Lucha Listen-In Podcast #1’s Tony Galvan and I have started a new lucha libre podcast. We taped the first episode about a week ago, and it’s now up to listen right here. It’s a post-Anniversary look at where CMLL and AAA are right and now and where thing are going.

Let me know what you think. The plan right now is to do these monthly. Thanks to Tony for setting this up.

2 thoughts to “Lucha Listen-In Podcast #1”

  1. Seemed like you had 15-20min of worthwhile discussion then just expanded it to 42min for some reason.

    But it was good.

    And yes, Jack and Teddy are greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.

  2. The Psycho Circus seems to be something that worked better than they expected, a while ago, they showed up over here in the undercard against local guys, the locals were “this close” to winning so the return match drew by itself as the fans were hoping their local heroes to “end the streak”. I assume the same has happened else where. Of course this kind of thing only works for AAA fans, as other guys surely know that will end at a huge show, and not in a run of the mill tiny house show.

    For the TV show, they can’t use them, if they job them, their appeal at house shows dies, and if they beat high profile guys, it kills their heat.

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