AAA Mini Line - 07/21/07 (#634)
Recapped: 08/05/07

I taped all three airings of this show, but my TiVo failed to record any of them complete - lots of digital interference, lots of missing chunks. I ended up with recordings of 2:38, 1:52 and 2:37. It's not like it just didn't take 22 minutes for a stretch, it's more that there's 1320 clips thru the show of one second missing. All match times are off, on the low side, and it's going to be hard to do detailed summaries even if I wanted too.

Dr. Morales is part of this taping. Back to teh 4 sided ring.

Match 1: Angel Mortal, Gallego (c), Mr. Condor vs Aero Star, Canibal (c), Explosivo
La Unidad Deportiva de Zinacantepec, Toluca, 06/17/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: >9:00
Piero is ref. No entrances. Canibal is captain? Really now. Explosivo is the former CMLL guy. Aero Star and Gallego barely start on the mat before the Diabolicos start the beatdown. Canibal's gimmick really lends itself to being tossed around by the hair a bunch. Aero Star outsmarts the rudos into hitting each other, and that stars the comeback. Explosivo is a taller guy than I remember, but it's not like I saw him much. Diabolicos tease fighting and end up hugging. Aero Star crushes Gallego with a tope. Rudos crotch the tecnicos on the poles to take the advantage back but Aero Star is back to evading corner charges and tricking the Diabolicos into hitting each other again a moment later. Nice springboard moonsault in there too. Explosivo gets in a springboard plancha. Canibal looks lost all the time, as if he has no idea what he's supposed to do unless someone tells him directly before. He also slips on the top rope and crotches himself - it was worked like a planned spot, so maybe that was the idea. Diabolicos gave him a triple powerbomb for the win - ah, that's why Canibal is captain..

Vignette: In the locker room, Calo, Apache and Alan talk about their match. For some reason, Decnnis is not in the locker room with this guys - they must've taped this vignette after he left. 

Match 2: Alan, Decnnis, Gran Apache (c), Super Calo vs Laredo Kid (c), Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Super Fly
La Unidad Deportiva de Zinacantepec, Toluca, 06/17/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: >9:50
Notes: Fuerza Aerea come out together, and get punked out together. Super Fly ducks a double clothesline and back flips over it on the net pass to start the comeback. After a good sequences from Laredo Kid (including a moonsault to the floor), Pegasso, and Rey Cometa, Cometa got yanked out when going for a dive. and the beatdown started. Early on, Laredo took a crazy backdrop to the floor - he flew a long way on that. Doctors were helping him up, and they wanted him to take a stretcher out, but he wasn't up for that. You could tell he wanted to continue, and the medical stuff didn't seem thrilled with that idea. Rudos had a ten step set up to giving Super Fly a press slam powerbomb. Pegasso fell awkward thru the ropes, so right when they were talking to Laredo Kid, they had another guy at their feet to work with. This allowed Laredo to sneak back in, and he immediately got stomped down. Laredo started the comeback by backdropping Alan to the floor, with Alan trying to out to him. Pegasso tried to springboard into an armdrags on Alan, but that got blown completely. About eight things were happening at once, so it's not like we would've noticed that if that just didn't happen to be the spot they were showing. Calo took a top rope 'rana from Cometa and the tecnicos clear the ring. Seems like there's a clip right in here. Laredo almost gets Apache in a tarantula like hold, but Calo broke it up with a dropkick from the outside. Barrio Boys and lesser Air Force were left in, and the timing seemed a bit off. Both Barrios end up throwing themselves out of the ring with missed corner charges, and Cometa landed on them with a top rope moonsault tornillo. Cometa picked them up, so Pegasso could do a 450 plancha onto both. Calo adds a tope con giro to the pile, but it mostly goes over the top of guys. Fly adds his handstand moonsault plancha, and it looks awesome as usual. Laredo and Gran Apache are left in the ring, and Laredo gets Apache on the top rope, but stops to pose. Apache punches him in the gut and throws him down to the mat, while staying on the ropes. Apache climbs up one more run, flying top rope giro splash, one two three.

The fight continues after the match, with Gran Apache yanking Laredo's mask off completely and parading around with it. Apache rants to teh announcers about being better the Fuerza Aerea. Replays.

Vignette: Alfa's back at the gym, and Apache & Alfa talk - Alfa explains his mask, which somehow leads to a fight with Calo before Apache separates them - before Apache lets him workout with the class. Alfa does everything the class is doing fine, so Apache wants to spar with him. Actually, Calo wants revenge, but Apache talks him down and takes it himself. Alfa puts up a good fight, but Apache gets the better of him. Later, Apache and Alfa discuss in the locker room, and Apache agrees to take him on as a trainee. I think Apache comes up with the Alfa name here, though Alfa might have put it in his head.

Promo: Fabi Apache has had just about enough of Konnan and his Foreign Legion girls attacking her and costing her matches. 

Match 3: Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache vs Ayako Hamada, Rossy Moreno
La Unidad Deportiva de Zinacantepec, Toluca, 06/17/07

Winner: Fabi & Cinthia
Match Time: >10:04
Other Match Notes: They spell Ayako's last name "Amada", fantastic. Cinthia has her belt. Fabi has her belt and rushes Ayako to get this started.  This backfires almost immediately, and the runs are control to start. Copetes is the ref.

A chair comes in to play, and tecnicas immediately get the comeback. Cinthia does a lesser version of La Mistica to set up the Farmer's Roll, but Fabi accidentally breaks it up. Cinthia's not exactly buying it, and they almost start fighting before Fabi hits Ayako instead. Cinthia's got her right shoulder heavily wrapped. Ayako and and Fabi go outside, and the Moreno's are left in - this leads to a long giant swing by Rossy. Rossy's doing fine until she holds Cinthia for a Ayako missile dropkick, and that goes bad. Rossy flies out of the ring, and Cinthia follows with a plancha. Fabi gets Ayako hard with a enziguri, but Ayako escapes a powerbomb and hits a side kick. Copetes slow counts, and hits Ayako in the back instead of counting three. Wait, why is he cheating Ayako? I have NO idea. Morenos are battling near the stage, so they're out of play, and so is Copetes when an errant enziguri gets him instead. Fabi hits the powerbomb this time, as we get a split screen to see the Morenos are still fighting. Fabi goes up, and someone we can barely see because we've got a split screen shakes the ropes to knock her off. It's Gran Hamada - the announcers are helpful in yelling his name. Gran Hamada sets up Fabi for a big kick from Ayako, and - we flip to Rossy and Cinthia fighting. Back to the ring just in time to watch the spot. Oh, AAA, you never change. Nothing important is happening backstage, but we keep getting a split screen with it. Gran Hamada gives Fabi a F5 and covers her (??) - ah, about time Gran Apache shows up. Punch for Gran Hamada, big ouch for Ayako. Crowd is going nuts for all of this, I wouldn't have guessed. Apache works over Hamada with punches. Hamada breaks free with a jumping snap mare an armdrags. Copetes is still down. Hamada lands on his feet after a backdrop, but Apache punches him down. A corner whip reversal leads to Hamada hitting a seated Tornado DDT - we almost miss that spot too - and Ayako adds a missile dropkick. Crowd dying down now - because it's going too long, because Apache is getting beat? Top rope 'rana, Gran Hamada covers Gran Apache - wait, what? They're not in this match! The ref is down! Eh, Fabi breaks it up anyway. Apaches team up to work over the Hamada's individually. Copetes look to finally be stirring. Hamada's make their comebacks, and this is really going on for a long time. Hamada's hit middle rope stunners and cover, but Copetes is still down. I could use an update on the Moreno's NOW. Hamada's clear out the Apaches, including a Gran Hamada pescado on to Gran Apache. Ayako goes up for a moonsault, and eats Fabi's knees. Fabi with a double underhook faceslam, cover, still no ref. Seriously now, this is the longest bump in forever. Ah, the Moreno's are back fighting in the aisle now, we must be near a conclusion. Fabi decides to do more moves - Copetes is till now there when Fabi gets in a Dragon suplex with bridge. Maybe you should go check on him, Fabi? No, Fabi will go up to the top, so we can just restart this whole thing again, Gran Hamada cutting her off. This time, he keeps her up there, so Ayako can pull her off in her inverted Crucifix powerbomb. Fabi does the big puroresu no sell, and Ayako hits her with a standing spin kick. Fisherman's buster, cover, STILL NO REF. Copetes is finally up! He's in the ring! He's - kicking Ayako and awarding the match to Fabi. I guess the bump was the DQ - which happened about 5:45 ago! 

This match is why people hate AAA. And yet, the win gets a big reaction. There's more talking and such, but I'm so done with this segment.

Noti AAA
- the AAA guys have made it to an airport - in Mexico. The masked guys do wear their masks for interviews in the airport. I don't think you could do that in a US airport. 
- AAA wrestlers visited a children's hospital. 
- Recap of the Alfa saga, so far.

Vignette: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider are beboping around on the street. Normal people often dance to their entrance music while walking on the street, sure.  

Match 4: Escoria, Espiritu (c), Psicosis II vs Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider (c)
La Unidad Deportiva de Zinacantepec, Toluca, 06/17/07

Winner: Mexican Powers
Match Time: >14:07
Other Match Notes: No entrances. The Mexican Powers are completely fine after last week, of course. Match gets started with wrestler by wrestler, two guys started, other jumping in when they get knocked out. It's not a rudo beatdown.

For the first 4 minutes, they wrestled this about the opposite of last week's - no weapons, still lots of big moves, but people going for pinfall sand other people breaking them out, like there was some sort of competition here. Then the rudo beatdown started with Psicosis throwing in about 12 chairs to the ring, and that was the end of that. Lots of plastic chairs to the face, lots of people being thrown and powerbombed into chairs that are set up. They spend a while up an AAA wood panel on chairs on the outside - on two sides, actually -  but it's a while before someone actually goes thru it. The rudo beatdown goes for quite some time, and that's even with my recording cutting on a lot during here. Tecnicos make a completely random comeback - maybe it made sense off screen, but it didn't with what they showed us. Lider ended up front slamming Psicosis thru one piece of wood panel, and Extreme Tiger gives Escoria a top rope moonsault side slam thru the other. Tiger had to cause some damage to his neck on impact, because he landed directly on it. Espiritu and Crazy Boy did more dumb spots with chairs inside the ring, before Crazy won with a moonsault chair splash. Extreme Tiger had to be helped in the ring.

Promo: Vignette is working on his legs in the gym when Jesus Z asks him about Juventud. Fuerza really would prefer to ignore Juvi's existence. He's not a big fan of the lucha extreme, and he's not a big fan of Juvi using his name 

Match 5: Alan Stone, Fuerza Guerrera (c), Scorpio Jr. vs Alebrije, Octagon (c), Super Astro
La Unidad Deportiva de Zinacantepec, Toluca, 06/17/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: >8:57
Other Match Notes: Guapito's all set to hit Cuije with a guitar - a guitar? - but Cuije ducks it and hits him with the walker. Ah, he's fine now. Cuije breaks the guitar over Guapito and Scorpio's heads, not that we can actually set it. Scorpio and Alan quickly realize Cuije is a midget, and steal the guitar and Walker from him to work over the tecnicos. Octagon makes the save and the rudos don't start the match with a beatdown. Referees are Piero and Tirantes, great.

Alan is arguing with - Cibernetico and his friend, who are sitting in the third row? I think this is the clip we saw last week. Why we saw it last week, I don't know. Cibernetico's not on this show, so I guess that's why he's in the crowd. I have no idea why Alan has a problem with him, but perhaps he's looking at a way to get going again after his feud with Intocable has died. Guapito is busted open? I guess it's from the guitar, though I'm having a lot of video trouble here. 

So, anyway, this turns into you average Guapos/Alebrije match combined with your average Octagon match. Scorpio gets bored with this concept and wanders out to pick a fight with Cibernetico, which just derails this match without going anywhere. Cibernetico leaves at this point, so at least something's been accomplished. Endgame (heavily clipped on my end) is a clean win for Alebrije and Cuije.

Promo: Mesias, who rants about Cibernetico even though he's not fighting him, because that's what we do every match.

Match 5: Kenzo Suzuki, Mesias, Ozz vs La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, Zorro
La Unidad Deportiva de Zinacantepec, Toluca, 06/17/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: >5:04
Other Match Notes: Ozz has his belts. Rudos jump the tecnicos, how new. Tecnicos get beatdown until Cibernetico makes the walk in. He never actually gets in the ring, but distracts Mesias long enough that Latin Lover can get up and set up a superkick. La Majistral, and it's over. Quite short, though probably as long as it needed to be. Different from the rest of the show. 

Of course, this doesn't stop the legion, and Espiritu and Psicsis come out to help beat up Latin Lover. Cibernetico's brought in and he's worked over too. It takes a while, but they rip off Cibernetico's Hell Brother shirt, force a white shirt on him, and spray paint pro-Mesias messages, I guess. It's not very clear. Mesias taunts him, and we're done.