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CMLL (THU) 09/18 Arena Isabel de Cuervanca [Dark Atlantis @ el Martinete]
1) Dragon & Platita b Dr. Maldad & Pequeno Leopardo
2) Lady Apache & Marcela b Amapola & Princesa Sujei
3) Máximo, Metalik, Mictlan b Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca, Skandalo
4) Blue Panther, Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Park DQ Mr. Niebla, Texano Jr., Villano V

Park and Wagner couldn’t get along to cost themselves the second fall, but manged to get it together in the second and third. After they took out Texano and Niebla with dives, V5 yanked Panther’s mask for the DQ.

The big news is CMLL’s show being pulled off the PPV. SoloLuchas confirms it on their site, and there’s plenty of message board threads with people calling up to order and being turned down. Even the ad in Ovaciones says “No Sera Transmitido Por Sky”, so I’m thinking it won’t be on PPV.

Advertising the PPV and yanking it is very strange; based on this and the ticket slashing, they’re evidently most concerned with filling up Arena Mexico. The show will be part of the regular broadcast Saturday afternoon.

Best part of this lucha libre history/anniversary preview article? Villano V is angry with Villano I!. See, Villano I helped trained Blue Panther, and V5 thinks V1 taught Panther too much, because thirty years later he’s really hard to beat. V5 says he knew this was a problem way back when he was Rokambole and fighting Panther, but Villano I said it was to force V5 to be even better to one day defeat him.

It’s kinda sad that it took until the Friday of the show for someone to go back and find a story about Villano V and Blue Panther feuding in the past 30 years, instead of just saying acting as if it’s been a 30 year straight rivalry when nothing was going on until they started feuding this year. I’ve gone back and looked, and these two rarely cross paths this decade until this year; the only other stretch was after Villano III lost his mask and turned tecnico, when it was the Villanos teaming up against various rudos looking for revenge.

Blue Panther tells ESTO that he expects Villano V’s shoulder will be fine for tonight’s match. Villano V is hoping one of his brothers can be a second (or a third) along with Perro Jr.

Panther recalls his start in lucha libre to Box Y Lucha. “My first salary was 240 pesos; I became insane, I did not know what to with that money.”

Villano III mourns the demolition of El Toreo.

SuperLuchas has video interviews with both wrestlers. They also point to a YouTube comp of recent famous mask matches.

One who won’t be part of the anniversary show is Shocker, who spends a SoloLuchas interview, who hopes to be back in CMLL ASAP. Sounds like his departure wasn’t his choice. In Box Y Lucha, Shocker says he’s not even sure why he’s in trouble, but he’d like to be out of it. It sounds like the story that’s told a lot when people get dropped by CMLL; the office never tells them they’re done, they just stop calling them and returning phone calls.

India Sioux says she stepped away from the ring due to a broken nose suffered in the cibernetico for the national title (May 2007); she didn’t/could get it fixed, her nose became congested when she’d train, and she couldn’t breath. India wasn’t sure if wrestling was for her, so she took time off to rehab and strength her relationship to her husband. She decided to come back a couple weeks ago, asked CMLL to give her four weeks to get back into shape, and CMLL booked her the next week.

kcidis picks Blue Panther

An AAA lineup for Tijuana lists Cibernetico vs Chessman in a cage match. Note that Mesias is in Cibernetico’s corner. (How do you have seconds in a cage match? You have people who are running in, for sure.) The very next day, with most of the same crew, Chessman is working as a tecnico, teaming with La Parka Jr. So either AAA thinks matches where partners are obviously turning on each other are good main events, or they can’t decide from one day to the next who’s on who’s side.

This week’s Wrestling Observer says Hart Foundation II was supposed to win the tag titles at Verano de Escandalo, but they were instead given to Nicho & Lider due to disciplinary reasons.

If you don’t want to travel to Mexico City, there’s lucha libre in Santo Domingo, DR tonight.

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