in charge want to see from the wrestlers so that’s only who gets picked up, or if it’s because that’s what the wrestlers believe will get them better positions in the company (probably both), but it’s unbelievably numbing**. They’re not giving me a storyline to distinguish each guy, they’re not giving me a wrestling style to distinguish the guys, they’re just giving out different gear.

Back during this match, I was so hoping this would this trio would become a running group. Not just because it’s be nice to have actual TEAMS on the rudo side, but because maybe some of Alex and Grey’s inherent indy wackiness would rub off on La Mascara. Maybe, just maybe, he’d stop wrestling like the 12th best Mistico clone in the company*** and mutate into something different and unique itself.

I don’t know how it’s going to work out for Rocky in AAA. I think he’ll make out money wise better, at least at first, but given the disuse of Silver King since his jump, plus D-Generation-Mex apparently being Yet Another Rudo Stable That Doesn’t Get Along With The Million Other Rudo Stables, I don’t have super high hopes. Before he slips into the ether of AAA’s midcard, I do want to thank him for these couple of matches on FSE. In a world with scores of guys being different versions of off-white and scores of other guys being different versions of dark gray, it was delightful to see some green. I dare not suggest you were the best green ever, but it was freaking awesome to know I wasn’t going colorblind.

(opener was eh.)

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download entire show (303 MB)

* – yea, I know this is an overstatement. Every Perro tries to wrestle like Perro Sr.! Actually, there’s plenty of guys who don’t work as those types because it doesn’t make sense – Marco! – or are old enough to have trust in working as their own style, or are women and minis who have no choice but to wrestle as who they are and are so much better of for it

** – it’s also quite possible that lucha has passed me by and it’s time to move on. Though I do recall a time where everything wasn’t one dimensional.

*** – this smells like a list

10/10: Black Warrior, Mistico, lucha TV, notes

Other people not going anywhere at least until 2009: Black Warrior, who refutes the rumors about him, but only for the next three months or so. Unlike the guy who runs the promotion he works for, Black Warrior thinks the boom is falling apart! Smart dresser = smart man. Warrior thinks it’s because of lack of variety in matches and little follow up on rivalries, but specifically does not blame the programmers – they succeed as a whole company or they fail as a whole company. TeleviasDeportes has a column from Warrior, who talks about finding out his uncle was a wrestler and all the sports he participated in as an amateur.


Not doing anything until 2009: Mistico. SickMistico on the Box Y Lucha foro was nice enough to type up the story from Box Y Lucha, where Mistico says he won’t return until Janurary now due to (as Chui said in the comments) a girl tugging on his arm asking for an autograph. That probably means he wasn’t going to be around long before he got hurt again anyway, if it only took that to put him on the shelf. Mistico makes time to cut promos on Wagner (can’t draw) and Villano V (Mistico is SURE there was a switch in the mask match).

Ovaciones reports on WWE RAW being moved to after AAA on Sundays (though they actually list it with the current time slot, so I’m confused.) They also say this starts next week, while AAA said it starts this week. They cite ratings for RAW being less than SmackDown, though it doesn’t seem to explain why moving it two hours later would help those ratings. Arturo Rivera’s column goes more in depth, saying this week’s lucha ratings went in order

1) SmackDown
2) RAW
3) AAA

Arturo doesn’t mention the ratings for the top two shows, but says AAA is around a 6.9 or 7, and CMLL is around a 3 or 4. No idea how close AAA is to RAW, which would be of most interest. These are first week ratings, so it’d also be interesting to see if it’s a big bump for the premier or if these numbers start to slip. The lucha numbers don’t seem that off from usual (perhaps Arturo just meant those are the typical numbers), and it’s always important to remember that the only number CMLL appears to care about is the number of tickets sold on Friday nights.

Arturo also writes about the Pena urn angle, thanks CMLL for so underusing Romero that he jumped while patting AAA on the back for Aerostar and Super Fly pushes, and blames CMLL for their own downturn in attendance.

LuchandoLibre also takes the viewpoint that the decline in lucha libre turnout has more to do with the companies than what’s on TV and comes up with some solutions.

SuperLuchas talks about 100% Lucha and notes their ratings triple WWE’s show there.

Dr. Wagner: “Remember back when is said I wasn’t intersted in teaming with Blue Panther? I’m rethinking it!” Panther has to stay on top, fight with courage and connect with the people for Wagner to do this, though. Wagner also wants a mask match with Mr. Niebla.

CMLL Mexico previews: ESTO, notimex. Main event is teasing the Panther/UG hair vs mask match they don’t appear to have any real interest in doing, semimain is to build up Lizmark/Corelone for next week. The ESTO articles notes tickets for next week are already on sale. They’re 50 pesos more expensive for the closest seats and up for all the numbered seats, but the same price for all the general admission seats.

Diraio de Queretaro previews tonight’s taping there.

The 8 way mask match Sunday in Pachuca is getting some press. This is why you send a press release to everyone (except me, apparently. So unloved.)

In a press conference to hype a Durango AAA show on Sunday (“unless they die or are injured, the scheduled AAA wrestlers will be here”), Pantera is mentioned as soon joining AAA. He talks about having a mask/hair match with Abismo Negro soon, so I don’t know much I believe this.

AAA is teasing Shelly Martinez (ex-WWE as Ariel, ex-TNA as Salinas) as the newest member of D-Generation-Mex. As everyone noticed except AAA, and SuperLuchas caputured in a screen shot, the article originally featued a picture of WWE’s Mickie James, not Martinez. And it was a WWE picture, which they’re surely not authorized to use. The picture has been fixed so someone did figure it out. I do wonder if this is just like the Shocker/Olimpico/Tarzan/Bucanero bit, where they’re stirring up stuff by playing off rumors and end up doing something else.

In other AAA news, there’s a write up of the Pena mass, which oddly notes 70% of the roster turned out. SoloLucha has interviews with Marcela Pena and Konnan – Konnan’s vowing to smoke Pena’s ashes if his demands aren’t met.

AAA also mentions Psicosis II’s opponent in Germany on 11/01, Steve Douglas, and says Silver King is working on another movie, one which doesn’t appear to have a name. AAA also has more autograph signing over the weekend.

The Gladiatores also has recaps of 10/02 IWRG, indy shows on 10/03 featuring Mil Mascaras and Villano V, the NWA Mexico show, 10/05 Arena Neza, 10/05 Arena Emiliano Zapata and 10/05 Waukegan as well as a write up on the lucha libre museum exhibit and a video interview with Danger

kcidis celebrates the Oficials.

SuperLuchas profiles Samot Kol, who a best new rudo award.

The red carpet premiere of Los Campeones de la lucha libre is this Sunday (SuperLuchas was giving away tickets there), and it opens next Friday.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update. Segunda Caida writes about a July 2007 IWRG.

Dos Caras Jr. staying in CMLL until (at least) ’09

And then? Well, from this ESTO article, it sounds like Dos is only going to WWE if he gets a better ($$$$) deal; the third offer he’s received is close but he feels they’re treating him like a rookie and he’s a star. Dos has no idea if WWE will come back with another offer.

Dos and CMLL (Paco Alonso) have settled their differences and are on “the best terms”, though Dos notes that doesn’t meant he still won’t end up leaving. Though he could stay. Though he could leave. Though he could just have himself a good sandwich and call it a day. The possibilities are endless, except for a definite decision being made and a conclusion to this story.

I think he’s staying for good at this point, but who knows.