CMLL FSE #104 (08/03)

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taped 07/27, aired 08/03

Despite the referee confusing everyone, despite Loco Max being the world’s worst cornerman (seriously, what the heck), this title match was still a pretty good match. I put the hair match ahead of it, but I give both lots of credit for working two different singles matches in a short time. Most guys seem to be working the same exact match with everyone, these two figured out how to do different things with the same opponent.

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Is there an advantage because they’re paired more often than open weight guys who’d be feuding? I do know that I’m voting Pequeno Damian 666 as my luchador of the year unless someone gives me a good opposing reason.

Alex & Grey are MAGIC, but I’ve got another show where I can go off on that in great length.

(I’m setting this to post while I’m off watching the Game. If anyone wants to turn this into another thread about how minis don’t draw on FSE without also providing mountains of actual evidence and zero antecodes – which has absolutley nothing to do with any content in this post – you are risking being an easy target for an aggigated man. BEWARE!)

10/02: Juarez, NWA Mexico, Monterery

Ovaciones talks to Tony Rivera, who says Loco Max is a dangerous opponent who he’s going to defeat. Tony hopes this win will move him up in CMLL (noting he’s been there 10 years) and would like Satanico next.

Ángel Azteca Jr. & Sombra de Plata beat Semental & Zayco in Tuesday’s opener. Now you know!

AAA (SUN) 09/28 Poliforo Juan Gabriel, Juarez [thanks to albert cerda]
1) Espectro III & Hermes b ? & Rey Halcon
2) Maquina 45 Jr. & Samuray b Chucky & Rey America
3) Cinta de Oro, Pirata Morgan Sr., Rey Guerrero b Gato Eveready, Magno, Takeda
4) Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown DQ El Alebrije, Octagón, Super Porky
5) Cibernetico & La Parka Jr. b Kenzo Suzuki & Mesias

Show drew much better than the last CMLL show here – this was close to the sell out. (CMLL is back here with Park vs Wagner on 10/12.)

Princesa Sujei: likes punching Canadians/CMLL
Princesa Sujei: likes punching Canadians/CMLL

In the semimain, they did a finish where Porky fouled a clown, covered him, and got the three to end the undefeated streak (big reaction), but the referee changed his mind and awarded the DQ.

At the Arena Cuatro Caminos show, Parka Jr. met with a kid suffering from leukemia. Sounds like Laredo Kid and the local promoter set it up.

AAA says Psicosis (II) is heading to Germany on 11/01. Not sure who for. There’s gotta be someone from reading this who knows.

SuperLuchas says NWA Mexico is setting up a Adam Pearce vs Blue Demon for the NWA World Heavyweight for a future sure. That sounds about right for the third show, and I’m sure we’ll know after this week’s show. Speaking of, El Dandy wants to face Demon in a retirement match, defeat him (of course), and take over NWA Mexico. Blue Demon notes they normally go with mask versus hair, and if Dandy still wants one after their singles match enough to sign a contract, he will too.

Sticking with NWA Mexico but on the other end of the spectrum, SuperLuchas has a reall good interview with Black Spider. Spider is NWA Mexico’s “techinical advisor”, which basically means he’s the one in charge of deciding which guys get in their school (of 60 who tried, half were cut) and which of those get on to their shows. Skayde’s teaching at this school, Black Thunder, Turbo and Suicida are among those training here.

Confirming what was mentioned by Suicida last week, they’re planning on running a NWA Lightweight tournament at the next NWA Mexico show. (This would dovetail with Pearce/Demon for the Heavyweight title nicely, because you get to have NWA Officals on hand to make the new title nice and offical.) I am surprised that it’s going to be an NWA *World* Lightweight Championship; seeing as they’re unhappy with the other weight division titles being in Mexico for all time, why would they do the same thing agian?

And yes, there’s the usual “Demom COULD strip the CMLL holders of the NWA titles” bit. Since CMLL has now been using those titles without any concern for the NWA’s approval for decades already, I don’t think they’d react at all if they said anything (and it’d be a confusing lawsuit if they want that route.) The only way I can see this working – besides the obvious of CMLL champions working NWA shows – is if they set some public deadline for Averno, Sombra and Atlantis to defend their titles against an NWA approved challenger. CMLL still probably wouldn’t care, but NWA Mexico gets to publicly act like they tried to make this work and maybe a few days of articles about the promotion if they hype it right. You’ve got to make your empty gestures look like they mean something (that is the essence of professional wrestling.)

Do I get points for naming the NWA champions off the top of my head? I think I do! Does Atlantis even know he’s champion?

Marco Corelone says it’s about time to have the hair mask with Lizmark Jr.

indy (TUE) 09/30 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [RFC]
1) Bom Bom & Dama de Hierro b Angelica & Cybergata
2) Mini Tiger Universitario b Chico de Barrio & Coquito Amarillo
3) Karonte & Panthro b Black Soul & Kahoma Jr.
4) 5X & Rey Apostol b Golden Boy & Papichulo and Hermano Diablo I & Hermano Diablo II [UXF TAG]

This was the final, following up semifinal matches from 3 weeks ago.

indy (THU) 10/02 Arena Olimpico Laguna de Gomez Palacio [el siglo de torreon]
1) Camorra & Oso Negro Jr. vs Aguila Negra & Espacial
2) Brilalnte & Tackle vs Arana Cibernetica I & Arana Cibernetica I
3) Piloto Negro, Piloto Suicida, Sexy Piscis vs Chamuco Trevino, Escriba, Sexy Libra
4) Stuka I vs Mr. Guerrero [Coahuila LH]

Stuka’s defending this title here for the first time, but he’s done some with it in Torreon. The article lists it as the North Light Heavyweight championship but I think it’s the same title. And that’s your day in obscure regional titles.

SCORPIO TRIBUTE (SUN) 10/05 Arena Emiliano Zapata [LuchandoLibre]
1) Mini Flecha Verde vs Babe Star
2) King Dragon & Super Mayito vs Flecha Verde & Macho Jr.
3) Caramelo & Rey Fenix vs Alucin & Coyote Dorado
4) Carta Brava & Carta Brava Jr. vs Rambo Jr. & Super Colt
5) Halcon Diabolico I & Halcon Diabolico II vs Electrodo Jr. & Meteoro Kid [Emiliano Zapata TAG]
6) Emilio Charles Jr., Rambo, Shocker vs Máscara Sagrada, Super Muneco, Villano III

Another Scorpio benefit show.

Hoy Internet talks to the Bucio mask making family.

ESTO writes about the Jr. Capos as IWRG tag champs, and lucha libre as part of Mexican culture.

52MX is replacing WWE programming with TNA and kickboxing programming..

LuchaWorld has Robert one two episodes of July ’06 CMLL TV:

It’s only a matter of time before someone realizes “WTF, we’ve been booking Panther as a tecnico for the last 3 years?!?!?!?!?!”.

KrisZ’s news update is up too.