10/07: Mexico preview, notes

Today’s Arena Mexico card:

Goddess vs Sujei

CMLL (TUE) 10/07 Arena Mexico
1) Apocalipsis, Ramstein, Super Comando vs Angel de Oro, Astro Boy, Sombra de Plata
2) Hijo del Faraon, Metálico, Tigre Blanco vs Euforia, Halcon Negro, Nosferatu
3) Felino, Misterioso II, Vangelis vs Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, La Sombra
4) Goddess vs Princesa Sujei [mask]
5) Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs Blue Panther, Dr. Wagner Jr., Héctor Garza

Ovaciones, Reforma, SoloLuchas, ESTO, Deporte1 and Notimex all preview today’s Arena Mexico card with a focus on the hair match. Yay for getting press! It’s a Fan Appreciate 30 pesos to sit anywhere show.

This was asked in the comments over the weekend and I never got to it, so I might as well get to it here – I still think Goddess is losing her mask. CMLL seems to have a core group of women (Amapola, Marcela, Lady Apache, Dark Angel, Princesa Sujei, I’m probably forgetting someone) who can lose to each other but aren’t losing big matches to anyone outside the group. If this was just about establishing Goddess closer to that level, they could’ve had her feud with Rosa Negra or Seductora or another person outside the protected group, same as when India Sioux got her big win over Medussa. Goddess beating Princesa Sujei doesn’t seem plausible as her first big step unless Goddess had been on a metoric rise and impressing everyone, which doesn’t seem the case.

This feud seems to be following the pattern of Amapola & Diana la Cazadora, where Diana didn’t seem to be working out they way they hoped and CMLL just decided to cut their losses by having her lose big on her way out. The victories have been back and forth, but the build in the press has been all lopsided for Sujei, with everyone making it clear that Goddess is not on her level and may be finishing up here. (In ESTO, it reads that Goddess is leaving even if she wins!)

There’s a lot of little reasons. If Sujei’s going to lose, shouldn’t she lose her mask to Dark Angel in a revenge match? The way they keep bringing that up in this feud, I’ve got to figure they’re going back to that at some point. Goddess isn’t going to be hurt as much long term; she’s supposedly nice looking under the mask and she’s probably wrestling unmasked after leaving Mexico anyway.

Of course, this is not too dissimilar to Villano V/Panther (though the press there was a failed attempt at convincing people they were on the same level) or Loco/Tony (except no one cared), and I was the one who thought Sujei was losing her mask a couple months ago. There’s nothing stopping CMLL from doing the wrong finish again. Still, Sujei seems to be as strong a favorite as you’re going to get.

Ultimo Guerrero says he wants Panther’s hair, both Villanos masks and Dr. Wagner’s mask. It’s good to want things. Speaking of high hopes, Villano V wants a mask match with Mistico in late October or early November; no waiting until next year for him.

There’s not a lot else going on here. Niebla/Wagner continues to exist, slightly. We should start a Halcon Negro replacement guessing game. I’m taking Arkangel!

It won’t be Amapola – she underwent knee surgery, and will be out a few weeks.

An article about Sunday’s Arena Coliseo Reynosa show notes the attendence was way down.

AAA’s recap of Sunday’s taping doesn’t have much new, except for an inferiority complex with WWE. In Reforma, it sounds like Romero did tell CMLL he was leaving, though after he no-showed Coliseo and possibly after he debuted. AAA promises another big surprise for this Friday. Perhaps they’ll get around to announcing an actual match for the Pena show?

Another goodbye to El Toreo.

Guerreros del Ring #160 has Groon XXX

AAA and the Tijuana Box Y Lucha comission donated masks and lucha tickets to the local child protection organization.

WrestlingObserver has the AAA recap. Luchaworld has KrisZ’s news update.