AAA Mini Line - 10/13/07 (#646)
Recapped: 10/20/07

Match 1: Kaoru Ito, Ayako Hamada vs Estrellita, Cinthia Moreno
Plaza de Toros Moroleon, 08/31/07

Winner: Tecnicas
Match Time: 13:03 (3:38 and 9:25)
Notes: Left over match from a previous taping; given Ito and Hamada are done here for now, you'd figure they would've included shown the dark match here if they needed more padding, but maybe that one went bad. First time Estrellita's been on TV for a while - all the Fabi (as a ruda) vs ruda feuding is leaving the tecnicas out.

Six sided ring for this match. Piero and his wacky partially dyed hair is ref. Arturo and Random Replacement Announcer. Cinthia still has the Parka arm brace. Rudas shake hands with Piero before the match, but wont' do it with Estrellita and Cinthia. Rudas try to jump the tecnicas, but the tecnicas rally back. Tecnica showcase early, and Ayako ends that with a chair shot. Break. Ruda beatdown from there, with Piero letting all the chair stuff go. Rudas just do moves, only trying a pin once (and kinda by accident - Ayako just landed in position after a moonsault.) Estrellita randomly reveres a corner charge into an STO about 3:30 into the beatdown to start the comeback. Estrellita jabs Piero with the chair before using it on the rudas. Lots of stereo spots. Ito turns out to be too much for the tecnicas to suplex, but she can suplex both of them. Finish is Ito accidentally giving Ayako a top rope chair shot when she was aiming for Cinthia, Estrellita taking Ito out of the ring, and Cinthia giving Ayako a long farmer's roll for the pin. That might have been 1.5 full rotations. 

Vignette: Alfa wheel around Gran Apache in a wheel chair, out of x-ray area. Apache thanks for Alfa for helping him out while he's hurting. Apache's got get better for his people. Alfa's wearing a mask that completely covers up his mouth, and it's very distracting when you're trying to figure out what he's saying. I'm sure I missed a plot point here, but the main idea is Gran Apache is out of action for the time being. 

All the rest of the matches are in a four sided ring, with the normal announce crew. 

Match 2: Alfa, Fabi Apache (c), Mini Chessman, Polvo de Estrella vs Cinthia Moreno (c), Octagoncito, Oriental, Pimpinela Escarlata
Teatro Mariano Abasolo de Dolores, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, 09/13/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:44 (4:32 and 4:12)
Notes: No entrances. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref. Surprising that the women are the captains and not the men. What would happen if, say, Alfa and Cinthia were the captains? They must have rules against that. Polvo and Pimpi have new gear. It matches, coincidence? Polvo still looks old. Lots of intermixing in this match. As with the opener, this one is broken up with a break. They'll all five minutes long, too, that's got to kill people watching this show live. Cinthia gets the farmer's roll on Fabi here, but Alfa makes the save. Fabi and Alfa may have gotten bumped into another kiss, but we get the worst angle of it 'live'. Still, Alfa's intervention was enough to turn it, and Fabi gets Cinthia with a dragon suplex. 

Vignette: In the locker room, Elegido and La Parka Jr. talk about their main event. Parka is very fired up to face Kenzo, who's not in this match.

Last Week, in special black and white flashback vision, Guapito and Scorpio introduced a new Guapo. And he is - well, we don't see him here. 

Match 3: Decnis, Scorpio Jr. (c), Zumbido vs Aero Star (c), Rey Cometa, Super Fly
Teatro Mariano Abasolo de Dolores, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, 09/13/07

Winner: Guapos
Match Time: 15:05 (2:47 and 12:18)
Notes: Though I guess we're seeing him soon enough. Decnis comes out with Guapito, amusingly overacting. Piero's the ref, that's a bad sign. Air Force comes out as team. Rey Cometa's gear is the same neon green and black as the Guapos. Guapito hugs Dr. Morales before the match, since Arturo has been claiming Guapito is Morales' son. Surprising there was no break before the match started, as we'll obviously get one before it ends.

Guapos jump the Air Force. Piero wastes no time assuring us that he'll be on Guapos side thru out. Plenty of mask ripping; Aero Star is bloody pretty early. Break two minutes in. From the way the match is laid out, Aero Star has passed Super Fly as the 2nd star on this team. Guapos hold Aero Star for Piero to kick, which is the height of ridiculousness. Piero holds Aero Star, but to well, and the Guapos hit him by accident to start the comeback. Zumbido takes a monkey flip to the floor during Super Fly's showcase spots. The first cycle thru includes no dives, though lots of flashy moves in the ring. Cameras almost miss Aero Star's bullet tope - putting his head down like he does makes it look more impressive, but you know it's going to cause a neck issue soon. It looks very unsafe. Aero Star gets in the handspring moonsault dive, Zumbido gets in his double jump plancha, Rey Cometa dives on everyone with a top rope tornillo. Back in the ring, Aero gets Decnnis with a 'rana and Piero fair counts it for two. Aero follows with a up and over sunset flip, and Piero stops counting at two there. With some help from his teammates, Decnnis gives Aero Star a corner low blow kick (think Goldust) and a wacky rollup for the pin. 

Replays, and Guapos attack Air Force a bit more.

Interview: Mesias shares his catch phrase with us. Look at them belts. Mesias is #1, Mesias tells us, and talks much more about Cibernetico then about the people he may be facing tonight. 

Match 4: El Mesias vs Charly Manson vs Chessman in the semifinal of the AAA Heavyweight Tournament, loser is eliminated
Teatro Mariano Abasolo de Dolores, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, 09/13/07

Loser: Charly Manson
Match Time: 13:20 (5:15 and 8:05)
Other Match Notes: Charly has the Mexican Heavyweight Title. Chessman has the UWA LH title and a big foam hand! He does throw the hand to the crowd. Mesias has his two belts. Hell Brothers lay their belts down in front of Mesias. Mesias drops his belts too. Piero is ref. They pose with the belts, which would make you think the belts are on the line. Chessman gets himself a Chessman chant. Mesias bails out after his name is introduced, to avoid being immediately jumped.   

After the whistle, Chessman goes out, brings Mesias in, and throws him in. Chessman and Charly work completely together  on him, and the crowd kinda dies. So they stop to get chants going again. Mesias turns the tables when they both put their heads down too soon, but Charly stops him with a headscissors. Mesias stays in the ring, so Charly charges him again, and gets thrown to the floor. Mesias spears Chessman before he can do anything. Mesias covers after a delay, but only gets two. Stomps. Right hand jabs. Off the ropes - did Manson grab his ankle? Impossible to tell from this angle, but it didn't look like it. Mesias reaches out of the ring to get Charly as if he did, pulls him to the apron, and snaps his neck over the top rope. So Charly's done for a bit. Chessman has been standing at the ropes and waiting for Mesias forever now, and puts up no defense as Mesias walks over and punches him some more. Mesias off the ropes, and this time Charly does grab his ankle and yank him out. That surely was supposed to be the plan the first time. Chessman, full recovered now, tries a tornillo pescado but only gets his partner. Mesias punches Chessman, which Chessman ignores. Mesias heads back in as Chessman dramatically helps up Manson, and Charly repays him by moving the heck out of the way as Mesias dives at them with a tope. Chessman ends up in the front row. Mesias pulls him out of the crowd and they battle with punches, and Charly comes out of the ring with a tope con giro. Everyone done in a pile, Chessman holding his head. Those barriers aren't nice to land into, and they're not using the entrance for more room. Chessman Mesias back in an evading each other, till one single right hand knocks out Chessman. How strange. Mesias poses as Chessman gets up, and then grabs him by his hair. Whip, Mesias sunset flip, Chessman counters right in time to be accidentally kicked by Charly. What goofs. Mesias kicks Charly, hangs him on the top rope, spends ten seconds getting his positioning right, and finishes the spinning suplex. Mesias has a chair - how did he get a chair? Piero's on the other side of the ring, maybe he brought it before. Mesias throws the chair at Charly, who bumps out of the ring. Mesias picks up the chair again, and throw sit at Chessman. Chessman rolls out of the way and Piero takes it - that looked like it really sucked for Piero by the way he's grabbing his arm. Break? Odd time.

We miss how, but Mesias knocks down Charly too, so he's the only man standing in the ring. Charly crawls back in, and Mesias sets his two opponents right next to each other. Mesias goes to the apron, takes his time looking at the crowd, takes his time climbing to the top rope, takes his time standing on the rope rope - what do you know, the splash misses. The ringside doctor is checking on Piero, who probably could use the help. Hell Brothers miss a double clothesline, and Mesias is able to DDT and reverse DDT them at the same time. Charly and Chessman are looking as much as goofballs as I thought they would - this is why you never book triangle matches with one rudo and two tecnicos. Mesias covers Chessman, but there's no count because Piero is down. So Mesias stops covering Chessman, and starts covering Charly. Amazingly, that doesn't work. Mesias gets up and walks out of the match. Seriously, he went straight to the back. Furniture time? Ah, he's getting Hijo de Tirantes as a replacement referee. Piero still has barely moved. Okay, Mesias will cover, but now Hijo de Tirantes is too busy listening to the crowd reaction (telling him not to do it) to count. One, two...kickout. Mesias and Hijo de Tirantes have an argument, and Mesias eventually covers, but Hijo de Tirantes refuses to count. As always in AAA, the guy they're putting over is the referee. Manson screws with Mesias by pounding the mat for three, but Mesias doesn't react to it. Back to arguing with Hijo de Tirantes. Mesias shoves Hijo de Tirantes, and Hijo de Tirantes pulls down the suspenders! He's fired up! Mesias decides he's had enough of this and goes in his trunks for the knucks. I'm totally rooting for him to hit Hijo de Tirantes here. YES! Right in the face. Charly dropkicks Mesias, but not until after. Chessman adds a dropkick too. Charly checks on Hijo de Tirantes, but he's done. Piero isn't moving, but the doctor has wandered over to the announce both to talk to a production person there, and then makes his way around the ring to check on Hijo de Tirantes. Chessman slams Mesias, sets a chair on top of him, heads to the apron, slingshots into an elbow drop. That had to hurt. Piero is laying like a corpse. Charly works over Mesias, and puts on the India Deathlock. Charly sure likes doing them thumb across the throat gesture. Chessman adds a camel clutch, Mesias theoretically gives up, and the Hell Brothers celebrate as if they won. It takes a moment for them to remember they need a ref for this. Chessman takes off - to find a ref? Are there any more - while Charly works over Mesias some more. DDT. We get plenty of shots of two dead refs. Ah, Pepe Casas is here, just as Mesias has taken control and put Charly in a camel clutch. He must've done the opener. Chessman breaks that up and checks to make sure Pepe Casas didn't end the match. The ringside doctor is giving updates to the announce crew. Piero may in fact be dead. Chessman gets a powerslam on Mesias for two. Sunset flip for two. Crowd is dead, but reacting on the highspots. Charly spinning backbreaker for two. Chessman's turn, backbreaker, but no cover. One more? Chessman scoops Mesias up, Charly tries to add a dropkick and I have no idea how that was supposed to work but Mesias escaped anyway and Chessman got kicked. Charly checks on his partner, who may be dead, while Mesias load up his hand again. I swear, those "brass knuckles" are really just masking tape around a cardboard ring. It does not look impressive. Mesias swings, but Charly blocks it! So Mesias just punches him with the other hand. GENIUS. Don't ask me how Pepe Casas misses the knucks on Mesias hand. Mesias attempts his STO, Chessman tries to break it up with a kick, of course he gets Charly instead. Mesias gets Chessman with the power of the punch, Charly with the STO, and that's the match. 

Mesias stands over Chessman and Charly and taunts, because they are losers and he is not. Hey, how about how all the Mesias matches have run-ins but not this one? Mesias leaves without any of his belts, oops. I was going to use that to figure out which ones he had now, but no help. It's not very clear that Charly is the one eliminated and Chessman moves on, because they both look very defeated. Chessman gets stretchered out off a (loaded) punch to the head! Maybe they just set up a deal where he gets strechered out regardless of what happens, like they bought it in bulk. 

Vignette: Zorro's interviewed at the AAA cafe (home of a thousand Apache vignettes), as we flash back to last week's cage match gone bad. Jesus Z and Zorro appear to be playing chess on a mini magnetic board, which is a fascinating. Zorro in street clothes is just odd to see. Anyway, Jesus keeps asking questions, despite it totally being his turn. WE end up seeing much of the cage match, including Zorro leaving and coming back, and both Chessman and Zorro accidentally hitting each other before the big cage dive. Look at Chessman push away the medical people trying to help Zorro, and it's no wonder Zorro was ticked. Anyway, the point here is there are ISSUES. 

Match 5: Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz, Espiritu Kenzo Suzuki vs Elegido, La Parka Jr. (c), Laredo Kid, Zorro
Teatro Mariano Abasolo de Dolores, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, 09/13/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 18:22 (8:37 and 9:45)
Other Match Notes: Sect have their Atomicos belts AND a large Japanese man. Why is Kenzo out here for this match? (They were paying him for this taping anyway.) La Parka Jr.'s promo makes much more sense now, point for him. Elegido has crazier new spikey entrance gear. Too much teaming with Alebrije will do that to you. So is this five on four? Kenzo's in this match, because he's the captain. Oh, there's the graphic, and I have no idea why Espiritu isn't wrestling here. Pepe Casas is the ref.

Tecnico showcase to start. Elegido's trunks get yanked (mostly because he tells Espiritu to do it), so AAA gets to try blurring things out. Espiritu did come in the ring to do it, even though he  They had Laredo Kid work with Kenzo, just so he could take down the giant. We get Parka's sequence as well, and they spend a minute teasing Zorro before the break. Ozz accidentally getting in his dive on his partners, check. Zorro sets up to do a plancha on the tag champs and Kenzo, but they all move away (before he really tries, even.) Zorro lands on his feet, falls down, and grabs his head. RIGHT. Match turns into a beatdown from there (about 3:20 from the break.) If chair shots to the head for no reason are your thing, this is your match. Laredo ducks down to avoid being hit directly on the skull, and so Kenzo swings lower as to hit him directly in the head. That sucked. They do big ankle breaking spots with a chair on Laredo, and Laredo's fine. So they do some more! Tecnicos do get well destroyed here, but since the rudos don't even hint at pinning them, it's tough to care too much.

Laredo Kid sneaks in a missile dropkick (that ankle is feeling great!), all the rudos stomp on him, and this is where Pepe Casas draws the line. I have no idea why stomping is worse than the stuff they've been doing for the last five minutes or why beatdowns that have gone longer have been allowed or why the Sect is headlining the next PPV and can't even get a 5 on 1 pin on Laredo Kid. This is awful, awful booking designed to draw zero dollars and zero pesos and I'd like to say I'm numb to it at this point, but I just spent a lot of words on something I'm supposedly numb on - sounds like extreme annoyance to me. My new theory is AAA purposely sandbagged on Verano de Escandalo with the idea of making the Pena show the big show for the season.

As quick possible, so we can all move on with our lives. Kenzo tries to cover after the fact, Mesias runs out after the match to stomp, Charly Manson (the Hell Brothers who's not facing Mesias at the PPV) causes the rudos to leave the ring just by running in it with a chair even though he promptly losses it. The rudos pose extra long to make up for a lack of Cibernetico talking. We get a lot of tecnicos recovering and Zorro being stretchered out too. They try to push the missed dive and "head injury" as a big deal, setting up next week's bit, but Zorro did come in the ring and act normal after it.