AAA Mini Line - 10/06/07 (#645)
Recapped: 10/11/07

Back to the normal crew for this show, including Dr. Morales. Four sided ring.

Interview: the non-Ozz portion of the Sect talk about the Hell Brothers and how they're not losing their hair.

Match 1: Escoria, Espiritu, Head Hunter I, Kenzo Suzuki (c) vs Crazy Boy, Extreme Tigre, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera (c)
Gimnasio Manuel Bernardo Aguirre de Chihuahua, 09/09/2007

Winner: Mexican Powers
Match Time: 10:38
Notes: No entrances. Juvi is posing in the corner behind the rudos for some reason. Rudos rush the tecnicos. Espiritu does an axhandle take off of Extreme Tiger's barricade guillotine legdrop, which amuses me. Head Hunter sets up a chair in the ring, Extreme Tiger is tossed in, Kenzo grabs him - and chokeslams him next to the chair. Head Hunter decides he'll just stay out of the way. Kenzo's oblivious, busy doing his wacky knee drop. Head Hunter gets to do his move with Juvi instead, a cross body with someone seated in the chair. Kenzo gives Juvi either a low blow headbutt or a low blow groin bite, it's tough to tell. Tirantes teased the DQ here. There's a whole bunch of rudo fans camera side in the front row. Juvi moves out of the way of a corner charge (after taking two immediately after) at about 5:00 to start the comeback. Which includes Juvi stopping to pose on the turnbuckle, naturally. Non weapons version of the usual Mexican Powers match. Extreme Tiger looks wobbly at different points in the match, mostly after doing a 450 to the floor as part of the comeback, and it causes a slingshot headscissors to go awry - Espiritu nicely reverses it to a powerbomb, but I guess the rest of the guys are still expecting Tiger to do more (the guillotine legdrop seems about right), and wait for something that's no longer happening. Juvi has to play traffic cop to get him, Lider, Espiritu and Escoria in the ring, and the stuff immediately after seems a bit off. Mexican Powers get near falls of middle rope inverted 'ranas, but Cuervo and Ozz rush down to break it up. Those two are a little late - their cue must've been off and Ozz detours to hit Tiger as he's been stretchered out - and Hijo de Tirantes seems to stop the count on his own. He does immediately award the DQ win, which makes me think he probably could've just counted three. Kenzo does the Mexican Powers dance, which is the best part of this match by far.

After the match, Juvi rolls out of the ring and jumps around, fine. Professional! Kenzo does the dance again to try and win me back. Head Hunter I needs to never check tack down his top. Crazy Boy's being checked on the outside - did he hurt himself here? Replays, and I just now pick up that Extreme Tiger totally missed the 450 to the floor on accident. That explains that. Multiple angles of him almost kicking Kenzo in the head as he went past, that could've really sucked for Kenzo. Back live, rudos are beating up Juvi again. Replay of Extreme Tiger's other blown move - someone doesn't really like him here!

Backstage: Shaky shaky camera presents the returns of Abismo Negro, who's yelling and swearing and such.   

Match 2: Cuervo, Ozz vs Chessman, Zorro in a cage match
Gimnasio Manuel Bernardo Aguirre de Chihuahua, 09/09/2007

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 12:11
Other Match Notes: Cuervo & Ozz are wearing the Atomicos belts, so they did know where they were. They're using a knockoff version of their normal music. I forget this was a cage match! There are tables and such already in the ring. They should have the EMTs out there too, with Chessman's medical history in hand. Chessman indeed has the UWA LH belt here - it's the same one Zorro had. So what was the deal with that match? I like my idea that Zorro didn't want to lose the title, but let's add "Zorro eventually gave up the belt because he was promised a rudo turn and a big push." That's complete fiction but fun. Chessman decides the safer route in the cage is to CLIMB UP IT. And then he just hangs out, sitting on top of the cage. Zorro's got generic music too.  

You'll be shocked to hear this, but the rudos jumped the tecnicos. Chessman gets his hands up on a chair shot to the head, which is smarter than usual. It's tough to take an AAA cage match seriously until the run-ins start. Chessman spearing the side of the cage was kinda amusing. Did someone break the cage door handle? Chessman seems to be bleeding from the mouth in here, but I'm not immediately sure how. HE boosts Zorro up on a corner whip, and Zorro grabs onto the cage. Zorro climbs up to the top, poses, and barely gets away before Cuervo gets to him. Way to screw over Chessman, though. For no particular reason besides a spot it must set up later, Cuervo throws Zorr's cane out after him. You could see Zorro telling him to do so before hand. Chessman's out after a chair is thrown at his head, but the rudos are in no hurry to get out. They haven't even set up the table yet, that's a clue. Double clothesline misses, and Chessman makes his comeback with backbreakers and superkicks. Chessman sits Cuervo on the top rope (which makes no sense in a cage match, but he's got a spot in mind and he's going with it), slams Ozz in front, takes time to position Ozz (so Cuervo's been sitting there for ten seconds, and starts to climb the cage. I was sure he was going to superplex Cuervo onto his partner or something, but he's climbing past him. Espiritu and Escoria are out, but Espiritu gets cranked by Zorro's cane (that's why he wanted it.) Scoria ducks under the swing, and Zorro kind just lets him have a free pass from there, hitting Espiritu again instead. Escoria gets in the cage, Espiritu gets in after. I think Chessman did a big dive, but no one saw it because we were watching the run-ins. Scoria gets Chessman with a tornillo, and Ozz takes care of Zorro as he comes in. Espiritu climbs in the cage, and it's a four on two beatdown with chairs for a bit.

Escoria sets up the table in a corner, right in position for a Chessman spear later. Espiritu climbs back out, I don't know why. The other three inspect the table, and turn around into stereo superkicks. Escoria, the one who didn't get kicked, takes a double press slam for the tecnicos. Ah, he's right in position. Zorro feeds Escoria to Chessman, who grabs him for a powerbomb, tosses him to Zorro and they sorta double powerbomb him down. I guess they're not doing the spear yet. Zorro starts giving people German suplexes, which isn't the most logical move for this match, but whatever. Chessman sets up for the spear, Zorro has no idea, Ozz tries to clothesline Zorro, Zorro ducks, Chessman charges, Ozz leapfrogs, and Zorro takes it. At least this wasn't the corner with the table. Escoria decides to bolt, so we're right where we started. Chessman ducks a double clothesline, grabs Ozz, Zorro swings his cane and oops. They try it again with Cuervo, and it goes just as badly. Cuervo and Ozz knock down Zorro, and stand over both tecnicos for a bit. Stomping. They grab the table, and now they're setting it up in the middle of the ring. I guess the corner bit was a fakeout? Chessman gets to his feet and starts climbing as Zorro is being stomped down. The rudos catch on, but Zorro yanks Ozz away. Cuervo climbs up with Chessman and tries to get him, as Zorro pounds Ozz onto the table. Chessman gets all the way to the top - oh no, he's going to jump. Cuervo appears to secretly be there for balance, and lends a hand as Chessman tries a twisting splash - but Zorro's ended up on the table! (Later on, I think they suggest Cuervo pulled Chessman off, but that doesn't seem possible.)  Well that's the end of them. Ozz must've made the switch when weren't looking. Everyone but Ozz is down, and Ozz is just on all fours. On the upside, Chessman seems to have stopped bleeding. Big Chessman chant as we watch replays - the table broke nicely this time. 

As we return to live, Cuervo and Ozz are climbing over. Chessman is climbing after them, and gets a hold of Ozz.  Escoria climbs back on top of the cage to help, but more so, Ozz gives Chessman like a modified headscissors. Chessman doesn't fall from top of the cage on his head (though it looked like he could for a second), but gets right and slides down other side of the cage and falls to the floor when he hits the apron. Ozz drops to the floor and the Sect wins.

Sect stomps Chessman into the floor while they're at. They start to leave, but Charly Manson cuts them off and throws a chair at them. (Charly seems to have a generic tune too, which really hurts him.) Rudos retreat to the far side of the cage, trick Charly into chasing them, and then race around the cage to get to the back. Chessman gets back in the cage to check on Zorro, but Zorro shoves him away repeatedly. Chessman's ticked, but Charly Manson and Tirantes try to keep him apart. Chessman gets all dramatic with Zorro's cane and tries to get to him again - he's got to be held in the corner while Zorro is carried out of the cage. Charly manages to lift Chessman up! And then Chessman collapses to the mat when Charly sets him down. Chessman rants to the announcers. 

Noti AAA
- lots of dancing by Arturo Rivera to the Mucha Lucha theme song. I like how Abismo, Martha and I think Chris Stone (and valets) are dancing in front of CMLL highlights. 
- the Mexican Powers went to NY. Fantastic use of a model car here. Crazy Boy and Joe Lider party out in front of a parking garage. They pretend they've been driving a high tech convertible, though it appears mostly they've just been sitting in to set up in this shot. I wonder who let them borrow it? Maybe it was just there and they jumped in.

Match 2: Abismo Negro, Histeria, Mr. Niebla vs Laredo Kid, Latin Lover, Alebrije
Gimnasio Manuel Bernardo Aguirre de Chihuahua, 09/09/2007

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 12:28
Notes: Girls guy crazy for Latin, but he barely has his pants off before Abismo attacks him. It's surely no coincidence that both of those guys are back on the same show. 

Rudos jump the tecnicos. Piero is your referee. Niebla press slams Cuije onto the announce desk. Later, he brings Cuije inside for a giant swing. Abismo gives him a tiny boot and a tapatia, though he need some help to get it to work with the size difference. Latin just hangs out on the apron while his partners are being worked over, then sets up Laredo on the top rope to start the comeback. Latin gets a superkick on Niebla and follows him out as the others get revenge in the ring. Laredo goes for Abismo's mask as Alebrije stomps down Histeria. Things settle down to one on one, with Abismo and Latin. Abismo wants to have a dance contest, but Latin kicks him by surprise. That's a role reversal. Latin gets the usual on all three guys and looks fine for a guy who's working as in frequently as he is. I don't know when it happened, but an overhead microphone strays into picture for a while. Alebrije and Niebla should be next, but Niebla accidentally falls off the apron.  Alebrije monkey flips him, Niebla comes back with a chair shot, heads up for a moonsault and gets chair shot in the back. Cuije comes into face Abismo and gets booted, but Alebrije gets revenge with a backbreaker and a bulldog. Cuije dropkicks Abismo questionably low, but it's a notDQ. Laredo works with Histeria first, then Abismo and Niebla. Flashy armdrags, but not as much craziness as usual. Niebla spears the post to head out, and Laredo teases dive but doesn't go out. Histeria attacks him from behind and works him over with chops, but Laredo comes back with a top rope 'rana. Everyone teaks turns missing drops, and then everyone runs the ropes without running into each other. Mostly Cuije. Abismo tells him to hold up, Cuije gets everyone to look at the ceiling and scares them. Ring gets cleared out except for Histeria and Laredo, and Laredo gets a springboard headscissors to send Histeria out. Springboard tope con giro to follow. Alebrije and Niebla in, Niebla feeling especially wacky. Alebrije crotches himself on a missed kick, and Niebla slaps him in the back before dancing more. Charge, Alebrije trips Niebla up and slaps him on the back as head as possible. Crowd asks for one more, but Niebla charges. Shoulderblock, Niebla off the ropes, Alebrije rolling after him with a jumping tope. That's new. Cuije's tope is caught and Niebla just tosses him in the fifth row - the first two rows were ready, so he threw Cuije over their hands! Alebrije avenges his partner with a giant tope on Niebla. This leaves Latin and Abismo back in. Latin gets his trunks pulled, check! (and blurred.) Latin immediate gets a La Majistral for a clean pin. Wait, a clean pin? I must've changed channels here.

Niebla celebrates the loss with a dance. What's going on with him this week? He goes over by the announcer to rant on mic. Tecnicos celebrate.

That's it. 90 minutes feels a lot shorter than 180 minutes, but that's how that's supposed to work.