10/11-12 Lucha Times

box FWIW, if you like it when I go off on rants in the guise of setting up a recap, you’re going to like the next two days.

AAA: Verano de Escandalo! Never did hear what aired when, but the mega title match is for sure this week and everything else is a solid guess.

52MX: minis match and random main event tecnicos vs random main event rudos

FSE: Loco vs Tony in a hair match, Perros vs ShadowMictlan/Sagrado/Volador


CMLL: 1:45. one more Dos Caras appearance?

AAA-MEX: despite what AAA’s said, they’re still listing as starting at 5 this week. They’re back up to 3 hours, next week seems to be back to normal, and it’s always likely this week’s guides still have it back at the old starting time. You’re basically on your own, but you will be getting the taping this past Sunday with Konnan’s urn snatching, the Stones reunited and Cibernetico/Parka/Super Fly vs Jack/Teddy/Zorro.

C3: mask match, tecnicos vs Pesta Negra

CMLL FSE #110 (09/14)

taped 09/07, aired 09/14

So. In the past, I’ve been down on Lady Apache because she’s seems to be pushed more on the prestige of her past successes than where you’d rank her abilities right now among the current roster. (It’s probably better for business that way, but you’ll forgive me if I sometimes care about what’s more interesting over what makes more money.) In the midst of begrudging her, I didn’t give her enough respect for what she still does in the ring, and she did pretty good here. The Amapola/Marcela matches were better, but this is nothing to be sad about.


This title match was in the process of being build up anyway, but it still feels like a booking correction – as if the hair match at Sin Piedad was out of the normal female booker’s control, and they quickly wanted to re-establish Amapola as the top wrestler. Which she did, totally clean here.

BTW: Lady Apache Was Right – if the minis and the women are the only ones going to do mat wrestling, then they ought to be on the anniversary show. And it seems like only the women and the minis who have blow off matches with clean finishes too.

For his experience in CMLL and his level, I think Dragon Rojo is doing perfectly fine. I don’t know if I trust him on his own in a big singles match, but then the list is small for guys around these parts I would trust.

full show (306 MB)

Ovaciones attacks WWE

The most intersting story of the day was one I skipped over this morning; Ovaciones ripping WWE, and putting up big photos of Rey Misterio unmasked. That link takes you to the text version (which seem to show up in the afternoon), so you can google translate if you’d like.

The article is not written by the normal lucha libre reporter, but by Edgar Vallero Berrospe, who seems to normally cover national futbol. He seems pretty sure allowing WWE to air in Mexico will ruin lucha libre, will push out Mexican wrestling and the jobs it creates, and generally deceives the public. The last point is illustrated by the giant picture of Rey unmasked, going into detail about when and how he lost his mask and pointing out he was born in the US not Mexico, all the while calling him a fraud.

Berrospe goes on to accuse Televisa and TV Azteca of comitting treason for airing the WWE matches (which he states are fixed (!!)), because they’re paying for WWE TV while they don’t pay for CMLL or AAA. It doesn’t make a lot sense, because he notes at the same time that CMLL and AAA just make their money selling ad time during their show (which would be a lot of extra work for WWE.)

The article concludes something must be done to stop the WWE, or lucha libre will go the way of Mexican boxing and baseball.

The article has some issues
– they either say Ric Flair is nearing 70, or has wrestled for nearly 70 years (neither which has anything to do with anything else)
– Vince McMahon Sr. is prasied as the man who promoted “real immortal figures of wrestling” like Tiger Mask, Hulk Hogan, and Ring Fujinami.

This feels like a promotion (or two) inspired hit piece to build sentiment against WWE. I mean, it’s defintely a hit piece, but it seems odd this isn’t coming from a normal lucha writer unless it was prompted that way.

No one was writing these articles when they were on 52MX, which says as much for the compartive reach of the networks as anything.