AAA Mini Line - 08/11/07 (#637)
Recapped: 08/11/07

Open: with Arturo & Morales and Jesus Z and Andres.

new open, spiffy, though they have to edit out Abismo already. If I'm ever caught up with AAA, I promise to break this down frame by frame.

After the opening fireworks, we get clips from TripleMania I. Much more the scene setting (where Dr. Morales looks the same as he does now, and Arturo Rivera looks much younger) than clips from the Konnan/Cien Caras retirement match. Tirantes has also managed to fit 30 years of aging in 15 years. We also see Pierroth pinning Konnan at TripleMania IV (Orizaba) to become the first Campeón de Campeones.

Promo: Super Fly & Gran Apache talk why they want to win their match today, and congratulate AAA on reaching 14 years.

Match 1: Gran Apache & Laredo Kid vs Super Calo & Super Fly in a parajes incredible match where the losers advance
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 07/15/8007

Winner: Gran Apache & Laredo Kid
Match Time: 6:45
Notes: Sexi Star is out with the Air Force. The big screen is spelling is "Sexy" this week. This is the Big Show Professional Set, of course. Super Calo enters by himself, and the Apaches are after. They've got bows that shoot off fireworks, which is pretty cool. Hijo de Tirantes is your ref. I'm not taking possession of him, he's yours. 

If teams are explained, they're not explained before the match. There's a couple clips here, as things get started. Rudos jump the tecnicos, fighting the people on the opposite side at least to start. Apache smashes Super Fly into the corner. Super Calo works over Laredo Kid in the corner, and snap mares him in the ring. Both Super Fly's red/block out fit and Laredo's green/black gear look good. Apache Whips Super Fly flapjacks him up, watches him stand up, and boots him out. Calo dropkicks Laredo up, and the two rudos back up into each other, with Hijo de Tirantes insisting the fight. They do, exchange chest slaps. Stale mate, and they both look to the crowd. They're circling, charging - and hugging. Fans do not approve. Super Fly and Laredo try to sneak in with dropkicks, but the rudos seem them coming and take care of. Laredo is planted in one corner, and Super Fly is Whipped into him by both. Laredo gets knocked out of the ring, and Super Fly is worked over. Whip, flapjack. Hijo de Tirantes is still trying to explain the concept of the match to the rudos, but no go. Calo lifts Super Fly into a fireman's carry into a - I guess a side  slam, though that looked out. Apache with crucifix powerbomb, and Calo adds a double jump plancha inverted onto to the guy who's supposed to be in the partner. As Super Fly rolls out to avoid stomps, Laredo comes in with a dropkick for Calo - but Gran Apache punches him down. Stomps by Calo as Apache congratulates himself. Whip, kick to the midsection, Apache gives him a face first crucifix powerbomb. Apache goes up as Calo sets up Laredo with a spinning side slam. Apache adds the tope con giro splash. Calo covers, and this is going to start problems - yep, Apache is well aware Laredo losing would put him in the stips match, and kicks Calo to break it up. Apache explains the deal to Calo, and then decides it's easier just to punch him. I wish I could do that. Whip, reversed, Calo's clothesline is caught and turned an inverted fireman's carry. Apache holds onto the leg and puts on a half crab, but we look at the crowd instead of seeing cool reversal. (Clip?) Calo steps out of the way of an Apache corner charge, whips in him into the ropes, Apache with a springboard flip for no reason, Calo with a shoulderblock and then to the corner for a double jump armdrag. Calo misses a running plancha, Apache charges him, Calo backdrops him to the apron, Calo off the ropes as Apache waves him by, and Calo takes a crazy tope con giro type bump to the floor. Laredo in, the opposite of the ring, and charging Apache. Apache tosses him, and Laredo turns it into a great springboard tornillo onto Calo. I counted 2.5 rotations. Both Laredo and Calo hit hard, and Sexi (who might have distracted Calo before the dive) and Tirantes check on Calo. Calo must get up quick, because next we see, Apache is doing a top rope plancha on him. Fabi checks on her father - wait, is that Super Fly down? Must've been an edit here. Everyone's in danger of being counted out, and the women inform the men. Fabi tries to shoved Gran Apache back in the ring, but he's just too big. He and Super Fly make the count,  and start off. Super Fly locks in an armdrags, holds on and turns into a hammerlock backslide cover. Laredo breaks it up at once, because it's the same deal for him. Crowd isn't audible here. Whip, Super Fly off the ropes, clothesline by Laredo. Laredo says this is it. Suplex, holding it up and waling with it. Laredo goes up, 450 splash one two Calo breaks it up! Apache in to keep the pressure on Super Fly, but the action is on the outside, where Calo has scoop Laredo and power thrown him into side of the barricade. Super Calo turns around, into a Sexi Star apron tope con giro. Back inside, Super Fly has Gran Apache in a 'rana, one two NO. Crowd and announcers thought that was three. Super Fly off the ropes, no, Fabi Apache's got him, Gran Apache swings, Super Fly ducks, and Fabi gets punched again. Super Fly backing up for something - handspring reverse tope on Gran Apache. Nice. Fireman's carry drop and head up, but Apache is up quick and lifting him out of the corner on his shoulders. Modified Buca Bomb, one two THREE. 

This means it'll be Super Fly vs Super Calo later - Calo's sad, but Fly's hurting. Laredo reaches out to shake Gran Apache's hand, but Fabi advises him out of it. Gran Apache looks to shake Super Calo's hand, but he doesn't want any part of the Apaches. 

Replays of the match after a break. They've got another angle of the Laredo Kid dive - he did face plant himself on that. We actually do get to see Super Fly's dive (over the top tope?) - it happened just as Gran Apache's did, so it may have just been the producers missing it, not a clip. Talking about the match takes a whole segment

Noti AAA
- AAA 15th Anniversary celebration, star of fame dedication
- Someone got an award
- Lita performed at TripleMania

TripleMania V: cage match - La Parka costs La Calaca his mask. 
TripleMania VII: Tropicasas vs Tirantes hair are up as seconds.

Promo: Juvy and Fuerza talk about their match. 

Match 2: Fuerza Guerrera vs Juventud Guerrera in a street fight
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 07/15/8007

Winner: Juventud Guerrera
Match Time: 2:50+8:30+4:17 = 15:37
Notes: Sangre Chicana enters first as Fuerza's second. Tirantes enters with Fuerza, so this might take a while to settle. Various weapons are already around ringside, and and Fuerza throws some metal boxes in the ring. I like how Octagon's graphic has him doing this jumping kung fu kick. He doesn't seem so into jumping lately. Juvi's wearing his mask, and a Juvi/Fuerza t-shirt. He and Octagon strategize before he gets in the ring.

Fuerza has a metal box in hand, and even though he misses on the first pass, he connects on the second one. Sangre is in the ring? Fuerza hugs Tirantes. So it's going to be like that. This metal box is great in making big noises without seeming to actually hurt. Fuerza and Chicana work over Juvi with kicks. Juvi tries to rally, but the numbers are too much for him. Octagon tries to run in, gets kicked in the knee by Fuerza, and rolls out. That was ineffective. Juvi's bleeding already - they were biting at his forehead previously and are now. Fuerza opens Juvi open for Sangre to hit with the can, and I think it's at this point I really ought to step away from describing every single action that takes place. Then again, Fuerza is walking around and not doing much, so it's not too hard. Big pipe to the back. Punches to he head. Sangre has left to the apron. Juvi's face is pretty red and he's trying to power up between each shot, but he's still getting knocked down. Tirantes turns away just in time to miss a Fuerza punt. Might be a clip right there. Next thing we see is Sangre holding Juvi on the apron, and somehow Juvi ducking the box shot leads to Chicana back in. Juvi comes back in with a springboard dropkick, and then dances in place like he didn't just get hit with a foul five seconds ago. Pescado onto Chicana. Juvi back in and with the box. swing, and big hit on Fuerza's head. Juvi poses on the middle buckle. Off the ropes, running spin kick, and we go to break.

Juvi rips at the mask after the break. He tears it pretty well, but we don't see it early. Lots off forehead biting. Juvi goes up, and Sangre sweeps him off. Octagon in, and he gives Fuerza the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chicana in, right hand, right hand for Tirantes, right hand for Fuerza. Crowd hot, and we're back to see Tirantes pushing Octagon into a Fuerza punch. Whip, Fuerza punt for him. Well, that's settled. Just to mix it up, they use blue duck tape to trap Octagon in the ropes, instead of just tying his mask. Juvi helpfully doesn't move for minutes, until they're ready to fight him with. Chop battle between the Guerrera, with Juvi winning with a spinning one but passing out in the process. Chicana chokes him out Octagon with a boot, which is odd since he's not going anywhere at this point. Fuerza and Juvi battle on their knees, and then start walking to the stage like they've got something to go. Fuerza stops and turns back to get the metal bucket. Is that what they put the popcorn in? Fuerza slams Juvi on the stage, and celebrates a bit. Head into the metal bucket. Juvi randomly takes control back and suplexes Fuerza on the stage. Juvi tries to use the bucket, but of course Tirantes takes it away from him at the last second (pretty much because Juvi was demanding he do so.) Fuerza punches Juvi form behind, grabs him by the hair, and they both walk off the side of stage, heading to a backstage area. They do stop to do spots where like five people an actually see them. Now they're climbing on top of creates to get to the first deck. Juvi finds a way first, and Fuerza does not seem thrilled to have to follow. Juvi gets Fuerza and the camera with a drink, and you can see the guys running the audio board get very concerned about getting a drink spilled on them, especially since Juvi just dumps one out near them for no particular reason. Juvi and Fuerza battle back down to the main level, and disappear in a crowd. We see Octagon has not moved, and then watch Juvi and Fuerza circle back around to where they started. Hey, Sangre Chicana is still there. He's there long enough to miss with the metal pole, allowing Juvi to get it, hit Chicana and hit Fuerza. Break #2.

Fuerza rallies, and takes Juvi backstage. Tirantes and Chicana follow. They stumble by Pepe Casas, watching on a monitor. We can see the valets thru a hallway too, I wonder if that was planned. Pepe appears to head past the rudos towards the entrance, as they work over Juvi. There's a big cheer a moment later, so he must've ended up in front of the crowd - to make the save for Octagon? I guess we'll know soon. Yep, we see him at ringside with scissors, cutting Octagon free. Octagon rushes backstage, where Juvi is being thrown in ambulance. Uh, how does that win you the match? Don't you want to - oh, never mind, Octagon's here and beating up both guys. You can briefly see Joe Lider (in mask) watching this from a doorway they keep trying to close but fail at. Juvi magically appears on top of the ambulances and dives onto both rudos. And then ACTS. Fuerza is run off, and Chicana is thrown in the ambulance. Fuerza goes back to the ring, celebrates, and Juvi sets up to hit him with the bucket, but Tirantes grabs it. Fuerza grabs Juvi, Tirantes swings, and Fuerza gets it. Dropkick to Tirantes, and Juvi hits him with the bucket for good measure. Tirantes doesn't sell it all for a moment and just stares at Juvi. And then he starts to sell it. What the heck, man. Octagon is out and beating on Tirantes with punches, yanking him out of the ring. Juvi Driver for Fuerza, and Juvi's going up. Kinda could use a ref at this point, and I don't yet see Pepe Casas. 450 spikes Fuerza in the face, Juvi covers, and he can keep covering forever, there's no ref. Here's Pepe Casas, and it's going to be about 12 seconds before we get the count - it's a snappy one, and it's the end. YAY.

Everyone celebrates and/or is a replay.

TripleMania VIII: en Japon. Highlights of the Vatos Locos/Crazy Max match. I think we see Picudo/CIMA interaction, if Picudo weighed like 300 pounds then, whoa.
TripleMania IX: Cobarde, Pirata Morgan, Sangre Chicana in a "Buell Terrier Match" - spell check! 

Elegido talks about TripleMania turning 15. 

Match 3: Head Hunter I, Rikishi (c), Ron Killings, Sabu vs La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, the Animal, Zorro (c)
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 07/15/8007

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:30+9:13 = 17:43
Other Match Notes: Killing's shirt has his MySpace address on it. They don't use Sabu's ECW music, but they do use the Rikishi name. Konnan leads Rikishi and Black Pearl out. Rikishi does NOT touch his nose on the way to ring, as far as I can tell. Zorro has his UWA title. Latin Lover's music gets bleeped! Did someone forget to use a clean version, or did they think it was okay since it was English in Mexico? Latin and Parka both get big reactions, though Latin's seems bigger. I don't think we're hearing all of the crowd. Parka has his Rey De Reyes sword, and the rudos are smart enough not to take him on when he has the sword. So Parka dances with the sword. The Animals comes to the ring with a black robe tied around him tight to conceal his identity, as if it a big reveal is coming underneath. And then, it's just a guy in a fake suit outfit. He didn't have a video package, just "La Gran Soperesa". Black Pearl has his shirt off and his gear on like he's wrestling in this match. Copetes is your ref. 

Sabu points up, so La Parka Jr. points down. His left shoulder is taped on the outside of his gear, which is amusing for some reason. Parka violates Ron Killing's personal space for fun. Is the match going to start at any point. Sabu points up again, so La Parka gazes up to see what's up there. Parka points up, and then Killings is looking up, and this is getting us nowhere. We might actually start the match with Killings and Parka fighting - no, Killings is put off by Parka's actions. I think it's time to fast forward. You're missing me describing Parka and Sabu taking it to mat. Parka, Rikishi dance contest, check. I think La Parka Jr. needs to have a match with Delirious. Head Hunter I and Latin Lover also have a dance contest. There is some wrestling here, but not a whole lot. Latin Lover gets the tecnico showcase, superkicking everyone and teasing his trunks getting pulled. Black Pearl comes in the ring like he's a part of this match, and he might as well be. The Animal in next, and he seems like a Z-level Aguayo clone. He blows a sunset flip on his first attempt at a move, that's not a good sign. He tries to slam Rikishi, and can't. And then he gets superkicked out. Huh. Zorro's turn. Killings gets him with a jump kick before it goes to break.

Killings covers Zorro immediately on return, but Copetes is busy trying to keep Animal from coming in for no reason. Copetes eventually counts, but it's only a two count. Tag to Parka, but the ref didn't see it because he was talking to the rudos. Small package by killings, but the red didn't see it because he was talking to Parka. Copetes is more incompetent than evil. Killings puts on a chinlock. Ah, we're working face in peril again. Tag to Rikishi. Zorro rallies back, but gets taken down with a headlock. Tag to Headhunter, double headbutt. Slam, of the ropes, legdrop. One two Parka breaks up the count. Tag to Sabu, who punches a lot. Kick, legdrop one two NO. Camel clutch! That might actually work in Mexico! Zorro slips free, but gets stopped with a dropkick. One two no. Tag to Killings. Black Pearl desperately want to get in this match, despite the fact He Is Not Actually In This Match. Killings kicks Zorro. Corner whip, tag to Head Hunter, who backs up, charges and still lands the corner splash. Took enough time. Tag to Rikishi. Boots in the corner by Head Hunter to keep Zorro there as Rikishi sets up. Charging butt smash, but Zorro moves out of the way. Tag to - Latin and Parka, I guess, because they both come in plancha and team up to knock him down. Pearl and Killings come in and get punched around. Double shot for Head Hunter somehow doesn't get him down, but a double backdrop does. Monsther in and doing nothing. Ah, he's going after Head Hunter. Parka works over Black Pearl. Latin stands and points some . Ah, a punch for Killings too. Tecnicos just punching rudos - well, no, not Black Pearl, he's all over La Parka Jr. For some reason. Animal jumps him, and La Parka gets away to help Zorro with Rikishi. Double boot, they both cover, Head Hunter tries to break it up, but ends up splashing his own partner. Latin covers out Head Hunter with a superkick. Killings kicks Latin, off the ropes, jumping ax kick. Parka flapjacks Killings, Pearl gives Parka a bad looking STO and then stands and poses as everyone tries to figure out who the heck he is. Superkick by Zorro takes him out. Rikishi's up, but Zorro punches him and dropkicks him down. Sabu and the Animal just kinda left the ring on their own. Zorro misses another dropkick, and Rikishi superkicks him. Rikishi is signaling for the big butt drop, and drags Zorro in position. Takes some time to get him all set up, with Zorro doing quite a bit of work. Where did everyone else go? I have no idea, but Rikishi's going to get this unimpeded. Bonsai Drop - gets knees! Zorro's crawling for - well, he's crawling for La Parka Jr., who's completely in the wrong corner, and not really even in a corner. I have no idea. AAA! Parka rushes in and punches Killings many times. He's on armed again. Parka back up, charges, and Killings ducks down as Parka throws himself to the floor. Latin Lover is down on the floor as well, and I don't know why. As Copetes looks at the carnage out of the ring, Konnan rushes thru the ring and hammers Zorro before getting out the other side. Rikishi back up, and he's not going to bother going up this time. Double middle finger, big splash one two three.

Konnan jumps on Zorro and punches more, and then directs the troops to stomp some. Some bottles are thrown, but most have a long way to get to the ring. Did Sabu get hurt somewhere in here? He really never did much and seemed to be in pain, but then he probably always is. Killings dances, and no one on his team could care less. Replays, and we're done for this week.