CMLL GdR - 08/11/07 (#90)
Recapped: 08/11/07

Intro: Amapola and Tony are with the announcers (Magadan and Julio Cesar), while Marcela and Virus do pre-taped ones.  

Outside the ring: More with Dos Caras Jr. Heavyweight champs do get two weeks.

Match 1: Amapola vs Marcela for the Mexican National Women's Championship
Arena Coliseo, 08/05/07

  1. Amapola nudo lagunero (2:24)
  2. Marcela double underhook backbreaker (2:16)
  3. Marcela mecedora (3:09)

Winner: Marcela (2-1)
Match Time: 7:49
Approx Rating: Good, but not that long
Other Match Notes: Stuka Jr. is Marcela's corner-person. I know there are people thrilled that this is how Stuka gets on TV this week. Nitro shows singing group solidarity by cornering Amapola. 

1:  It wouldn't be an opener if it didn't seem like there was something existed from the start. Amapola would really like a handshake, but she's totally not getting it. Lockup, no, Marcela slips under, flips Amapola over her back, and them armdrags her to the ropes. Circle, Amapola with an armbar, keeps the arm barred, up to her feet, and another armdrags. Amapola tries a clothesline, Marcela grabs the arm and hooks on a backslide, Amapola rolls free and dropkicks Marcela down. Corner whip, Marcela jump to the middle rope, and gets Amapola with a missile dropkick. Amapola flips over on impact on that one. Amapola's clothesline is blocked, wristlock, up the ropes, and Marcela gets in a rope flip headscissors. Both up, looking at each other, hesitating, and finally Amapola just shoves Marcela. That was a second of awkwardness, and we've got ten people in the crowd angry about it, or just boring Amapola. Amapola kicks Marcela in the corner, back sup, charges, and spears the post as Marcela moves. She spun around it one the way down. Marcela bowls her over with a apron tope con giro. Stuka celebrates, and then urges Marcela to follow up. Stuka's a veteran of these three week Arena Coliseo programs, she ought to listen to him. I don't know what happened while were looking at replays, but Amapola stops a Marcela charge with kick. Amapola lifts her yup into a Gory Stretch, and bends forward to pin her, then pulls Marcela up so she's suspended in like a modified nudo lagunero - that's it. That was some hold - she pretty much had to get the submission quick on it, because she couldn't hold Marcela like that forever. Amapola celebrate, and then collapse, and then gets back up and celebrates some more. Replays of Marcela's quick descent into loss.

Clips: Mistico in a leg brace at Arena Coliseo, as the ring announcer explains he'll be out six weeks. Mistico explains the interview wt the hands of Perro Aguayo Jr. and demands a hair match. Good idea to explain the situation.  

2: Stuka and Marcela are talking about what just went wrong before the fall starts. Marcela steps in as the whistle blows, and gets kicked. Corner whip, running back elbow by Amapola. Amapola backs up again, and adds a running dropkick to the face. While Marcela checks her nose, Amapola mocks the Marcela fans. Whip, big boot, one two NO. We've reached the slow count of our program, much to Amapola's annoyances. Snap suplex with bridge, one two NO. Amapola slaps Marcela a she picks her up. Whip, Amapola clothesline is caught, and Marcela knocks her down with a spinning back elbow. That was unexpected. Marcela picks up Amapola by the hair, and knees her in the face. And again! Whip, backbreaker, one two NO. Whip, reversed, Marcela with a superb springboard headscissors. Amapola charges waved by, Marcela puts her head down too soon, and Amapola picks her up in an inverted Gory special. Marcela breaks free, bodyscissors cradle one two Amapola reverses one two NO! Amapola clothesline, Marcela hooks it, double underhook backbreaker! One two THREE. Stuka's in quick to help celebrate. 

El Arte del Catch: Plancha Invertida - oh, that's a much better name for that half twist plancha.

3: They're fighting before  and at the whistle, but we can't exactly say it. I think Amapola ends up dropkicking Marcela out, because he's out there when Amapola gets her with a tope con giro! (And she gets caught this time!) Amapola quickly crawls her way into the ring, as we see multiple replays. Marcela makes it to the apron, and snaps Amapola's jaw over the top rope. Marcela climbing up, but Amapola stops her there with punches. Superplex - usually you see them pause before doing that move, just to make sure both people are ready, but Amapola just hooked her and yanked her off as quick as possible. One two NO. Darn slow count. Whip, Marcela with a spinning headscissors into an inside cradle , ref has to go cross ring to get in the right spot, one two NO! Stuka is sure that should've been three. Marcela of the ropes, Amapola waves her by, big jumping DDT. Amapola getting up, Marcela dropkicks her out. Marcela going to the apron, climbing the ropes - slips, quickly back in control, top rope plancha! Replays. Marcela just slightly slipped, but I think that took longer than she figured. Both are slow in the ring, Marcela rolling in, then out to the apron. Marcela clothesline, Amapola hooks the arm, double underhook, no Marcela reverses to a small package one two NO. Ref was slow down to count and almost got booted on the kickout. Marcela is unfettered. She's says this is it. Standing fireman's carry into a backbreaker, La Mecedora! Amapola's got nowhere to go - she's done! Marcela retains. 

Good thing I learned that word last week. Tecnico fans shoot off confetti, and Stuka carries Marcela around to all four corners on his shoulders. Amapola can't even get up, that's how much that backbreaker and hold hurt. Marcela gets the belt back on her, and Stuka collects some money thrown in the ring. Amapola is still down and grabbing her back as Marcela thanks the fans for their support. Juan Carlos is pushing the hair/hair match because that's just what they do around here, but whatever. Amapola finally is able to get to her feet, though she's leaning heavily on Nitro. Replays of the plancha, near falls, and the finish. It's tough to give up when your face is in the mat. 

El Diseno de Dr. Wagner Jr. - we get looks at a mostly white version of the mask, and then a more modern version. 

Match 2: Virus vs Tony Rivera
Arena Coliseo, 08/05/07

  1. Virus Stretch (1:27)
  2. Tony Gory Special (3:40)
  3. Virus campana (4:19)

Winner: Virus
Match Time: 9:26
Approx Rating: Fine.
Other Match Notes: Tony and Virus do additional promos before their match.

1: They're hurrying from the word go. Tony gets in a backdrop, dropkick, dropkick sends Virus out. Tony seems to start for the double jump plancha, but aborts after the springboard attempt (which isn't great) and goes to the apron. Apron diving spinning headscissors - and Virus lets him drop on his head! Virus started to catch him, and then decide "eh no." Tony gives Virus a look from the ground, which at least means he's conscious enough to give people dirty looks. Virus throws him back in, and comes in with a springboard elbow drop himself. One two no. Small package, one two no. Open hand slap. Whip, Virus rolls under a leapfrog, Tony off the ropes, Virus tries a tilt-a-whirl, Tony escapes, Virus tries a kick, Tony blocks it, spins him, and superkicks him. Tony charges in the corner, Virus moves, Tony goes to the second rope and lands the spinning headscissors this time. Tony charges for another headscissors, but Virus blocks it and gives him the throwing face first powerbomb. Virus Stretch, and he's taken the first fall. Magadan sends a shout out to Chicago!?!? 

Q: Antes de ser Virus y Tony Rivera, Que personaje tuvieron?

Highlights: Clips of Atlantis getting hurt. This looks like quite the freak injury - Wagner was standing over Atlantis, ripping as his mask, and Toscano came into dropkick Dr. Wagner Jr. Atlantis tried to roll out of the way, but Toscano's left upper shin - maybe the knee , but I think that missed - still ended up landing on his head. Atlantis is rushed onto a stretch and to the hospital, with tons of people gawking from around the ambulance. The CMLL ringside doctor - Dr. Galvan - talks about Atlantis condition and doesn't appear to be worried. 

A: Bird Boy and Paris - which they've got clips of, since they showed those masks on the unmasked segments.

2: Virus works over Tony on the outside, posting him well and good. Virus gets in the ring first, snap mares Tony Rivera, and punches him in the face quite a few times. Shot to the throat. Face yank. More punches to the face. Tony should really stop blocking the punches with his face. Virus throws Tony chest first into the ropes, Tony bounces back, and Virus clothesline him. Figure four - no, Tony kicks him away. Tony lets this crowd know this is his big chance for a comeback, and Virus blows him up with a back elbow. Virus does get distracted in telling the fans to shut up. Whip, spinebuster. Virus look to hook on another leg hold, but gets kicked away. Tony charges, and Virus takes him down. Virus goes for the leg hold again, but Tony pulls him into a small package one two no. (Virus did quite a bit of the work there. ) Virus with a chest slap, forearm, whip, reversed, Tony charges in, Virus backdrops him to the apron. Virus tries to slap him there but Tony punches him away. Tony to the top rope but makes the mistake of stopping to wave. Virus climbs up after him and stops him with a chest slap. Tony forearms Virus so he's crotched on the top rope, and kinda sorta gets him with a flying headscissors. Barely. One two NO. Tony dropkicks Virus out, off the ropes, great tope. Tony in first, and waiting for Virus. Dropkick misses, Virus off the ropes, and spun around into Tony's Gory Special. Is he giving? He sure seems to, though it takes a bit for Tigre Hispano to signal it. It's good either way.

El Arte de Catch - La Mistica: Uh huh. Why is some random goof doing La Mistica here? They didn't think this thru.

3: Virus sweeps Tony's leg, and and flips into a back bridge cover, one, Tony reveres into his own rana cradle, one two no. Both slow up. Virus charges, Tony scoops him up and into the Gory stretch, Virus slips free into a sunset flip one two NO. Chest slap battle breaks up, and Virus winds with windup punch. He takes his time cover, and Tony kicks out at two. Chest slap, corner whip, Tony runs up the ropes and down into an armdrags. Off the ropes, Virus with a senton, one two NO! Virus argues for a faster count, and gets yanked into a grounded crucifix, one two no. Virus waved to the ropes, and kicked thru them on the next pass. Tony trying again - double jump plancha hits this time. Replays Tony tries to crawl in first, but Virus pulls him back. Virus tries to crawl in, but Tony breakings them back. There's some danger of a countout, though the ref isn't trying that hard. Virus hooks Tony's arm, and pulls of the running post armdrags. Yea, the ref is either not counting, or making his count very invisible. Virus in first and celebrating, and by law, we have the cavernaria. Virus waves frantically, but he does not submit. La Majistral, one two NO. Tony argues the count. Back to work, 'rana, rolled thru, one two NO! Tony waves. Tony misses a clothesline, Virus hooked him, inverted Gory Stretch, Gory Bomb! Virus hooked Tony on the mat, pulls him up - Campana! That's it! 

Virus has a bit of support, and some fans chanting for him after the match. Magadan does the interview. Virus says it was tough facing a guy so experienced in hair matches, but thanks his wife and kids for support. Tony only gets a little bit cut at the start, but I guess that's because he still has to do his interview. Replays, and we do see the hair being shaved off as the show ends, though just seconds of it.

That's it.