10/03 overnight update

Dos Caras Jr. to WWE

Dos Caras Jr. expects to sign with WWE tomorrow or Saturday, and he’s got no problem ripping CMLL on the way out the door.

If you recall, back when this story first broke, it was right before CMLL announced the CMLL Spain tour. At the time, Dos intimated the news getting out had caused some issues in his relationship Paco Alonso and CMLL Management. Turns out, once CMLL found out Dos was talking with WWE, the relationship was done. Dos stuck around to work out the rest of his contracted dates, but it sounds like there were very hurt feelings on both sides. Dos rips management without really being specific, saying they’re “doing bad things” (poor communication seems to be an issue), blaming CMLL for general discontent with the locker room.

Dos makes it clear that he fully planned on leaving the CMLL Heavyweight Title with CMLL on his way out, because it’s their title. It doesn’t sound CMLL was particularly interested in getting it back, or having him drop it in a title. “CMLL has no rivals for me to defend this belt.” I don’t think he’s saying no one in CMLL is on his level, it’s that CMLL hasn’t had any challenge him.

Dos is looking at doing farewell to Mexico shows in Tijuana and SLP. He’s done in Arena Mexico. No start date for WWE is mentioned, and it’s still impossible to figure.

A couple points to make
– Sicodelico Jr.’s almost positively going to CMLL as well.
– doesn’t sound CMLL made any attempt to keep him
– if CMLL knew Dos was going, why did they give him a spot on the anniversary show? That seems extremely dumb, there surely would’ve been someone else thrilled to have the spot.
– I think the Lizmark/Corelone feud was planned to have a hair match blowoff – it seems headed that way, and it seems like there’s people booking for the own day of the week shows without any knowledge of what else is going with only occasional oversight or communication – but they might as well might that title match then doing a pointless tournament. The belt means zero right now, don’t waste time on deciding a new champ.

Of course, Dos might not be the only done here…

AAA teases a CMLL jump

Just in case they remove it, here’s the poll currently on AAA’s site:


They’re asking which one of these guys will be the big surprise on AAA’s show this Sunday. They can worm out of it or even just ignore it later, but at the moment, they’re pretty much saying one of these four guys is showing up at the TV taping.

why it won’t be them:
– Tarzan Boy and Shocker are currently independent guys, but both who’ve expressed a strong desire to return to CMLL. Shocker’s said as much in the last week.
– Olimpico and Rey Bucanero are working for CMLL; there’s no telling if they’re actually under a contracted, but they surely have contracted dates.

why it will be them:
– Tarzan’s been on the outside a long time and probably could use the steady employment. Shocker didn’t say he wouldn’t go back to AAA when he asked.
– Rey Bucanero has been the subject of quite a few AAA jump rumors since his tecnico turn
– Olimpico was ticked to be off the anniversary show

where they’re supposed to be on Sunday
– Olimpico is part of a tag tourny in GDL
– Shocker headlines the Scorpio benefit show at Arena Emilano Zapata
– Rey Bucanero wrestled last Sunday, and has no known future matches. Doesn’t mean he’s absolutely not working, just not in a show that’s on our radar. (Odd factoid: he’s only worked Coliseo, Mexico and Puebla this month, so he may not be working small shows.)
– Tarzan works the NWA Mexico show on Saturday, but has nothing for Sunday.

what impact they’d make
– Olimpico: little. Taking Niebla’s role is probably the best to hope for, and can’t imagine him as a tecnico
– Rey Bucanero: moderate, depending on how quick they lose interest
– Tarzan Boy: same – can’t seem to find much to do with Alan Stone, what are they going to do with an older version one the jump wears off?
– Shocker: moderate, because it’d be hard to trust him at this point

If I had to pick any of them, I’d guess Tarzan Boy because he’s probably given up on waiting for CMLL. But, my real pick is none of the above. It might be some other outsider (surprised they didn’t throw in Black Warrior, though a ex-WWE to capitalize on RAW moving in would make more sense), but I think this is mostly done to cause rumors, speculation, and discontent inside of CMLL. It’ll be the buzz of the internet and people will be ticked if it’s not a jump, but this is going be something much more known to people inside the business than the average fan watching AAA when this taping airs next weekend. The speculation isn’t going sell tickets or increase ratings, but it’s going to tick off CMLL and AAA’s always counting that as a win.

This is also a brilliant way to take the spotlight off AAA acknowledging their timeslot is being moved and cut. And this sucks for the guys named who aren’t jumping.

Let’s take a moment to note how hilarious/CMLL-rific it would be for Bucanero to jump, and CMLL to lose it’s Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion in one weekend. If I had any faith in NWA Mexico to do better, forget the idea I suggest yesterday afternoon – they should just point out how much a joke titles are in CMLL, how titles go seasons (or years!) without being defending, say they’re not champions worth recognizing, and move on.

CMLL puts date to Goddess/Princesa Sujei mask match

CMLL (TUE) 10/07 Arena Mexico [the Punisher Wagner @ el Martinete]
1) Apocalipsis & Ramstein vs Angel de Oro & Astro Boy
2) Hijo del Faraon, Metálico, Tigre Blanco vs Bronco III, Euforia, Nosferatu
3) Ephesto, Misterioso II, Vangelis vs Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, La Sombra
4) Goddess vs Princesa Sujei [mask]
5) Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs Blue Panther, Dr. Wagner Jr., Héctor Garza

This is CMLL’s first Tuesday show of the month, so it’ll be a discount show. That’s also probably why the mask match is happening this week as well as the other better than usual matches. CMLL determines success by the number of people in Arena Mexico seats; even with as underpaid the guys are, this particular show surely can not be making them money, but if it looks decent for once they’ll probably be happy.

I feel pretty safe picking Sujei. Well, I’d feel pretty safe picking Sujei, because having Goddess beating Sujei would make as much sense as Villano V beating Blue Panther and we sure found that one out.

Regardless, this probably isn’t the losers farewell – Diana la Cazadora worked the next week and twice more after her hair match. Even if Goddess is headed back to Canada, they’ll surely keep her around for a week so everyone can see her unmasked.

24 thoughts to “10/03 overnight update”

  1. Wow 3 interesting news stories tonight.

    Dos going to WWE: I think it’s for the best. It doesn’t hurt to try and if he doesn’t make it, You know TNA or AAA would take him in a heartbeat.

    Surprise AAA: IF it’s going to be any of them, I would think it would be Toscano. I really wish it would be Bucanero but I just don’t think he’s that stupid to piss off CMLL.

    Mask match: I would say No doubt that Goddess is losing but after the Panther result, You can’t say no doubt again about Mask matches.

  2. I love Dos ripping CMLL before he leaves. Not that they don’t deserve it but there goes another Mexican thinking Vince will give them the world and in 2 months when he’s jobbing on the weekend shows to some roidhead he’ll be whining about racism to the Mexican Press and planning his “save face” story when he finally gets released. Me thinks Dos will go with “my passport expired.”

  3. ” I don’t think he’s saying no one in CMLL is on his level”

    He does, I wonder if he really thinks that. Discontent in CMLL? Nah, if Dave doesn’t mention it, it should not exists, heck, “they must be doing something right”. The main problem is that CMLL shows have gotten too expensive and local promoters are better booking indies, Wagner is very expensive, but he’s a bargain compared to a CMLL show, where you have to hire 8-12 CMLL guys and it all comes down to only one guy of those drawing (and even that guy might not be enough of a draw), so the frecuency of shows have decreased and guys are not happy about the money now.

    Dos also mentions the low gates CMLL is getting, but that is bound to happen as long as the economy is doing badly and it seems it will keep getting worse. The boxing show from last Saturday bombed with only 10,000 fans with a similar papering than the anniv show.

  4. Robert is right about the jobbing stuff. I just wonder if they are thinking about brining him in without his mask.

  5. What weekend shows Rob? WWE doesn’t have weekend shows except for recap.

    I don’t see how Dos will be jobbing out. Well at least for the first couple of months. WWE needs big roided up mexicans and Dos is one of them. I’m shocked they haven’t gone after Lizmark or Olympico yet. And I doubt they will have him drop his mask, if he gets over, it will be a big seller. Plus, he’ll probably be on the b show, Smackdown so as long as he’s a babyface, he won’t have to do much. They will just pipe in some crowd noise and the announcers will push him as the next Rey jr. or the Nephew of Mil Mascaras.

  6. Tim: I don’t watch WWE but I’m gonna rip them to shreds anyways. It’s Dave Meltzer-syndrome.

    Zellner: ReyBu is such a dorky name.:P

    Dos Jr. just comes off as this guy with a huge attitude that thinks he is already owed the world for some reason. I can totally see him being pissed when he’s asked to job for the first time and eventually molded into a trained monkey being told what spots to do, when to do them, how to stand, when to pose for the crowd, etc.

  7. I’m wondering why the general concensus on here is that Goddess will be dismissed from CMLL? From what I’ve heard, CMLL is always hoping to find new foreign womens talent.

    Plus Goddess trains with Gladiador, Satanico and “Columbo” so she must be in the office’s good books.

  8. @ LLL: “Robert is right about the jobbing stuff”

    see i dont really see him jobbing regularly. he’ll lose some matches, but he’ll also win a bunch as well. WWE isnt the same as it used to be and its not like Dos is coming from WWE’s competition. look at what WWE’s done with established talent that they’ve brought in this year:

    – Eddie Colon – currently one half of the Smackdown Tag Team Champions.
    – Matt Sydal – currently getting a good push.
    – Ron Killings – getting a great push and will be winning the U.S. Title very soon.
    – Ted Dibiase Jr. – currently one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions.
    – D’lo Brown – was in Intercontinental title picture, doesnt wrestle full-time. it should be noted that he came from WWE’s competition, TNA, so he will be buried and released in a few months.
    – Colt Cabana – turned into a comedy wrestler, which he said he’s happy with.

    i really dont see Dos getting buried. i can actually see Ron Killings vs. Dos Caras Jr. for the US Title on a ppv card actually happening.

  9. @Bruce: Well, Robert said, “for the first time” which means he’ll get a chance, but end up eventually jobbing. Like Paul Birchall. He was getting the push with the incest gimmick, but it’s dead, and he’s getting pinned on RAW.

  10. @Peter Porker: “I’m wondering why the general concensus on here is that Goddess will be dismissed from CMLL?”

    What? Are you MENTAL?

    In all seriousness, I think we’re all just HOPING she gets released. She’s quite awful. She should still be training rather than being allowed to work big shows and make a fool of herself. I’m sure she’d be much better if she had been kept off TV and just devoted all her time to training with Satanico, Gladiador and “Columbo”. I’ve always heard their training style is the best in the world. Shame there is nobody who posts on this site who has been through it and could describe it…

  11. @LLL: Incest gimmick??? Geez. And here I thought it was mean to come right out and say WWE fans are the lowest form of human beings on the planet. It’s not mean at all. It’s true!

  12. Birchall was with WWE for 6 years before getting that small push, which was more to put Katie Lea over than Birchall. Birchall is a great wrestler and one of the best in the company, but he doesnt fit there and he isnt what they want. but when he got demoted he did stay in OVW making peanuts for 4 years instead of going back to England (where he is a top star)so they reward him by letting him stick around and wrestle 2 minute matches on Raw.

    i really doubt Dos Caras Jr. would do the same. also Birchall was only known outsde of England because of his finsher, C4 Hotwired. he wasnt really a well known international wrestler. Dos Caras Jr. is well known and very established. i’m not saying Dos will main event ppvs, but he wont be fed to anyone in squash matches either. WWE has a ton of ind guys making next to nothing that they promote to do those things. the arent paying Dos to come in and wrestle squash matches. i dont know how much he is getting, but its high enough to make him leave Mexico and damage his relationship with CMLL. he’s not getting that kind of money to job in 30 second squash matches.

  13. *L* Fair enough.

    But to clarify… WWE fans are NOT the lowest form of humans on earth. Apparently the writers that came up with that idea are. The fans of a product that presents something like that are only ALMOST just as low.

  14. @Bruce: Birchall has been with WWE for some time, but it took forever until he got the push.

    2Caras will probably be microwaved so he’s ready faster, as WWE needs a latino star. And as Tim suggested, I agree he should be tied in with Mil for cred.

    I go to the FCW shows every week when I’m in Tampa, and see how they’re training the guys. 12 matches in 2 hrs. with intermission, so short matches. Lots of armbars, dropkicks, and flying bodypresses. Athletically, 2Caras can cut it. I like 2Caras, and suggested a year ago that he defend the title regularly against opponents like Lizmark, Corleone, and Terrible. But that’s Mexico. He’s not established here.

    But Mexicans tend to struggle connecting with American fans. Rey Jr. is American. Juvi did connect, but his personal problems buried him.

  15. I tell ya, The mask will help him. Kids love that type of stuff. You should know keith since your the voice of Latin American fans. Kids buy Rey Jr. masks by the hundreds. I think it will be much easier for him to get over than Psicosis or Juvi did. All he needs to know is a little english and he’ll be fine.

    Comparing Dos to Burchill is a little off. Burchill’s not over because he doesn’t know how to adapt to the WWE style. He was ok with the Pirate gimmick till Vince cut that off. Vince doesn’t need more bland english guys like him or Drew McIntyre. They need more roided up Mexicans like Dos, Especially if they want to do serious business in Mexico. And No, I don’t mean 25 shows a year like some people are suggesting which is ridiculous.

  16. @Bruce: WWE already runs about 12 shows a year in Mexico. With tv deals on Azteca on Televisa, it’s not ridiculous to suggest they will double their presense in house shows. Towns like TJ, Mexicali, Queretaro, Leon, Torreon, Chihuahua, Puebla, Acapulco, SLP, Aguascalientes, and Cd. Madero will all be more likely to succeed with WWE’s new tv deal.

  17. @Bruce: Sadly, Sydal and DiBiase both did clean jobs this week on tv. I think 2Caras will at least be given a chance, mainly due to his size.

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